12-31-20 Thursday

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I picked up a bunch more cards yesterday at the post office and scanned them in!

They can be seen here, or you can scroll through them below.

2020 Holiday Cards Received

(Thank you again, everyone who sent cards. I love them so much!)


“What doin’, weird lady?”

Moira’s havin’ a think.

She likes that teaser that Fred is, uh, teasing her with.

Her favorite favorite FAVORITE toy is the packing strap.

So. Darn. CUTE!

We won’t have kittens tonight, I can just about guarantee it. I don’t think we’ll see kittens ’til mid-January (though I might revise that opinion if she suddenly gets bigger.) My birthday is January 9th, so that’s a good date to shoot for – but I really think it’ll be longer than that.

Time will tell!

For those who didn’t catch it on social media yesterday: Moira has met Charlie, and she thinks he’s fabulous. She trills at him and follows him around. He ignores her and eats her food. It seems to work well for them.


Charlie’s all “Christmas is over, lady. When you gonna put the tinsel away?”

Charlie joins me in hoping y’all have a wonderful, safe New Year’s Eve. Don’t ‘nip and drive!


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