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Happy New Year!! I hope we all have a fantastic 2013!


I think I gave the wrong impression to some of y’all. There was only one kind of holiday postcard going out this year (well, every year) – I didn’t have different cards featuring different permanent residents, it was just the one, featuring this year’s cover girl…

Miz Poo!

Theoretically, it would be fun to do several different cards every year, but that’s kind of beyond the scope of my organizational abilities, so we’re going to stick with just one picture each year. I sent out 341 cards this year!

Thank you so much for all the cards you guys sent with pictures of your families and your cats and dogs and your wonderful notes, I enjoy them so very much. I know y’all understand that the Christmas spirit wasn’t very strong around here this year, but being able to look through your cards was a definite bright spot of my holiday.

You can go to this page here to see the Flickr link where I posted all the cards y’all sent. And as a bonus, you can scroll down and see the cards I sent as well as the cards I received in 2010 and 2011.

(As always, if you’d rather I didn’t post the card you sent, just let me know and I’ll take it down ASAP. I did go through and blur out surnames in the interest of privacy.)


I really really liked Kelly’s 2012 year in review post for yesterday, so I am totally copying it for today’s post!


2012 in Review.

We started out January with Charlie and Patty Peppers in attendance.


We also had Jax, Clay, Tig and Opie (The Sons) with us.

2011-12-23 (14) 2011-12-27 (9)
Jax (left) and Clay.

2011-12-23 (6)
Tig (left) and Opie.

What you can’t tell from those pictures is that the three black and white kittens (Tig, Opie and Clay) didn’t have full tails – they ranged from just a tiny bit of a tail, to a short stump of a tail. Jax had a full tail, and his brothers spent a LOT of time smacking at it.

Charlie and Patty went off to Petsmart early in the month, and the Sons were a couple of weeks behind them. When the Sons went off to Petsmart, Lucy, Sally, and Everett Peppers came back for a month-long break from the cage (and many bouts of fun with Da Bird.)

2012-01-31 (10)
Everett (front) and Lucy.

2012-01-26 (35)

In mid-February, Everett, Sally, and Lucy went off to Petsmart, and we brought home Emmy, who was pregnant.

2012-02-29 (14)

As always, when we have a pregnant mama, we’re sure she’s going to drop those babies at any moment, and then we end up waiting for what feels like forever.

I shared the video of Emmy’s belly, which appeared to be possessed by aliens, on the last day of February.

(YouTube link)

The very next day, she brought forth Logie, Newbery, Darwin, and Razzie. Three girls, and one boy (Newbery).

2012-03-01 (7)

Those kittens grew up far too fast, as kittens insist on doing.

Newbery Newbery

" Razzie

Logie Logie

Darwin Darwin

Until the end of May, it was only the Nominees here with us. Emmy went off to her new home on May 24th, and from all reports continues to do well.

At the beginning of June, I introduced y’all to the new guys, all named after potatoes, and called, as a group, The Taters.

2012-06-01 (4)

2012-06-01 (7)
Fianna (left), and Agata.

2012-06-01 (3)
Norland (later to be nicknamed General Grumpy)

2012-06-01 (1)
And Russet! (Who became known as Cap’n Floof.)

They actually came from two different litters, but we threw them together and they adapted very well.

We were going along, minding our own business, the Taters in the guest bedroom and the Noms with the run of the house, and then oh good lord, what do you suppose happened next?

2012-06-07 (36)

That’s right, STOMPERS happened! This sweet little half-dead monkey stomped right in and stole our hearts.

2012-06-11 (21) 2012-06-11 (17)

In mid-June, the Noms went off to Petsmart. By the end of July, all the Noms except Razzie had been adopted (Razzie didn’t go home until September 1st, her 6-month birthday!)

In short order, the ‘Maters moved in.

Brandywine was in rough shape, with a burn on her back (probably caused by the hot undercarriage of a car), but the babies were in great shape because she was an amazing mama.

2012-07-16-02 2012-08-17-03
Caspian (left) and Wellington.

2012-08-16-25 2012-06-26 (15)
Dingwall Scotty (left) and Sungold.

2012-06-27 (18) 2012-06-19 (17)
Mr. Stripey (left) and mama Brandywine.

In early July, Norland (General Grumpy) and Russet (Cap’n Floof) went off to Petsmart (they were adopted later that month.)

At the end of July, Stompers went off to his forever home in Georgia to live with reader Kristyn and her family. A few days later the remaining Taters – Agata, Kennebec, and Fianna went off to Petsmart.

With the ‘Maters having the run of the house during the day and spending their nights in the guest bedroom, we said hello to the Pickles.

2012-08-15-07 2012-08-14-16
Polly (left) and Petey.

2012-08-30-26 2012-08-29-05
Percy (left) and Joe.

Four little Pickles, right? All cute and (mostly) healthy, running around in the foster room like silly little Pickles. This was going to be an EASY bunch, I thought.

And then came….

Tony Rocky Horror Pickle. Who later became known as RatBat Boy and Magoo.


Oh, that boy. He was tiny and too thin and had horrifying intestinal issues, and was just a mess. At one point we thought we’d lost him. But he persevered, and he thrived, thank god.

On the 18th of August, Brandywine and her little ‘Maters went off to Petsmart. Brandywine was adopted immediately – didn’t even spend a single night at Petsmart – and her sons waited a while. Caspian and Wellington were adopted in September.

A few days after the ‘Maters went off to Petsmart, we said hello to the Weeds.



And Thistle.

They initially all tested positive for FIV, though Purslane and Thistle were “faint” positives. Upon retest, Purslane and Thistle were negative, and Dandelion remained positive. We tested Dandelion again later, and then did a different test that showed she was definitely positive.

Through September, October, and November, the house was full with Pickles and Weeds. Eventually, the two litters met and became friends.


Percy, Petey, Tony, and Joe went to Petsmart on November 16, 2012. Percy was adopted the same day, and Polly joined Petey, Magoo, and Joe the next day. Polly and Petey were adopted that day, and then Magoo and Joe waited a few weeks before someone came along and adopted both of them.

The day the Pickles went to Petsmart, the remaining ‘Maters who were still there waiting for their forever home – Dingwall Scotty, Mr. Stripey, and Sungold – came home for a break from the cage. Kohle, who was no relation, had been at Petsmart longer, and came home with them for a break as well.

The ‘Maters & Kohle.

Kohle has incredible eyes.

Dandelion went off to her forever home on December 4th, straight from here without having to spend time at Petsmart. She has a brother in the form of Duke, a King Charles Spaniel. They’re already good friends! Soon after, Purslane and Thistle went to Petsmart. They were scared at first, but soon enough they were accustomed to their surroundings and were able to let their personalities shine through. They were adopted (though not together).

On December 14th, the ‘Maters and Kohle went off to Petsmart to take up residence in their cages again. The very next day, Kohle and Dingwall Scotty were adopted.

Sungold and Mr. Stripey were at Petsmart for a while longer, but someone decided she wanted to adopt them BOTH, and so they both came back here to hang out until after the holidays. They’ll be going home next week.

On December 20th, Barney and Bitsy Beans came home with me.


More than a little skittish at first, they calmed down pretty quickly and they are now total lovebugs. A week later, on December 27th, Baby Beans (who is the reason for the “Beans” naming theme) came home with me, too, and is in the process of making friends with Barney and Bitsy.


So as the year comes to an end, we have five kittens in the house – Sungold, Mr. Stripey, and Barney, Bitsy, and Baby Beans. By my count, we fostered a total of 38 kittens in 2012 (feel free to check my math), and that brings us to a total of 198 kittens fostered.

It’s been a really fun year with more ups than downs. We fell in love with kitten after kitten this year (and were sad and then joyful as they left us and then found forever homes), and I’m excited to see what 2013 has in store for us.


The state of the permanent residents in 2012.

In 2012 we started the year with 13 cats, briefly went up to 14, back down to 13, and now we’re at 12. We said goodbye to Rupert (who we only had with us for a couple of months. We weren’t able to bring him inside because he freaked out too badly when we tried, and he was hit by a car in August and killed instantly.) We also said goodbye to Elwood, who was only three years old and succumbed to FIP.

2012-08-17 (4)


The current permanent residents are all doing well, are healthy and up to date on their vaccines, and happy. If we end 2013 with no fewer permanent residents (but ALSO no MORE permanent residents), I’ll be thankful.


As we begin this new year, I’d like to take a moment to thank you all for reading. I know that a lot of you say that you like to start (or end) your day at Love & Hisses, reading about the kittens and the permanent residents. You give me (and each other) advice, ask and answer questions, fall in love with the kittens we foster and our permanent residents, and grieve with us as we’ve lost permanent residents. I started this site because I can’t shut my face about cats and kittens, and to have y’all enjoy the pictures and stories I post means more than I could ever begin to express. I appreciate each and every one of you, whether you’re here every day or just come by every now and then. We’ve built an amazing community here, and I certainly could never have done it alone.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all so very very much!


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  1. thank YOU Robyn! Going to Love and Hisses every noon (I’m from Poland) is my ritual, very behelpful for my troubled mind. Happy New Year to You and everybody at Crooked Acres (human, feline, canine, avian etc.), and to all readers! πŸ™‚

  2. Happy new year, Robyn! Thank you SO much for doing this blog. I look forward to reading about Crooked Acres every day!

  3. WE should be thanking YOU. (And many of us do.)

    Love reading your blog. I wanna be you when I grow up. (Except I would be a colossal Foster Failure and keep everyone.)

    Happy New Year to you, Fred, and all the Crooked Acres critters! May 2013 treat you well.

  4. Thanks for the wrap up – good to be reminded of all the little ones that have gone to their forever homes.

    Happy New Year to all the occupants of Crooked Acres. Hope it is a happy and healthy one.

  5. What an incredible year!!! Thank you for fostering, sharing and looking after all these little sweethearts both fosters and permanent residents! We wish you more joy and happiness for 2013! Happy New Year! Take care

  6. Happy new year Robyn! I’ve loved your blog(s) for many years now. I am VERY allergic to cats, so I get my cute kitteh fix via your blog! I wish you, Fred, & the general population a wonderful new year!

  7. Thank YOU, Robyn. I wait patiently for 6:00 am so I can enjoy your posts before I have to get ready for work. It’s a good way to start off the day!!

  8. Happy New Year πŸ™‚ Here’s to a 2013 that was even better than 2012.

    I found L&H right around the time the Nominees were getting ready to go to Petsmart. Stompers STILL kills me and I STILL need to order that calendar!

  9. Thank you for your blog, and for all you do for all the kitties and critters. I knew I hadn’t been following your blog for a year yet, but your year in review helped me. I became addicted to Love and Hisses about the time Emmy and the Noms came to you. Wishing you, Fred and all the critters a wonderful 2013!

  10. What a lovely way to start the year! Stompers sends many purrs and kisses to the wonderful woman who nursed him to health and helped him find a home (where he is spoiled relentlessly).

  11. The first thing I do every day is read your blog – even before feeding CJ the kitty! Thank you for all the cute and thank you for do all you do for the kitties. Give them all a big New Year’s Day smooooch from me!

  12. Thank you Robyn! I found this site a year ago, by way of cuteoverload and have visted every day since! it’s my first internet visit of the day

  13. I do not celebrate New Years, but I am kinda digging the year in review.. Maybe I’ll do it once I start KittenWatch2013 this spring while waiting for kittens..

  14. A VERY Happy New Years to you and Fred and all the kittehs and pups and birds of varying breeds. I DO love starting my days with the Crooked Acres love, and I’m so glad you’re here. Hoping 2013 brings you joy. πŸ™‚

  15. Wonderful post today Robyn. I so enjoyed the wrap-up and seeing everyone once again. It seems I came here around March though to me it doesn’t seem that long ago. It was a crappy year for me but your blog was a definite bright spot. Newberry and Agata were my favs of the year and I have many pics on my screensaver to keep me company. I hope this year brings you (and us) just as many wonderful kitty adventures as the past.

  16. Happy New Year Robin, I hope 2013 brings you joy, health, and success. And cute, healthy kittens. Thank you for sharing with us.

  17. Thank you as always for your posts, highlight of daily internet reading! the year in review was wonderful (sad parts aren’t wonderful but glad you can share the grief as well as the joys–healing). So glad you do post and talk about cats and everything the way you do.
    I love the pics, today’s one of Everett and Lucy facing the cam made me think of some kind of law enforcement, seriously making sure you WILL cooperate…!

  18. Your had a great year with the fosters! Your posts are a highlight of my day. Thank you for sharing.
    May you and Fred have a wonderful New Year, with health and happiness for you and all your residents.

  19. Wishing you and Fred many more years of cats, kittens, Great Pyrenees, and all the other wonderful creatures you share your days with. (And how great was it to see the comment from Stompers’ mum — if only everyone lucky enough to get a Crooked Acres-raised pussycat would fill Robyn in on their charges!)

  20. You thank us for reading; we thank you for posting! It’s a win-win situation!! Hooray!!!

    Happy New Year to you and yours, Robyn! And I’m including Fred, the kitties of all ages, the dogs, the chickens, the ducks, the future pigs and the spiders!!


  21. You and Fred are the ones that deserve the thanks. 38 fosters & adoptions in 2012 is an awesome achievement. I visit several blogs regularly and always save yours (the best) for last. Haven’t missed a day since the True Bloods. Congratulations on a good 2012 & hope the coming year will be even better.

    My all-time favorite quote; “There are no ordinary cats”


  22. Thanks Robyn and Fred for all you do. I loved the 2012 review, a good reminder of all those lovely kitties you have helped shape into incredible and loving creatures. I’m looking forward to checking Love & Hisses every day in 2013!

  23. As a cat shelter volunteer up in Massachusetts, I find total inspiration in your stories….ACE, Animal Care and Education is a volunteer nonprofit group based in Fitchburg that educates school kids and families about pet care responsibility and also volunteers at the Fitchburg City Shelter. Our cat, Wendle (found at Wendy’s as a kitten) visited more than 200 school kids in the classrooms and our boxer/pit k9 Zelda met more than 2000 kids in the public schools. This year our goal is to do presentations to all FPS kids — more than 5150 (I’m on the school committee also) about responsible pet care. We have many stray and abused dogs here, and more than 15 cat colonies numbering 800 plus cats so we have a lot of work to do. Our group is unique in the state in terms of the scope of outreach as well as allowing laypeople to help in the municipal shelter (we’ll take kids as young as 13 with parental consent). Anyway, I would have told you all this in an xmas card, had I been organized, but wanted to thank you personally for the card which my children (T, 9, Jet, 3) enjoyed ESPECIALLY as it was the first one we received and so funny! All best to you and keep on keeping on from a fellow New Englander still living in the snowbelt / Sally Cragin

  24. My yard adopted two “semi-feral” kittens. While I was (and am) getting them more amenable to life, I had not named them. The are almost identical twins. The have blue eyes. One is plumper than the other and a little bit more aggressive. Hence the name The Blue Brothers and in honor of Elwood, one is named Elwood. That left Jake. They are darling and coming right along to be good little kitties. Every time I talk to them, I think of your boy Elwood.

    Thanks for the lovely card. I have it in a position of honor.

    Happy New Year !

    • Awww, that is so sweet! I love that Elwood’s portly, pushy self lives on in the spirit of your Blues Brother. πŸ™‚

  25. Here’s wishing all at Crooked Acres a wonderful 2013.

    That photo of Everett and Lucy looks like they’re auditioning for the role of Mr. Boogers!

    Love you guys.

  26. My husband has to put up with many comments about my “friend” Robyn. He is SO not a cat “small engines of destruction” person but truly appreciates how you give me my cat fix. Although he is less than happy every time you get some new fosters I threaten to drive south for a Robyn cat. Happy New Year Crooked Acres!

  27. Many Many thanks to you and all at Crooked Acres,its so nice of you to share with us!

  28. Happy New Year Fred and Robyn!!! Thank you so much for sharing your home not only with some adorable precious fosters but also your indoor and outdoor outlaws, we’ve fallen in love with them too, down to the little chicks and your rock star chickens.

    I hope you all have a wonderful 2013 and thank you for sharing your home and your family. Not to mention being brave enough to show the world the state of your house keeping every day. I couldn’t/wouldn’t do that.

  29. Happy New Year to you all! I am also one of your loyal readers who starts off her day with L&H. Sometimes it’s what I read on the train, sometimes from bed trying to get up! I love all the pictures and the commentary, both from you and the peanut gallery.
    Hope your 2013 is soft, playful, and purry!

  30. Aw, look at those little munchkin faces! Thank you, Robyn, for letting us live vicariously through you.

    LOL, Stompers. What a personality that little dude was…

    Everett and Lucy look like they’re posing for a 70’s rock album cover, LOL.

  31. Happy New Year Robyn! Way to take my idea and make it ever so much more fabulous!! I’m looking forward to lots more kittens for the both of us in 2013. πŸ™‚

  32. Happy New Year to all of you at Crooked Acres! Yes, your entries are a guaranteed smile for me every day. What I’ve learned about kitties and the products you recommend has made the lives of my two even more spoiled and pampered than ever (if that’s possible).

  33. I miss the Sons! They were so adorable! Right up there with my other faves this year, Stompers and Tony Magoo!

    Also, that first picture you posted of Lucy and Everett is so full of disapproval that I feel guilty… but I’m not sure why!

    Loved this entry… what a year! Here’s to a kitten-ful 2013 πŸ˜€

  34. Happy New Year, Robyn and Fred and to all in this special community, a terrific 2013! And to the permanent residents, virtual scritches and treats!

    I loved seeing the vid of Emmy’s belly again – truly aliens were involved!

    Each and every kitten and mama cat that passed through this year was so very special, but I must admit Brandywine and Purslane both had me plotting driving routes to Alabama. So glad they ALL found great homes, and I hope for updates, such as Stompers’ mom provided here. (Pictures of alumni would be especially treasured, hint!)

  35. Robyn,

    Thank you for all that you and Fred do! It’s always a better day when there’s a new Love & Hisses post up. Wishing everyone a very happy 2013!

  36. Happy New Year to you, Fred, the kittehs and all of your babies at Crooked Acres!

    Many times I’ve been lower than a snake belly and reading your blog always makes me feel better! πŸ˜€

  37. Loved the look back at the year! I smiled and shed a tear or two but well worth it.

    Hapy New year to you, Fred and the rest of the Crooked Acres gang. I’m looking forward to what 2013 has in store.

  38. The year-in-review post really just confirms how amazing you are. Loved the recap and looking forward to seeing who shows up in 2013 (and how creatively you name them!).

  39. Happy New Year,love the review of last year. I guess I started reading your blog when Emmy delivered. The video of the babies in her belly moving around is awesome. So glad to wake up to your pictures and funny comments each day of your fosters & permanent pets. You are a wonderful lady to do the work you do and I have a lot of respect for you. Thank you for opening your home & heart to the kitties.

  40. I’m late to the comments, so what can I say that hasn’t already been said, other than to add my thanks for the love and devotion that you give to all these kitties, both permanent and passing through, and for your determination to find a permanent, loving home for every one that comes into your care. Thanks also for sharing your life and humor with all of us. Happy New Year to all the human and animal residents at Crooked Acres. Here’s wishing you a happier year with no losses of your loved animals and many more fosters coming into your excellent care.

  41. Thank you, Robyn and Fred, for actually doing what so many of us wish we could do. Happy New Year to y’all, and scritches to the kitties!

  42. SO MANY adorable kitties. Each a unique little individual. Thank you for taking care of them, loving them, and sending them out into the world, to warm, safe places.

    Love to you and Fred.

  43. I love Love-and-hisses!
    I always come on after another (usually lousy day) at work to read about the kitties, the dogs,the chickens, the ducks, the carrots,tomatoes and chillies and well everything!

    Thank you for writing your blog!

    Happy New Year to you & your family!

  44. I read L&H every day…I laugh and cry right along with you and all the other readers and then I share it all with my husband every night…of course if one of my cats happens to be in the office when I’m working (and possibly reading L&H) they too get to watch and listen to any videos you posted..lol!! I know that your fosters who don’t get adopted stay with Challenger’s House and I never remember at the end of the year if everyone got adopted or not so I loved your year in review…I do wonder about the kittos from the beginning of the year because you didn’t include an adoption status with some of the ones at the start. Did all of your fosters from 2012 find permanent homes?

    • I’m pleased to report that every one of my fosters (except for the Beans, who aren’t available yet of course) have been adopted! That holds true not only for the ones that I fostered last year, but for every year prior, too. None of them are currently at the shelter, they’re all in forever homes. πŸ™‚

      • Awesome! I did remember correctly then because I thought you had reported that all of them had been adopted…love hearing that!!

  45. Happy New Year, Robyn and Fred and all the kitties! Thank you for writing and posting photos, it brightens my day and makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know there are so many people out there who care about cats (and especially homeless cats)! I laugh all the time at your captions and answers to questions, you are one funny lady. I cry too, because when cats leave us it’s a horrible time. Wishing you all health and happiness in 2013 and beyond πŸ™‚

  46. If I don’t see my holiday card among the other awesome cards you received should I assume it never made it to you? I’ll resend it! I’m pretty proud of my holiday cards this year (the cards themselves AND the fact that I actually sent them this year!)

  47. I love the format of this post. I vote you do it this way at the end of 2013, too!
    (sorry, I’m a wee bit behind in reading — catching up today!)

  48. HNY Robyn & Fred and all at Crooked Acres! Yes, I know it’s a little late and all but I’ve only just got back to work and am now able to read through all the entries that were written while I was away. Commiserations for Elwood, I hope time passing is making it a little easier to think back on. And how excellent are all the adoptions? Well done and may 2013 exceed all our wildest expectations. Lita & her boys in Melbourne, Australia xo