11-17-20 Tuesday

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Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day – Teresa brought all the auction stuff to my house and we spent 5 hours sorting through and separating it out. Today is going to be even more of a crazy day – Teresa and I along with several awesome helpers are packing all the auction items that need to be shipped. BUT FIRST I will be carting 10 kittens off to be spayed and neutered.

With that as my excuse, in lieu of a regular post, please accept three variations on the same picture. Tomorrow might also be a super short post, but after that things will go back to normal.

(As normal as things ever are around here, I mean, har har.)

Why yes. That IS the ten kittens who are being spayed/neutered today. I’m so glad you noticed!
Left to right: Tater Tot (in the back), Hush Puppy, Onion Ring, Candy Apple, Fritter, Eclair, Pretzel, Funnel Cake (orange tabby in the back), Snowcone, and French Fry having an opinion.

And yes. That IS the same ten kittens looking in my general direction.

Bonus pic – not everyone is looking in this direction but the fact that bookends Hush Puppy (left) and French Fry both have their mouths open is cracking me up.

(Remember how I said there’d never be a picture of all 15 on that shelf? I was correct – there’s no way all 15 would have fit up there. I’m amazed I got all 10.)


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