11-5-20 Thursday

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I had a little more luck getting the five bob-tailed (and no-tailed) kittens to line up. Looks like Tater Tot isn’t the only poser from that litter.

Left to right: Tater Tot, Funnel Cake, Onion Ring, Hush Puppy and French Fry.

Funnel Cake embraces his snugglebug nature.

Just chillin’.

Calamity Jane found a new way to enjoy the Toastycat bed.

I don’t think it’s possible to take a bad picture of Tater Tot.

Davy Crockett keeps an eye on me.

As does Hush Puppy.

The two Bills (Wild and Buffalo) have a tussle.

Pretzel and Davy Crockett consider their next move.

Bath time for Candy Apple, courtesy of Eclair.


In this picture, it looks like Archie has a tiny Charlie attached to his back.

Charlie has started exploring the back yard. He didn’t understand the cat doors and then suddenly he did. He tends to go out for short periods of time, and doesn’t stray far from whichever of his brothers are out there – usually Khal, Archie or Jake. I went to check on him yesterday afternoon and he was happily chasing Archie across the back yard (and Archie looked like he was enjoying it, shockingly enough.) Our concerns that he might still be small enough to fit through the fence slats are unfounded, I think – he already weighs 7 pounds, and is a larger framed cat than Kara was (she was our smallest cat, and always on the lookout for a way through the fence.) He actually spends much more time on the screened porch than outside.

(I imagine that might change if/when he catches his first chipmunk.)


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