11-22-09 – True Blood Bill & the temporary visitors.

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Pictures of Bill, from Ann, his new momma!

Ann reports:

Bill is settling in nicely. We’re still working on getting Izzy to decide she’s fully ready to meet him but things are progressing there. They played paws under the door last night so it might not be much longer, although she’s still hissing some. But I did FINALLY get photos off the camera and thought I’d send you some to see.

He really is a sweetie and is VERY smart. He knows where we put the bird feather toy – in a bag on the hanger on the back of a door – and has learned to ask for it by standing on the edge of the bed and meowing at it! We love him!!!

If I recall correctly (and I know I do!), Bill was one of the only fosters we’ve ever had who figured out the cat door on the back door, and ventured out into the back yard. And then he taught Lafayette, and I had to chase them down several times during their last few days here! That Bill, he’s a smarty. And doesn’t he look happy?

Here’s a shot of what his big sister Izzy looks like, because I know we can never get enough of gorgeous cats:

Isn’t she stunning? Such pretty eyes!

Thanks, Ann – I really appreciate the update, and I know everyone else loves seeing pictures of Bill in his new home, too!

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The temporary visitors are now safe and sound with their new foster mum, Heaven. We’d originally planned to meet up this morning so I could hand them over, but once she found out we were going to both be at the Plea Market, she suggested that I just bring them there instead.

She really wanted to get her hands on them!

So I handed them over, and Fred and I went into the Plea Market to look around. Later, when we got home (and it’s probably no surprise that I was already kind of missing those little kittens. It’s funny how quickly they grow on you!), I found that Heaven had managed to pick up three more kittens after she’d gotten the two from me.

I told Fred she’s a kitten magnet. I envision her walking down the street and kittens just flying out of nowhere and sticking to her!

Of course I got some pictures while the little ones were here!

The little boy (who is named “Sootie”) loved to just lay like this after being fed and pottied. Enjoys a good belly rub, he does!

Young lady, you’re a little young to be giving me this attitude already! (This is “Sweepie”!)

Ohhhh, the little round bellies kill me!

I love the faint stripes.

Really, really good eaters, these two.


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11-22-09 – True Blood Bill & the temporary visitors. — 10 Comments

  1. What a treat to see Bill today…in all his big pawed, squinty
    eyed glory 🙂 Looks like he got a great home with Ann. I hope she sends more pics…I’ve got a soft spot for that little critter.
    Happy Endings and New Beginnings–I love it.

  2. I always thought Bill was a real “looker” — and to learn he’s a rocket surgeon, too! Ann, don’t forget to start saving for his college education and probably grad school!

    It’s great to see a True Blood enjoying his new home!

  3. Izzy is gorgeous! Is his new momma keeping Bill for his name? Awesome!

    That first pic of Sootie laying belly up? Totally how I feel after Thanksgiving dinner!

  4. Oh I’m so glad that Bill is doing so well in his new home…now if only the remaining two TrueBloods could please hurry up and get adopted, I can relax until it’s the next batch’s turn 😉 Oh, and Sootie, oh dear, I think I just fell in love again…

  5. Hey! Bill’s new momma here! Glad to help keep everyone in the Bill loop. I know I wonder what has become of the other guys and Sookie in the group. I’ve been reading the blog for awhile and just love looking at all the photos Robyn hooks us up with.

    Yes, we are keeping Bill named Bill. Although I’m not a True Blood fan, it seems to fit him cause he likes to sit a lot like Bill the Cat from the old Bloom County comic books. We sort of also call him Bilbo as we are Lord of the Rings fans but it’s mostly Bill.

    Now if only Izzy will fall in love with him, or just be content with him around, we’ll be set! They are very similiar in color and Bill could just about be her baby.


  6. Thanks Ann for the update! I can’t believe how grown up Bill looks! His colouring seems all settled and he looks so lean and trim!

  7. What a wonderful new home Bill has! Lucky, lucky guy… And Sootie, now that is one big fat belly on a very contented kitteh!

  8. Yay! So good to get an update and some pictures of Bill. You must be so proud! 🙂

    That upside down temporary kitten picture is just too much. I want to rub his little belly too!

  9. Oh my, Bill, you have gotten so big! Still as handsome as ever… love the markings and the golden eyes!

    I’m so happy you found a good home… your sister is very pretty, and I’m sure she will overcome her initial grumps soon. Congrats to your new meowmie! She is a very lucky woman 😀