The foster kittens love love LOVE hanging out in the spud’s room. I don’t know if it’s ’cause there’s more fun junk to play with or because it’s warmer in there than in the rest of the house or what, but nine times out of ten if I go looking for them I’ll find at least two if not all four of them lolling about on the floor.

The thing that’s wrecking my nerves about these kittens is that the girls are all very hissy. They’ll walk around and hiss and growl and hiss and growl, and between them, Sugarbutt, and Mister Boogers, someone’s always hissing and/ or growling and it’s very distracting and makes me want to scream.

Good for them they’re so cute, I s’pose.

On ur desk slurping ur water (and about to take flight).

Sunshine gives Meredith Grey the Crazy Eyes.

O’Malley is snuggled up to The Daddy and feeling quite smug about it.

“That is MY DADDY! Get away from him!” (Sugarbutt, not a kitten fan.)


2005: I suppose this is one way to spoon.

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