11-22-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

“Am I getting taller, or is that shelf getting lower?” I think you’re getting taller, Snowcone.

Davy Crockett fits perfectly in that box… and room for his toys, too!

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Talking to the kittens. For some reason they think that if I’m standing up, it must be time to eat.

Can I interest you in a piece of Eclair pie?

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Kittens and their butts. Is all I’m sayin’.

Tiny Calamity Jane, tiny basket (and I love that the spring is so long that she can play with one end and Pretzel can play with the other.)

Getting a little attitude from Tater Tot and Funnel Cake, while Onion Ring and Wild Bill wrassle on the ham-mick.

Good night innernets. (Funnel Cake)

Snowcone is such a goober.

Calamity Jane is EXCEEDINGLY pleased with herself.

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Candy Apple and Pretzel, the snugglebugs.

Annie Oakley shows off her coat of many colors.

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Shenanigans & hijinks in the kitten room.

Tater Tot is one fabulous, floofy girl.⁠

That’s a lapful. (Eclair, Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane & Wild Bill.)⁠

Good night innernets. (Candy Apple)

These 10 kittens (left to right: Tater Tot (in the back), Hush Puppy, Onion Ring, Candy Apple, Fritter, Eclair, Pretzel, Funnel Cake (orange tabby in the back), Snowcone, and French Fry) are off for their spay/neuter surgeries today. We’re also packing auction items for shipping today at my house, so it’s gonna be a busy one. Expect posting to be extremely light today.

They’re home and doing great! (Most of them don’t know anything happened; Tater Tot is a little hiiiigh.) Funnel Cake didn’t have his surgery due to an elevated temperature. That could be due to stress, but we’ll be watching him to see how he is over the next few days.

Monday night I put 5 carriers in the kitten room so that they’d be in there yesterday morning when it was time for the 10 kittens to go for their spay/neuter surgeries. Each crate was marked with the name/description/collar color/sex of each kitten (I tried to make it so each carrier had one larger kitten and one smaller kitten in each because I wanted them to have room to stretch out if they wanted.) ⁠

The kittens, who clearly have not spent much time in carriers, were enthralled and spent all night trying to get into them. (I kept the carriers closed because I didn’t want to tie all 5 of them open with zip ties, and if the doors weren’t tied open you KNOW at least one kitten would get into a carrier, knock the door mostly closed and then not understand how to get back out.) ⁠

Yesterday morning with Fred’s help, it was easy to put the correct kittens into the correct carriers and then load them into my car.⁠

I’m not always the most organized person, but about certain things I really really am. 😉

I got to see Queen Bunny (mama to the Fluffles from earlier this year. Um… June, maybe?) at Michelle’s yesterday. She’d been digging at her neck, so got the collar back on… and it became immediately apparent that she is much calmer when she’s wearing the collar. As long as she has her throne (the chair she’s in) and no one gets in her face, she’s pretty calm. Another cat gets in her face? She lets ’em know what’s what. (That one whisker sticking straight up is killing me.)⁠

Bunny is one gorgeous, opinionated, complicated girl. ❤️

Funnel Cake update (he had an elevated temp yesterday and could not be neutered) – he’s fine. His temperature is normal, he’s playing, eating, and snuggling. I’ll keep an eye on him of course, but I think he was just stressed.

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Crating 15 kittens (how I do it) “How do you get all 15 in there?!” This is how. See? Easy! (They only stay in that crate for about 10 minutes so I can mop and let the floor dry before I set them free to mess up the room again.) (Please do not be jealous of my haute couture. Making this video was an impulse decision and had I thought ahead I’d have worn my USUAL gown and tiara.)

French Fry and Snowcone know that something’s different… but they’re not entirely sure what that might be. (They were spayed/neutered yesterday, in case you missed that.)

Good night innernets. (Charlie, formerly Aramis.)

Breakfast is served!

Davy Crockett with attitude.

Back in 2013, we fostered sleek foster Jareth and his floofy tuxie brother Charming. They were adopted to the same home – Jareth became Sooty and Charming became Toby. AND THEN in 2018 a semi-feral cat showed up on their family’s property; she was hugely pregnant and ended up having her 4 kittens on the porch. Despite looking for homes for them, the kittens ended up becoming permanent residents (yes, you’re counting right – they went from 3 cats to 7 in one fell swoop). And actually… it has turned out okay! Sooty (the beautiful panther in the top two pictures) and his little brother Rowdy are great friends. The kittens (I guess they’re not really kittens at this point) love to use Toby as a bed – Pixie sleeps on him all the time, K reports. How freakin’ cute is that?

Calamity Jane’s a Cutie no matter the season.

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On the couch with kittens. Just trying to chill on the couch with kittens, and shenanigans abound. (For the record, the boys are not nasty, but I had JUST dealt with two poopyfooted boy kittens before I sat down and I had announced “The boys in this room are NASTY”, so that was still in my brain. I love my boy kitties, but I do not love it when they bring me poopy feet.)

Tater Tot and Snowcone have a snuggle (and Fritter’s checking to see if there’s room for him.)

Good night innernets. (Funnel Cake… and Annie Oakley’s tail.)

“Whuh?” Funnel Cake and the blep (and a little Annie Oakley.)

Calamity Jane is realllly enjoying that heated bed today!

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We’ve got joy, we’ve got fun, we’ve got kittens in the sun. ❤️ (One thing I love about this time of year is how much sun the kitten room gets.)

Needed to change a lightbulb. Had help.

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One of my tricks for getting out of the foster room without 15 escapees – distract them, then sneak out! (This is the PetSafe Cheese Motion cat toy – $15 on Amazon or Chewy. Runs on batteries, turns off after 15 minutes.)

It’s a big world, girls. (Pretzel and Calamity Jane)⁠

Good night innernets. (Hush Puppy)

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Kitten clown car. (Sorry it’s crooked. I was in a hurry to let ’em out!) Finished the room about half an hour ago and it’s already well-trashed. THANKS, KITTENS.

French Fry would like you to know she is NOT scared of the vacuum cleaner. She just wanted some time to herself, and under the pile of stuffed animals was the perfect place for that.

Good night innernets. (Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill’s ear, and Eclair’s tail.)


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