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Khaleesi update!

Alton says: So the Mother of Dragons came to visit for a few days and I promised a update. After spending three and a half hours in her carrier on the drive up meowing her head off, the first place she wanted to be was the top of the cat tree. All she really wanted was to take a nap, but I had to disturb her for some pictures.

She was drowsy until she sniffed at my band aid (homebrew mash tun fabrication mishap). Then she perked up and I could see the wheels turning, “This one is injured. I must separate him from the herd, kill him, and eat him.” And everyone thinks you’re so sweet…

M brought Khaleesi’s favorite toy, Bloody Dead Fish, with her. Here she is hanging out with him in a chair. The sheet is to keep the cat fur at bay. It also gives Khaleesi and Lily something to make a Cat Cave with. They will pull it over themselves and the pillow so there is a purring lump on the chair.

Speaking of Lily, we were wrapping some presents and she insisted on “helping”. In the process she discovered that tissue paper makes AWESOME noises, and she decided that she wants to be a leopard next year for Halloween.

On Sunday it was reasonably warm and Khaleesi was using her Jedi mind tricks on me, “You want to open the sliding door so we can sniff at the outdoors.” I want to open the sliding door to make the cats happy…

We wish you and everyone in the Love & Hisses and Challenger’s House extended family a happy 2015!

Thank you so much for the update, Alton – I love seeing her sweet, silly face!


Now is time for the rest of the Jethro & TC pictures I took while they were here with us! There are a ton so sit back, relax, and enjoy the cute. πŸ™‚

Snuggly boys (though to be honest, I think TC was sniffing my slippers more than snuggling.)

TC in the sun. He’s mellllltinnnnng!

TC was hugging and bunny-kicking that toy made out of dog fur*, while Jethro tries to read his mind.

*If you’ve missed mention of this toy in the past, a couple of years ago I had Fred save the fur after he’d brushed George and Gracie, and I stuffed it all into a pillow case and ran it through the washer a couple of times. The fur kind of tangled together, and I gave it to the kittens to play with. The kittens always find it fascinating to play with.

Then Molly got involved, rolling around and flailing.

The boys take a moment to regroup, and Lizzy comes along to say “What are you crazy boys doing?”

They certainly do love that toy box.

Pretty boy. Doesn’t he have gorgeous eyes? This whole litter has such beautiful eyes.

They love to flip that bed over and lay on it. I’m not sure why – you’d think that the other side would be more comfortable, but clearly I know nothing.

See? Such pretty eyes!

“Please everybody be quiet, am making very important phone call.”

That look that Lita is giving Jethro is killing me dead. She has reached Shenanigan Overload: Level 10.

I love this picture SO much.

Both boys AND both of their sisters, in one picture. Awww.

Wild thangs.

Not sure which I like more: the little pink toes, or the Open Mouth of Outrage.

Hangin’ in the wall basket.

Checkin’ out the drizzly weather.

Jethro in motion.

I love those big ol’ bunny feet.

Harassing Pat, who just wants to sleeeep.

Keeping an eye on things.

Bonnie reported yesterday that things are going GREAT – there’s been no hissing from the adult cats at all, and after taking a nap yesterday morning, TC woke up and actively sought out his older siblings, to rub against. How sweet is that? SO sweet!


Dennis could use a kiss, don’t you think?


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12-30-14 — 20 Comments

  1. Wow! Khaleesi is a beaut! It is amazing the changes made by getting nursing kittens off of you! So good to see her! Lily is a purdy little thing, too!

    Wishing TC and Jethro all the best in their new home!!!

    Dennis certainly needs a kiss…and more than one at that!!

  2. after taking a nap yesterday morning, TC woke up and actively sought out his older siblings, to rub against.

    Taking after Jake, is he?

  3. It’s always great to hear that the kittens we rescue end up in homes where they are adored and cared for. I got a text last night from the person who took in the kitten someone dumped in our yard a few weeks ago. He was so starved, he was eating our jack o lantern, so we called him Jack. After capturing, taming, feeding up, deworming, neutering and all the works, he’s been adopted and has settled in with her other cat and is commencing to grow and grow. Makes me so happy.

  4. What in the world is going on outside in the second to last picture? The sky looks positively dangerous, and there appears to be an exploding transformer or something in the bottom of the picture? Take cover!

  5. smooch the Dennis….

    love the Dragon momma update….sounds like she has her people right where she wants them πŸ™‚

    quick question – how did you determine the distances between your shelves/steps in the kitchen? and what are the height/width distances (if you can get Fred to measure)

  6. I love these updates although I shudder to think how BLOODY DEAD FISH got their name. The mother of dragons looks very happy and a little coddled.

    and it looks like TC and Jethro are fitting right in. Love the snuggling with the older siboings.

  7. TQ for the Khaleepdate! Its good to see her Game of Thrones instincts are developing nicely. Don’t wait too long to feast! Hoomins are easier to catch and kill when they are weakened but if you wait too long they get to tasting a bit gamey.

  8. In that one amazing photo with TC (I think) and Jethro, they look like they’re in the Olympics doing gymnastics together!