11-10-20 Tuesday

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Annie Oakley’s favorite way to sit in the ToastyCat bed. She cracks me up.

Hush Puppy and the sultry eyes.

Davy Crockett looks very “ZOINKS, SCOOB!” here, doesn’t he?

7 on me, 1 next to me, a couple on the floor… still not nearly all of them!

Wild Bill is chock-full of attitude.

Snowcone and THAT BELLY. (He had just eaten. It gets big just after he’s eaten and gets smaller as the day progresses toward the next mealtime. He’s like a camel.)

Getting a little attitude from Tater Tot. These kittens are very attitudinous today.

Pretzel is such a snugglebug.

Eclair finds Candy Apple’s tail very tasty.

French Fry loves to hang out on the bottom of the ham-mick.

Wild Bill uses the ToastyCat bed PROPERLY.

We have Onion Ring, Wild Bill and Pretzel on the top of the ham-mick and… Hush Puppy (I think) on the bottom.


Charlie loves hanging out on the screened porch. He’s claimed that level of the cat tree as his own – even when Jake’s not out there, he doesn’t go on the top level.

Jake checking on Charlie. Awww.

Alice all “Brothers. UGH.”


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