12-31-15 New Year’s Eve!

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So, yesterday I teased y’all with a picture of this little guy, Pharrell.

His story is that he was dumped near a feral feeding station in Huntsville, and when the caretakers showed up to feed the ferals, there was little Pharrell. They trapped him (he was so light he didn’t set off the trap at first!) and I got the message “I think we found your Pharrell tonight!” They thought he was around 7 weeks old, but I think he’s more like 8 weeks old, due to his weight and his eye color.

He is a scared little muffin, but the instant you touch him, he starts purring like crazy. I started him out in the bathroom Tuesday night, but – because I wanted him out where there’s more activity and (to be honest) I wanted to be able to use my bathroom – I put up the playpen in the front room yesterday morning and put him in there. Every time I thought of it, I went in and picked him up for a snuggle, and as the day went on he grew more relaxed. He, unfortunately, has a lot of parasites; I was originally going to put him in with the Coaches when I brought him home, but I don’t want him to transmit anything to them, so we’ll wait until he’s finished all his meds.

One thing of note about him: he seems to have suffered an injury to his tail. It’s about 2 inches long mostly a big bloody scab. He’s on an antibiotic and we clean his tail and put an ointment on it twice a day. He doesn’t mind us messing with it, so I’m hoping it doesn’t hurt too much. I’ve taken pictures, but won’t post them until it’s healed and I can post a whole series of them.

He is going to be the sweetest boy ever, I guarantee it.

(I also just about guarantee that his nickname will be some form of “Nub.”)


Pink has a think.

“Whatchoo want, lady?”

If you look very very closely, you will see that a tiny bit of Adele’s tongue is sticking out.

That’s ’cause she was about to yawn, I guess.

OH, the floof.


Stefani (see the orange stripe on her cheek?) stares off into space.

I put all three of them up on the shelf to get a picture of them together, and you see how well THAT worked.

“That is because I am the good girl (and you are waving a feather teaser around), lady.”

Not the clearest picture, but here’s Stefani in mid-leap and Levine in full Ears of Annoyance.

Shelton discovered the cloth loop attached to that bed and found it tasty.

Levine came along and was all “Oooh, whatcha got?!” and Shelton said “MINE.”

I put that scratcher house down there so they’d have something to jump down onto – they’re still kind of small, and the floor is so far away!

It works well, as you can see.


Stefan atop the fence post. Behind him, the back yard (and beyond that, the back forty). I took this on Christmas Eve when we were about to leave for Fred’s mother’s house. I was putting gifts in the truck, and saw Stefan sitting there. I asked him to wait while I grabbed my phone, and he kindly obliged. I love this picture.

Happy New Year – y’all be safe, please, I need my fellow kitten-lovers back here safe and sound tomorrow morning to plow through the epically long 2015 In Review post!


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  1. Hi Pharrell, you sweet scared little purr machine you! What color(s) are you? Poor baby kitten though, with the tail injury. 🙁 What is it with kits and tail accidents lately? 50 Kittens currently have a foster meow with a healed break at the end of his tail.

    Between your younger foster foursome (!), Pink and Adele, and all the permanent big kitties, you are, as you’ve said previously, awash in sweet kittens. I am envious!!!

  2. Happy New Year everyone at Crooked Acres!! Thanks for another year of starting off my days with kittens and smiles. Looking forward to the same for 2016!

  3. Okay, as much as I absolutely adore my daily updates on all the Crooked Acres kittehs, both permanent and temporary, I just don’t consider myself a cat person. My family is made up of dog people, without question. This is why the dream I had last night, wherein you allowed me to adopt two entire litters of 4 kittens each (8 cats total, mostly white with gray markings, no idea where that came from), and no one in my family objected, is the best argument I’ve ever had for not eating right before bedtime.

    A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, Fred, George, and all the feline fam!!! 😀

    • If Robyn gets a litter or two of white kittens with gray markings this year, we’ll know who to send them to.

  4. Little Pharrell will be romping with the coaches in no time, bless his scared little baby heart. “Nub”…LOL 🙂

  5. Ooh Pharrell is adorable as was to be expected. I am also thinking the review tomorrow will be mahhhvelous and therefore I don’t plan on going anywhere tonight so I can be safe and sound tomorrow morn. (Actually I never have plans-I’m boring that way.)
    May all the rest of the readers enjoy the night!

  6. It’s me: Susan. Co-founder (with Sherry), shelter manager, and litterqueen at Challenger’s House. I live in 2 rooms at the shelter and manage the daily goings on, volunteers, foster homes, Petsmart, you name it. We have so many wonderful people who help take care of the cats at the shelter, Petsmart, and a few very experienced foster homes. Fred and Robyn seem to always have foster babies (and/or adults) and you Love and Hisses followers/readers have certainly become friends of Challenger’s House.

    Many of you jump right in with your contributions when called upon to help even though I know you probably have organizations in your own areas who are also benefiting from your generosity. I hope you know how much we appreciate your support. You guys are the greatest! So, keep reading and if you haven’t already, get one of those great calendars (I get one every year) so you can be reminded of some cute and cuddlies throughout the day.

    Thanks again for loving and caring for animals in need and for (some of you) adopting Challenger’s House cats. Thanks to Fred and Robyn for raising sweet, healthy, totally adoptable kitties, and to their permanent residents who put up with a house(room)ful of little ruffians that invade their space.

    I hope everyone had a nice holiday and wish all of you a very Happy New Year. Stay safe and take good care of your four legged friends.

    • Susan, we admire your work and love how you care for so many animals in need.

      We see what you and volunteers like the Andersons are doing so it’s easy to support your efforts. Best wishes to you and the others at Challengers House this new year’s, let’s make 2016 a great one.

      • Susan,
        I feel like Challenger’s House is in my neighborhood even though I live states away. I support my local shelters in many ways but feel that any help we can send to Challenger’s House helps some little lost soul win the battle and have a safe and happy life. I know that sounds pompous but, really, we feel like it is our way of making life a little better somewhere for someone. Thanks for all you and your fosters and volunteers do for our furry friends.

  7. Happy New Year Robyn and Fred and the whole Crooked Acres gang !!!!! I wish you all the best in 2016 !!!!!!

  8. Happy New Year to you, Fred and all your babies! Thank you for what you’ve done all year with the fosters. You must have Karma points on top of Karma points! Thank you for sharing the kitties with us! 😀

  9. Wishing all of Crooked Acres a healthy and wonderful New Year!!! We hope this year will be less saddening for you all. Have fun with the new babies.