11-3-20 Tuesday

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Tater Tot is SUCH a little poser, perhaps I’ve mentioned?

And Funnel Cake is SUCH a sweet little love.

Calamity Jane and Buffalo Bill are total lapkittens.

Annie Oakley has the most gorgeous markings.

Buffalo Bill and Candy Apple have a snuggle. (She is also very much a lapkitten.)

French Fry is all “What?”

Talk about covered in kittens!

Basket time for Davy Crockett and Tater Tot.

“Excuse you, lady, we is having a snuggle.” Pretzel is over there having some existential angst, and snuggled up we have Candy Apple, Annie Oakley and Davy Crockett.

Buffalo Bill and Snowcone wonder what I want. (To kiss them. That’s what I ALWAYS want.)


You could say that Jake enjoys the sun. And yes, that is Charlie back there, checking to see what’s so special about being outside.

Alice is all “THIS idiot.”


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