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Continuing with the Sopranos collages, since we’re still going alphabetically, next we have Livia!

And Meadow!

While I was looking through the pictures to choose some for the collages, I noticed that Livia and a certain other kitten gave me pretty much the exact same look at one point. Here they are, side by side, giving me the skeptical face.

That’s Carmela on the right. Skepticism is apparently a family trait!


Bunnie checks out the goings-on outside the window (there wasn’t much going on, but she could see the cars going by in the distance.)

Sweet Toto. He sure is a lover, that one.

Three of the four. I think they were all flopped down around the base of that small cat tree when I walked in, and I startled them.

Nap time for John Smith.

Her colors are just incredible. I could look at her for days!

Flirty boy.

Tricki, checking out the view. If I could figure out how to do it without falling off the roof, I’d totally put a bird feeder out there. (I know, I could just open the window and put one out there, but I’d have to herd the cats into the closet first… Hmm. Maybe I SHOULD do it that way!)

Love those eyes!


Sugarbutt and Stefan, the Crooked Acres Marmalade Brudders (I guess Newt would be one of those, too, but he doesn’t partake in parties or party hats) join the rest of us here at Crooked Acres in wishing you a happy, healthy, safe and warm New Year’s Eve!


2012: The New Yearโ€™s Eve of OUR dreams includes being sound asleep long, long before the stroke of midnight.
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12-31-13 — 17 Comments

  1. Robin, have you thought about a color print of the collages to put at their crates at PetSmart? Also if I lived near you I would have become a cat hoarder by now!

    • PetSmart won’t let us do that, but there are lots of pictures in the book that the shelter manager puts together. People can look through it and see pictures and in-depth descriptions of all the kittens.

  2. Hats on cats!!
    Also the baby pic of Meadow spooning Paulie Walnuts has killed me dead.

    Happy New Year to you all!!

  3. Happy New Year’s to all at Crooked Acres. Somehow though, those marmalade’s don’t look very excited about New Year’s! Even with the hats. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Awww. that flirty pic of John Smith is just too cute.

    Happy New Year’s guys! Hope that everybody’s snapped up at Petsmart in 2014!

  5. Hats off to Robyn and Fred — plus their kitten-caretaking Permanent Residents — for another year of great work for Challenger’s House and extracurricular kitties like Stefan (thanks to the angle, in the last pic he looks to be wearing a fascinator!). And may the Sopranos find the best homes ever in very early 2014.

  6. I just saw The Blues Brothers for the first time a couple days ago. Quite a fun film!

    After I got done watching it, I had an “A-ha!” moment and realized that Loony Jake and Elwood (RIP) were named after the titular characters in that movie because they were brothers, and because (I’m guessing) of their blue coats. I’ve been reading this blog for years and I don’t know how I missed that!

    Also, the 2009 archive link for today had such a great pic of Elwood and Tommy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/robynanderson/4231240074/. Tommy’s all, “Fine, you can clean my ears IF YOU MUST.”

  7. Robyn, your Christmas card has just arrived in Szczecin, Poland. Thank You! I wonder to how many countries (continents?) You have sent cards this year… Is Poland the most distant destination? Anyway, thank You for everything You do for the kitties and for me. Love and Hisses is my happy place ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy New Year to You, Yours and all the L&H readers!

  8. Thank you for a fabulous year of fun and cuteness! Thank you for all the hard work you do raising incredible cats and kittens (not to mention dogs, chickens and ducks)! Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year! See you in 2014!

  9. I love Tricki! She looks like Gus, my new addition, gold eyes, shy attitude and all. Except Gus has a white “bikini” and sprinkles.

  10. In these final hours of 2013, I just want to say “thank you thank you,” Robyn, for so much fun and cuteness and adorableness and all manner of wonderful things in this blog. You and all your critters have become such an important part of my daily life, and many days, I depend on it to give me a much-needed dose of cheer. Thank you, Robyn and Fred and all the wonderful permanent residents, for everything you do, not just for the kitten fosters, but for all of us in the blogosphere. Your efforts are much appreciated! I can’t imagine my life without a daily dose of Love and Hisses now.

    BTW, Bunnie’s coloring makes me think of chocolate-caramel swirl ice cream.

    Also, the marmalade brudders look SO happy about the party hats — NOT!