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Starsky and Hutch have gone off to (drumroll please!) Indiana! A reader of thishere site fell in love with them and adopted them. She drove down Friday to get them – we met at the shelter – and reports are that they are doing just fine. There are two older cats in the house AND a dog. They’re okay with the cats, but aren’t thrilled about the dog just yet. I knew they’d be fine, but of course you worry, especially when they’re half a day’s drive away. Once I met Jennifer, though, any concerns I had were pretty much put to rest because she’s AWESOME, and I loved hearing about how excited her 11 year-old was at having kittens in the house.

They’ve got new names (for the record, when I come up with names for our fosters, I always assume they’re going to be changed when they’re adopted.) – Hutch is now Percy, and Starsky is now Jack. (Jack’s one of my favorite names EVER, but Fred’s stepfather’s name is Jack – thus the reason we don’t have any cats named Jack!)

Jennifer said she’d send some pictures in the future, and I expect it will be very cool to watch the boys grow up.

So that’s the story of where Starsky and Hutch are now! And yes, we do miss their silly little faces a lot.

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Oh, how the Bookworms love Jake and Elwood! Reacher, especially, loves them. You can usually find Reacher about three inches from one or the other (or both) of them.

Reacher has reached overload, apparently.

Corbie and the grays.

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Coltrane hanging out in the (heated) cat shelter on the front porch Saturday morning. He’s been back inside the house a few times, but doesn’t stay for long. Tommy feels the need to sit and stare at him. Coltrane finds it a bit disconcerting, and asks to go back out.


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11-22-10 — 4 Comments

  1. For what it is worth, I like this iteration of the site much more! (Regardless, I still would have stopped by every day to see what is going on with your little cattery…) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Awww Percy and Jack!! Awwww how lovely!! And as Jennifer is my name too – I think they’ve found their mum and furblings! Yay!! I miss them too but am so so happy they have a new forever home!!

    Awww Elwood and Jake are just lovely!! Reacher and Corbett are so lucky to have them to cuddle with!!!

    Hello there Coltrane!! I can imagine how being stared at could be disconcerting!! LOL!! Silly Tommy! Take care

  3. Sounds like S&H found a great home, and that is great! In the meantime, I’m in love with Elwood and Looney Jake!