12-31-09 – The Cookies, Mike & Gus.

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It’s funny that Mike looks so much like our Maxi, but as far as his temperament goes, he’s like a clone of Tommy. He is so patient with the Cookies, will curl up with them and sleep, lets them lay half on top of him, and there’s nary a hiss or growl from him. At this point, Gus is just as patient, but Mike’s been patient with them from the beginning. Probably I haven’t mentioned how much I love this cat, have I?

One of Gus’s many favorite places to hang out: Fred’s chair.

Orange is such a smug, sweet little monkey.

I think… Keebler? Maybe? Keebler or Blue.

They pile up on each other and sleep like the dead. SO CUTE.

I am 93% sure that the cats have figured out how to bypass the alarm system and open the door to let neighborhood cats in to use the litter boxes because HOLY COW was there a lot to scoop this morning. And I had just scooped 12 hours previously! And they don’t eat THAT much – the output isn’t matching the input, I’m tellin’ ya. It was stunning!

(When I win the lottery – and oh, I SHALL – my first move will be to hire someone to come scoop the litter boxes three times a day. And I’ll even hire someone to come do it on the weekends, too. And I will pay them WELL and make sure they have health insurance and all that, because a job like that, they deserve to be compensated well!)

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Elwood ADORES Tommy. Tommy puts up with the constant grooming. Orange is over there to the left saying “Please make him stop. I’m trying to sleep!”


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12-31-09 – The Cookies, Mike & Gus. — 10 Comments

  1. two words for you. litter. robot. http://www.litter-robot.com/ it’s a little pricey, but it’s AMAZING. if you can get the cats to use it. it’s a little noisy and scary for them to see it spinning around (it’s totally safe btw). i’ve got one in, working on the other…

    or you could just toilet train them. *snort*

  2. Angie: I had one, actually. It lasted about nine months before it started malfunctioning, and never really recovered, so out it went. It’s easier to scoop by hand then try to diagnose a malfunctioning Litter Robot (and not all the cats would use it, anyway, so I still had to have regular litter boxes in addition to it.)

  3. you know they have a year (or 18 month) warranty right? my boss is the one who introduced me, and he said when his started making weird noises, he sent it in and they shipped him a new one.

    i can understand with so many cats though, someone’s bound to not like it. i’m back to scooping till the newbies adjust. it’s no fun.

  4. Angie: Oh, I know – and the replacement crapped out in about six months, and then I decided I was done. 🙂 Don’t think I haven’t seriously considered training the cats to use the toilet, though – I’m just afraid I’d end up waiting in line, as many cats as we have! 😀 ::knockknockknock:: “Spanky, hurry UP, I’ve gotta GOOOOO!”

  5. I just had a good giggle imagining you all standing in a line waiting to use the bathroom…with poor Spanky going “wait, I’m not done reading this article yet…hold on one more minute!” 🙂

    Happy New Year to you all!

  6. Your Daily Cute: No, they haven’t been adopted yet, they’re still at the adoption center – I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’re adopted tomorrow!

  7. Happy New Year, Robyn!!

    I was just ROFLing as I read your post… one morning I awoke to truly prodigious piles! In every single pan! And I’d just scooped before bed! The ones that scare me are when I hardly see anything for a day (immediately I think, “Where the heck are they going!!).

  8. Your photos are absolutely wonderful!

    Glogirly and I are giggling over the litterbox story. I’m an only cat and she swear, based on the daily litterbox contents, that I have brother and sister locked up in the litterbox room.

    Happy New Year!
    (Glogirly’s Cat)