12-30-15 Updates!

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I have updates!

First, more pictures of the former Mama Lucy – her name is now Gilly (I should have mentioned that in yesterday’s post)!

Pam said: These seemed to show her sweet, silly self the best. She is still a very playful kitty and adores her wave scratching post, and boxes, and supervising the birds while I drink my am tea–and always loves claiming either of us for a kitteh napping spot.

When I said that I had forgotten about Gilly’s cardboard-chewing ways, Pam said: Yep! Boredom/rainy day=no box is left unchewed!! Sharks have nothing on her. πŸ™‚

Don’t you just love seeing her so content? Thanks again, Pam!!!


I have ANOTHER update! A year ago, two little foster kittens got onto a plane and flew a long, long way to their forever home in Oregon.

I’m going to let them tell you about it, with a little help from Miss Bonnie.

Hello Inner nets, this is me, Jethro Tull. I iz here to tell you about my first year as a 5010s. Here I iz sitting under my first Christmas tree; Miss Bonnie says I iz a bee-oo-tiful present!

And it is me, TC (Thunderclap Newman); I was a most gorgeous present, as you can clearly see!

When we came to live here, from far away Alabama and a very special foster mom named Miz Robyn, we knowed we’d have lots of Tuxedo siblings and lots of hooman love, ‘cuz Miz Robyn told us so.

We did lots of exploring; Jethro Tull does loves jumping in the fern plant while I, sweet TC, loves the dining room table! And we growed up pretty fast.

We loves cuddling with our siblings (all 7 of them!), watching the birds, squirrels and outside cats who wander into OUR yard and just hanging out.

Miss Bonnie sez we growed and growed and growed and growed! I, Jethro Tull, now weighs almost 17 pounds and TC (Thunderclap Newman) weighs almost 18 pounds. We both love to be carried around on Miss Bonnie’s shoulder and she says that’s her gym workout for the day! Anyway, Miz Robyn was right: we iz truly loved in Oregon. Marc and Miss Bonnie call us their ‘Bama Boys. TC is the gentle giant and I is the fearless Tuxedo. We love our home, our hoomans, our fellow 5010s and especially each other!

Thank you so much, Jethro Tull and TC for the update. Thank Miss Bonnie and Marc for us, for giving you such a wonderful home and for being willing to transcribe your words and send pictures for your one-year update. Happy Gotcha Day, boys!


I do realize that Pink and the Coaches aren’t in that in residence section on the sidebar. I’ve been working hard on the 2015 In Review post for Friday, and once that’s done, I’ll get the sidebar updated.

It’s actually kind of a good thing I haven’t gotten around to it, because now I can do all the Coaches at once: Shelton. Levine. Stefani. And…

Pharrell, who is currently ensconced in my bathroom with a stuffed kitty to keep him company.

More about him tomorrow!


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  1. What wonderful updates. I really love Bonnie’s picture of her pile ‘O putt’ns! πŸ™‚

    Hello, Pharrell, nice to meet you!

  2. Awe, love to see the babies all grown up. I always think about my fosters but most I don’t know where they went. Each one leaves a paw print on your heart. Keep up the great work Robyn in 2016! and Fred too.

  3. Such beautiful boys, and a sweet Miss Gilly (Lucy)! It makes me happy as well to see them so happy and content in their forever homes.

    Hi Pharrell!

  4. It’s always delightful to see updates of your former fosters. I almost feel like I know the babies/moms, so when they go to their forever families, it’s a mixed emotions feeling. It’s wonderful to see them in the homes they deserve.

  5. Ha! What great updates! It’s always such a joy to see the smugness on kitties’ faces when we get forever home pictures. Never fails to melt my heart! And I love that the adoptive parents think about us, the L&H community, and care enough to let us know how our favourite furballs are doing. It’s the best!

    Well, well, well… isn’t it convenient how a fourth bebbeh showed up to round out our panel of Coaches? LOL… YAY, Pharrell!!

  6. I guess I’m a bit of an ignoramus – what’s a 5010s?

    Interesting that Jethro Tull, TC and their new “siblings” all curl up together while at Crooked Acres I don’t think that ever happens with the resident cats. Maybe because it’s colder in Oregon?

    Ooh a new Judge. Looking forward to reading about his backstory.

    I wish everyone a Happy New Year and may 2016 be a wonderful year for us all.

    • Sorry, I should have mentioned – you are NOT an ignoramus. I should have caught it when I was cutting and pasting the text into the post and explained it. I’m so used to seeing it in emails and messages that I didn’t think about it. πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks for the updates Bonnie! Jethro Tull has the same colorings as my Oreo so it’s fun to see that. JT’s ears are SO pointy though.

    Who called Pharrell? Congrats on the new addition Robyn! Happy New Year to all!

  8. I’m in update bliss but also thinking of readers and their families affected by the current weather madness. All good wishes to you and may you be safe.

  9. Yay for all the updates! And how funny that Gilly (mama Lucy) chews the cardboard boxes! Red (aka Skelton) must have come by that honestly then! He loves the cardboard boxes and chews on them whenever we have them around! Georgie (aka Carlin) just kind of looks at him like I don’t get it.

  10. Well, I’m a bit teary eyed with all the happy updates! Must be dustier than I thought around here πŸ™‚ Seriously though, it is wonderful to read how all the kitties are doing in their forever homes.

  11. I love that pic of Gilly o her mom’s lap, gazing up at her. That’s Christmas card material.

    Bonnie, you need to explain that couch pic. Who is where and how many.

    Any one else want to put a hat on Pharrel?

  12. Based on that idyllic backyard view, I want to visit Pam & Gilly next summer πŸ˜‰ It looks like she’s got a nice pot of basil, so I’ll bring Norbie and he’ll help with the “harvesting”.
    Miss Bonnie should make a jigsaw puzzle out of the pic with all the kitties laying down-you can’t tell where one starts and the other ends!

  13. Love the updates, too!! and I was also wondering about 5010s…
    and a teaser in the bathtub!!