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Hopefully your New Year’s Eve will be so exciting that you make this “YOWZA!” face sometime during the evening. If you’re partying, please please please be safe. And if you’re not, still be safe.

May everyone have the New Year’s Eve of your dreams! (The New Year’s Eve of OUR dreams includes being sound asleep long, long before the stroke of midnight. Because WE know how to PAR-TAY, and that’s no lie.)

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Nance and Rick drove down from Pennsylvania to spend a few days with us. They arrived late Friday, and we’ve been having a lot of fun hanging out. Thus the reason there’s not a real entry today. I’ll be back tomorrow to show those of you who didn’t request a Crooked Acres Holiday card this year just what exactly you missed, and also to share the cards that I got from y’all.

Also, there’ll be a lot more kitten pics, because I know that’s how you like it.

See you next year!


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12-31-12 — 24 Comments

  1. May 2013 be an excellent year for long- and short-timers alike at Crooked Acres and well beyond! Thanks, as always, Robyn, for all that you and Fred do.

  2. My NYE plans involve books, dice, pencils, and making my players curse my name. πŸ™‚ Alcohol, food, and a dungeon crawl sounds like an excellent NYE to me.

    Happy New Year and many blessings to you and yours.

  3. Happy New Year to all of you!!! May 2013 bring more joy, happiness and adventures! take care

  4. You know how to PAR-TAY? I know how to PAR-TAAAAAAY. It involves allowing the 11-year-old to have a sleepover the night after the 13-year-old had a sleepover (where they were playing drums after midnight). I intend to be snoozing when 2013 arrives. More accurately, I will need to crash after being beaten badly at Euchre by my mathematical genius son followed by having strained something playing Wii Bowling. If I sound like I’m looking forward to this, it’s because I am. πŸ™‚

    You and Nance take care not to burn down the joint. Happy New Year!

  5. I am not sure whether I will be playing FB games on the computer or sleeping when 2013 rolls around. I do NOT know how to party, PAR-TAY or anything else. When I was in high school and college I was always the designated babysitter for a family down the street. It was better than any party I wasn’t invited to. I made some damn good money working at basically watching TV and reading books for a 5-6 hrs. Oh and the mom always provided munchies too. I guess with munchies it could be sort of called a party by myself πŸ™‚ Hope everyone else enjoys!

  6. Have a Happy New Year and may all the coming foster kids be healthy & find their forever homes quickly. Thank you & Fred for all you do for the animals.
    God Bless…


  7. Happy New Year to you and yours (Fred, the kitties, the dogs, the chickens, the ducks and the spiders!)

  8. My NYE plans include: being a warm surface for my cat to sleep on. πŸ˜‰ Perfect evening, I say! I don’t celebrate NYE, I celebrate NYD – I’m heading out on a roadtrip that day, I do one every NYD!

  9. So glad to know that we will be getting to see all the Christmas postcard designs. I was so glad to get Miz Poo but I did wonder what the other PermRez cards looked like. You read my mind, Robyn…why am I not surprised. You are a pro at this.

    I’m joining everyone who is looking forward to a long snooze to celebrate.

    Happy New Year to All! May 2013 be a year of happy forever homes for all animals everywhere.

    Thank you, Robyn & Fred, for being so much joy to our lives.

  10. Being an old fogey, we celebrate east coast new year. We live in central time zone. Before our son could tell time, we convinced him that east coast New Years ball drop applied to us, too. A toast with sparkling grape juice, and we called it a night!

    • When my two older kids were very small, we were stationed in Germany. On 12-31-99, there were ball drops every hour so we rang in the New Year with Jerusalem and got them to bed at a reasonable time. It was beautiful.

  11. Happy New Year!

    And thank you so much for the lovely and cute postcard πŸ™‚

    My NYE plans include cooking myself a nice dinner, opening a bottle of champagne… and then likely being in bed before midnight.
    Also, snuggling with the kittehs (all 3 of them).

  12. I sent out my cards late–on the 26th! Hope you get it by today.

    annnnd….Happy New Year!! to you & Fred.

  13. Happy New Year! This old fogey is already in her PJs at 6pm, and will have a dinner of special treats and be asleep by midnight. That wasn’t the plan, but since the boyfriend works on Capitol Hill, all other plans have gone out the window thanks to this @%*#)* fiscal cliff situation. May 2013 be great for all in Robyn’s Realm!

  14. Wait, weren’t Mr Stripey and Sungold adopted? I mean good heavens, who wouldn’t want beautiful boys like those.

  15. Happy New Year to you & Nance (and your mates).

    I found this somewhat disturbing new law taking place tomorrow:

    Turns out 2013 will be unlucky for cat lovers in Wellington, Kan., where the city will be restricting the number of cats in a household to no more than four.

    The law was put in place after 231 cats were sent to animal clinics in 2012, Wellington Police Chief Tracy Heath told the Wellington Daily News.

    β€œThose are cats that go to the animal clinic, they’re there for the allotted time and then, unfortunately, they are euthanized,” Heath told the newspaper.

    –Link: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/12/new-year-welcomes-oddball-state-laws/