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Look who it is!

That’s our sweet girl Maggie, mama to all those McMaos kittens in the Spring/ Summer of 2011! Her Dad, Alex, says:

Happy Holidays from Maggie! I wanted to let you know that Maggie, with her two brothers, have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas. She received treats, tuna, and cat toys from me, Sara, and Sara’s parents. She continues to be a wonderful cat, and we feel very lucky she is in our lives.

Is that the sweetest thing, or what? I love that Maggie – the best mother EVER, remember how she mothered not only her own six babies, but went on to mother The Spice Girls as well? – ended up in a home where they love her to death. She deserves every minute of it!


These pictures are only of Barney and Bitsy Beans, because they were taken before Baby Beans joined the gang. Rest assured that there’ll be plenty of pictures of him in the entries after today!

Bitsy grabs Da Bird – and shows off her shaved belly. Love the spots.

Quite a little hunter, our girl.

Barney supervises.

Bitsy, considering her hunting strategy.

Barney talking to Da Bird (“You get down here!”) while Bitsy watches.

Got it! Barney’s a good little hunter, too. Must be a family trait.

I love that amused smile on Bitsy’s face.


Mr. Stripey, in the bed on the table. These boys have totally made themselves at home.

Sweet boys.

With Nance and Rick coming to visit for a couple of days, I was curious to see how Stripey and Sungold would do with complete strangers. What I found out is that neither of them understands the concept of “stranger.” When Rick walked through the door after running an errand, the permanent residents all went running away from him. Stripey and Sungold, on the other hand, ran toward him to see what was going on.

It also never occurred to either of them that Nance and Rick might not want to snuggle. I think 10 minutes after we sat down in the front room, Stripey was curled up next to Nance, sound asleep. He and Sungold spent plenty of time walking back and forth over Nance and Rick. Luckily, Nance and Rick were willing to put up with it and both boys got lots of petting.


Today’s permanent resident (still clearing out the folder of old pictures I haven’t shared) : Stinkerbelle.

Pretty sure she was staring at Spanky here. She’s taken an intense liking to him for some reason I don’t understand. When she swishes back and forth and meows at him, he just stares at her like “I do not understand what you want from me, but I wish you’d go somewhere else.”

On her shelf in the kitchen.

Atop the bookcase in the front room.

The OTHER bookcase in the front room. Girlfriend gets around.

And now, a Stinkerbelle video. I was trying to get her to meow her high-pitched siren of a meow, and she finally gave me one. She was more interested in staring longingly at Spanky, though.

YouTube link


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  1. Stinkerbelle is such a pretty girl! Hurray for Maggie! Please thank her parents for the update! That girl deserves the very best!
    Sungold and Mr. Stripey are gonna make someone(s) VERY happy! What wonderful kitties they are!

  2. Stinkerbelle is the virtual love of mine, what a beautiful girl! I also like that she doesn’t say much if there’s not much to say πŸ™‚

  3. Awww. πŸ™‚ Good for Maggie. It’s lovely to see her doing so well.

    Sungold and Mr. Stripey are such sweet boys – some cats are like that. I have to lock Sheba up when the handyman or the cable guy comes over, because otherwise she will drive them nuts. “HIIIIIII whatcha doin’?” and be all up in their stuff. Good thing the DSL guy was tolerantly amused, because she wouldn’t get her nose out of the hole in the wall until I locked her up in the bedroom.

    • LOL!! That is my Sidney. At the end, the comcast cable guy was calling him “little buddy”! πŸ™‚

      • Those are the good cable guys, the ones who do that. I have to be careful, though – she is a black cat and snoops in everything – if the guy isn’t careful he’ll zip his bag and take her for a ride, something I really don’t want. I love my goofy baby girl and I want to keep her, thanks.

  4. I think Stinkerbelle LURVES Spanky which is why she’s doing that little dance at him. Could it be that she is tiring of her Tommy?!

    I’m also glad Maggie found a good home. I love that photo of the three cats, all of whom are thinking, “WHAT?” in their own way.


    • Fred thinks that Stinkerbelle is flirty with Spanky because she’s comfortable with him, and she’s been around him since she was little. He’s a gentle soul who has NO use for other cats, so he doesn’t try to chase her or play with her, and is completely unthreatening to her. She still loves her Tommy, though – you should see her reaction when he comes up on top of the cabinets and she can snuggle with him. πŸ™‚

  5. MAMA MAGGIE!!!! Oh, I am SO happy for her… and for you, too. I know how exciting and gratifying it is when the cat you feel deserves so very much goes out into the world and actually gets it. I was at Petco the other day working with the kittens when a man approached me and introduced himself as “Patches His-Last-Name’s new dad”. Hearing Mother Jefferson referred to like that made my heart melt and brought tears to my eyes knowing how much she is loved (and she’s the only kitty of a teenage girl who wants to grow up and get involved in cat rescue too!)

    I don’t know… I’m kind of thinking that when you arrive in a household with a bajillion cats, you should expect to pay attention to at least one of them (sarcasm, if it doesn’t come across on the internet). Glad you’re having a great visit with Nance and Rick.

    • You know, I’m starting to think that teenage girls who want a pet cat are the holy grail of potential adopters. I despaired that Buster would never find a forever home until Christmas Eve 2011 when a teenage girl saw him, fell in love, and got him as a Christmas present. All teenage girls need to have at least one cat to love and be loved by. πŸ™‚

      Ha, yeah, most everyone who comes into the house knows that they’ll be expected to pet a cat or two! My friend Liz, who is NOT a cat person, even likes them. Though she told me that she doesn’t like “that rrr-rrr-rrr sound” they make. After some questioning, I realized that it’s purring she doesn’t like. I was like – !!!!!????

      • I got my first kitten when I was a young teenager. He gave me my love of cats. He was a big orange tabby with white mittens and a very loud purr box. I loved him with all my heart. He lived to be 20. I still get teary-eyed about him and it has been 20 years since he passed. (yes – I am OLD)

        Anyway…I think all teenage girls should have their very own kitty. When you are that age you need someone to love and love you right back.

  6. Stinkerbelle is such a pretty girl. I love her little Spanky-love dance.

    So nice to see mama Maggie and know that she is doing well.

  7. Those two little orange guys are adorable. They could snuggle with me all the time. When do they go to their new home?

    LOL at Stinkerbelle and her Spanky-love.

  8. Girlfriend sure is pretty! Seeing her standing up (as opposed to just hangin’ on her sundry thrones) really shows off the purtiness. How are those boys of yours so immune? Sheesh…

    Wow, look at those Barney markings!

  9. So very happy for Maggie – she deserves the absolute best!

    And Stinkerbelle – what a character! More vids, please!

    Gonna miss the orinch boys when they go to their forever home. You must get their new folks to sign a contract promising updates with pix!

  10. Stinkerbelle……no wonder she’s so aloof to everyone but Tommy and Spanky. If I was that beautiful with those eyes, I’d be snotty to everybody except for the few worthy men, too! Awww, Mama Maggie – I bet it just warms your heart right up to see your fosters in a forever home with people who love them as much as you did, Robyn. And I’m sure that Stripey and Sungold will settle right into their new home, as loving as they are. I know the video on here shows the Pickles and Weeds acting like crazy little things, but that was a good laugh before I went on over to YouTube to see the high pitched Stinkerbelle song.