4-20-17 Thursday

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Yep, I’m still on vacation – I’m flying home today, and looking forward to seeing how much those kittens have changed while I’m gone. I hope I was able to get some kitten pics posted while I was gone (I pre-wrote this week’s posts, if I hadn’t mentioned.)


Sorry y’all, my iPad is refusing to connect to the internet and after doing absolutely everything, I am giving up. I can handle posting using my iPad, but I’m not even attempting it from my iPhone.

Kitten pics tomorrow unless for some reason I don’t make it home.


New Orleans: Global Wildlife Center.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, we went to Global Wildlife Center in Folsom, LA, and managed to get there 40 minutes late (UGH). I hope y’all aren’t tired of giraffe pictures!

Cole the llama, giving us some attitude.

Another tour, STEALING OUR GIRAFFE. (I kid.)

Not a baby giraffe – but pretty young!

Giraffe tongue!

Uh… some kind of deer, maybe? Love & Hisses: come for the pictures, stay for the cluelessness.

“Wait up! I hear you gots food!”

Our 20 minutes went by way too fast.

I guess Reek wasn’t the only one getting slobber all over the seats. (See yesterday’s post for an explanation of who Reek is.)


Oh, look who’s back. And he’s wearing his special cologne. Maybe rub a little vomit on your horns to improve the smell, Reek?

Cole the llama cracks me UP.

I know it looks like I’m just staring at this giraffe, but I actually had a cup of food in my hand that he was eating out of.

Debbie’s selfie-with-giraffe.

Yes, I did take a break from taking pictures to actually pet the animals.

Oh HELLO, Reek. Is that poop on your head, or are you just glad to see me?

Selfie with Danielle, our driver/tour guide. She did a great job of telling us about the animals while we geeked out. She really knows her stuff! Too bad I hardly retained any of.

Tomorrow: the last of the Global Wildlife Center pictures (kangaroos!), and a few random pictures.


Jake thinks we should fill the back forty with giraffes. How hard can they be to care for?


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4-20-17 Thursday — 8 Comments

  1. Safe travels today! Hopefully there aren’t any storms around to mess up the airlines like the past couple of weeks.

    Love the vacation pictures and hope we get to see some from this trip, too!

    And how big are those babies going to seem to you when you get back?!? 😀

  2. Umm, if you thought waiting for kittens to be done baking was bad, you’re not ready for pregnant giraffes, just a suggestion.

    What’s that meme? I waited all March for April. *** snicker ***

    • I had one friend who hung in there for the whole time. Bless her cuz she let everyone know when April was actually in labor! 🙂

  3. OMG, I was laughing out loud at your descriptions of REEK! Hahahahhahaha!! Cackle, snort!!!

  4. Jake is a brilliant loony boy. Giraffes look pretty gentle to me! Plus, wouldn’t REEK (I think he has a crush on you!) and Cole be happy to accompany a few of their friends to Crooked Acres? Of course they would! 🙂

  5. Kar-that comment was just too funny! I had someone notify me too so I saw the actual birth. It was cool!
    Jake has a good idea Robyn. Giraffes would definitely protect those chickens and give Kara a break from being Sheriff. Plus I love them and it would make you and your bog even that much cooler! Not sure what you’d do when the weather turned though, I can’t imagine you have room inside for them. OR maybe you (and crafty Fred there) could design something suitable. Maybe take out a door here – a floor/ceiling there. HAHAHA!

  6. Yes, you should definitely fill the back forty with giraffes. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?