11-19-20 Thursday

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“Lady. It is time for eating. YOU UNNERSTAND?” Yes ma’am Eclair, as you wish.

Funnel Cake puts the ol’ biteroo on Pretzel.

Wild Bill has a smug.

Annie Oakley makes a comfy pillow.

So much attitude from Hush Puppy, Annie Oakley and Funnel Cake. (And way back in the background, Buffalo Bill. Tater Tot’s on her ham-mick ignoring us all.)

Tater Tot’s the queen of that ham-mick.

They look guilty, like I wasn’t supposed to catch them sleeping. Buffalo Bill on the left, Hush Puppy in the center, Davy Crockett on the right, and Funnel Cake in the back.

Tater Tot and French Fry are little posers.

Candy Apple still fits nicely in the Tiny Basket.

That is one full ham-mick.

Cuties. Annie Oakley (with her mouth open, as usual), Funnel Cake (front), Fritter and Wild Bill (center), Tater Tot, and Buffalo Bill.

The kittens are doing fine. Funnel Cake (who wasn’t able to be neutered due to an elevated temperature on Tuesday) has a normal temperature and is playing, snuggling and eating as normal. I’ll keep an eye on him of course, but I am assuming that the high temperature was due to stress. So when he goes Tuesday with the other 5 unspayed/unneutered kittens and it’s high again, we’ll know why!


Charlie and the fabulous belly.

Keeping an eye on Earl the Skwerl.


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