4-27-20 Monday

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9 years ago today, I was standing in the hallway closet with Maggie and her kittens (in a crate), yelling at Fred to get inside while he stood on the front porch (LIKE AN IDIOT) calling me to “Come watch this!” I did (LIKE AN IDIOT) and we watched an EF-4 tornado go by a mile south of us. We were lucky – we lost some trees. But we humans and the animals – including Great Pyrenees pups George and Gracie and a large number of chickens not to mention all the cats – were fine. You can read my post about it here (posted on May 2nd because we lost internet for several days).

This is what Maggie and her litter looked like around that time.

SUCH a good mama.

Maggie was adopted later that year by Alex and Sara – and this is what she’s up to these days!

I wanted to check in with you with a Maggie update. First off, Maggie is in good health and gets more love than she probably even wants. She recently went to the vet where they did have to extract one tooth, but other than that, she is fantastic. The vet and technicians said they wished more cats were like her; she gave them no issue during her shots, teeth cleaning, or really at any point.

Maggie has evolved into a lap cat. If I’m in a seated position, whether on the couch, at my office chair, or even just sitting on the floor, Maggie will often just climb into my lap and lay down. It’s really the best.

My son, who is now 5, has taken a liking to Maggie, as she is the only cat who willingly allows him to pet her. He sings songs to and about her; he feeds her treats; he calls to her. And Maggie tolerates it all.

Overall, Maggie continues to live the good life with me, my wife, my son, and two other cats. Thanks for all the love you give to those cats in need, and enjoy some photos of Maggie.

Maggie just posing.

Maggie working from home.

Maggie getting comfy.

Maggie hanging out with a preschooler and “loving” it.

Happy Hour Maggie with my wife Sara.

A boy and his cats.

Maggie enjoying some lap time.

Some sort of negotiation for food.

How absolutely adorable are Maggie and her sweet BFF? SO cute! (Thank you, Alex!)


Alejandro wonders why all these toys are sitting on HIS chair. I love Diego hiding under the chair, and I love that you can see how wavy Alejandro’s fur is.

“Is he gone?”

Javier’s all “Hey lady, you gots the good stuff?” while Diego waits patiently behind him.

Diego has a thlurrrp.

OH that belly.

Carmelita is so adorable I could just squoosh her flat.

Javier’s keeping an eye on me.

Diego, also keeping an eye on me.

I don’t think I mentioned it anywhere, but there’s now an application for Alejandro and Javier (together, of course), which means there are adoptions pending on all the kittens. Isabella is still available.


Khal in the back yard. I shot this through the glass, but I think it came out pretty well. Isn’t he magnificent?


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4-27-20 Monday — 11 Comments

  1. Beautiful Maggie! She was one of your sweetest mamas!

    Oh and I remember those tornadoes and your posts. I’m so happy you haven’t been through anything like that again!

  2. Do you even have to ask that question about Khal? One look says it all: he is truly a magnificent beast!

  3. invisibul bell – awesome

    I wonder how Dorothy is doing. Her posts don’t seem to have been updated in a few years now. Is it possible she “moved” to Instagram?

    • It’s Diego. I was just coming here to say what a “Mini Me” Diego is to Khal. Love to see a picture of them together, but maybe Khal wouldn’t like that. Don’t want to upset the Khal. =^..^=

  4. So happy for Maggie and her family. Especially her special friend. I love happy endings and Maggie certainly has one! So happy for Maggie and her family. Especially her special friend. I love happy endings and Maggie certainly has one

  5. Khal is most definitely a magnificent boy.

    Look at Maggie! Was it really that long ago?!

  6. Maggie is a lap cat? Wow! 😀 I melted. What a love. And is it any surprise, considering how good she was with the babies, that Maggie is so great with the human kitten? 😀

    Khal is a magnificent floofy beast. I don’t even have to see to know it’s true. 🙂

    Somebody adopt Isabella! You’ll have a fluffball purr machine lap friend forever. Alas, I can’t.

  7. I love foster updates! Sweet Maggie…so nice to see her.
    Wasn’t that tornado the tipping point for how many permanent residents to have, as there are only so many you can round up for safety in time?? So glad it all turned out okay for Crooked Acres then!
    The video clips of the kittens doing all kinds of crazy things are keeping me smiling these days! Thank you so much for all!