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Brat’s in the cradle.

Stevie continues to be fascinated by Lizzy’s half-tail.

Molly continues to love that dog-fur cat toy.

Elbow cleanliness is very very important.

Pretty Molly.

I love Lita’s fuzzy ears.

A loud car went by outside, startling Pat. But at least this time she only retreated under the cat tree, didn’t run for the closet.

“Hush up, lady. I wasn’t skeered of that car. At ALL. I was just making sure that the cat tree was structurally sound!”

Lizzy, having a quiet moment.

The girls don’t seem to have noticed at all that the boys have disappeared – unless that’s the reason that Molly has turned into a total bright-eyed lovebug. I swear, she runs right over to me now, and as I move around the room she follows me and watches me refill the water bowls, scoop the litter boxes, and do whatever else needs doing (before I sit down and snuggle kittens, that is), and she purrs and purrs and purrs. She still doesn’t particularly want to be picked up and kissed, but if I’m sitting on the floor, she’s usually within reach. If she’s not actually in my lap, she’s sitting right next to me. It’s really nice to see, especially since it took her SO long to come around. I can even bend down to pet her, and she doesn’t shy away!

I have a Cat Selfie app (edited to add: Cat Selfie by Acceleroto is the one I have) on my phone, and the other morning the girls gathered around and found it quite fascinating. Of course, I also got about 30 pictures of nothing, because Lita was laying across the camera lens, but whatcha gonna do?

(Click on any of them to go to a larger version over at Flickr.)


Miz Poo hopes you have a safe New Year’s Eve. She, personally, is planning to pile up in the bed with me tonight right around 8:30, and watch me get my butt kicked at Words With Friends. It’s a tradition!


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12-31-14 — 14 Comments

  1. Happy New Year to all at Crooked Acres and to my fellow fans. May 2015 bring happiness and adoptions aplenty. Many thanks to Robyn for another year of deep fun.

  2. Happy New Year to everyone at Crooked Acres and a Big THANK YOU. I plan my morning around 6:00, your posting time!! I can’t wait to get my morning fix of critters and you never disappoint. It’s an excellent way to start my day. Thank you!!!

    • Me too…uh, except not at 6 a.m.! I get all my morning chores done and then reward myself with a cup of coffee and my daily Love-and-Hisses installment.

      Adding my big THANK YOU to Robyn, Fred, all the PermRes’s and the girls in the foster room for all the fun and love and cuteness in 2014. Looking forward to more of the same in 2015.
      Happy New Year to all!!

  3. Happy New Year! May it be filled with good fortune and LOTS of kittens! Oh and I may be on Words with Friends also. ๐Ÿ˜‰