1-2-10 – The Cookies, Gus & Mike.

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Happy New Year! (I looked for New Year’s Eve hats for the cats, but waited too long, apparently. Probably for the best, as I’m sure I never would have convinced them to wear them. And we were all in bed sound asleep far far before midnight (9:30, which is late for us), so there wasn’t much ringing in of the new year done around here!)


I love seeing sleeping kittens all over the place. (And then I have give them kisses, and they wake up and glare at me, and then they purr. LOVE it.)

Keebler is just SUCH a gorgeous boy, isn’t he?

Pink is a big believer in staying clean.

Jake and Elwood are so patient with the Cookies, who never hesitate to climb right on top of them for a snuggle.


If you think I did not immediately put down the camera and squeeze the Gus, you know nothing.

I had these beds (which wonderful reader Katie sent me recently) piled on the couch because I was vacuuming (one of the beds stays on the couch, the other stays on the floor in front of the couch. The floor in front of the couch seems to be an exceptionally popular place for the cats to sleep, for some reason.) and when I came back by to straighten out the living room, Mike was sprawled out on the beds, sound asleep. I went to get the camera, and by the time I got back, Mike was out of the bed giving me the eyes of “I don’t think so.”

ACK. SO SO SO pretty, this boy!

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Also, a movie! I need to clear off my Flip Video more often, obviously, because I found one from a couple of weeks ago. It’s Elwood, pinning down and vigorously licking a Cookie (I can’t even tell which one it is), and then Veruca wanders into the picture and growls her disapproval.

Veruca never did approve of those Cookies.

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1-2-10 – The Cookies, Gus & Mike. — 6 Comments

  1. Happy New Year!!
    Wonderful pics, but OMG, the video was just terrific! Elwood was a cleaning machine and, my, my… Veruca has quite a growl on her, doesn’t she!!

  2. We were in bed before midnight at our house too. It’s hard to stay up that late, especially when cats are prone to waking me up at early-o’clock for breakfast! 🙂

    That’s quite the hiss and growl from Veruca! (She is aptly named!)

  3. Oh dear, my darling Veruca was remembering her “hissy spitty” days 🙂 She did NOT approve of poor Elwood and the little Cookie…and I love how neither one of them seemed very concerned about it 🙂

    Sigh…I love Veruca!