12-29-15 Tuesday

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Remember way way way back in March, when we were seeing this sweet face on a daily basis?

If you don’t remember that face, perhaps you’ll remember this belly?

That, of course, was Lucille Ball, who we never called anything but Lucy. She was hugely pregnant when I got her, and then we waited… and waited… and waited. And finally, she had a litter of seven kittens, the Fools. Now do you remember? Of course you do!

Pam posted this picture on Facebook:

Isn’t that the cutest thing? Pam said: This is in the midst of all the noise and hubbub of 4 grandkids and 8 adults. She didn’t want to miss anything, but just got tired of all the talking. πŸ™‚

Here she is, a little closer:

I always love it when my fosters go to great homes, and I get to see them so happy. I love it just a little bit extra when it’s the mama kitties, because they’ve usually gone through so much, and they’ve all been such wonderful mothers that I’m glad to see them so happy in “retirement.”

(Thanks for letting me steal the pictures, Pam – and for taking wonderful care of that girl!)


Pretty Pink in one of her rare calm-but-still-awake moments. That girl is usually either racing around like crazy or sound asleep.

Adele, in the cat bed closest to my computer. She takes her snoopervisory role very seriously.

That ear floof just kills me.

Pink likes to hang out on Fred’s desk – only when Maxi isn’t inside to occupy that bed, of course.

I adore this spotted belly.

Regarding Adele (Floomp) in her snoopervisory role, I’ve noticed over the past couple of days that when two other cats (almost always Stefan and Archie) start growling at each other, Floomp is ON THE SCENE. She usually stands there looking very ready to wade into the fray and kick some butt. Yesterday morning, Stefan had Kara trapped in the front room by the fireplace (Kara has always liked going up into the chimney – we never use that fireplace – and hanging out on the ledge above the opening for some quiet time (yesterday, it rained again and all the cats stayed inside, and it’s a sheer delight when that happens, because they get pretty cranky)) and I was on the other end of the house when I heard a warning scream. I went to see what was going on, and Floomp ran down the hall ahead of me, and then she stood there and fixed Stefan with a Hard Look until I shooed him away from Kara. Kara ran to the back end of the house, and Stefan saw her running so thought they were playing, and he chased her. Floomp followed them both, and by the time I made it to the laundry room, Floomp was handing out Hard Looks to everyone present, so I put Stefan outside, soothed Kara, petted Newt (who’d been sleeping on the washer) and suggested to Floomp that she mind her own beeswax.

I don’t think she ever will, though. That type never does. I guess I need to write in her description that she’d be good in the role of sheriff or possibly even a highly-ranked deputy. We had a workman in the house yesterday – we’re having a joist support installed to level the floor of this crooked house – and he’d knock on the floor and she’d get all up in his face to see what he was doing. Nosy girl.


Fightin’ Stefani and Blake. (That bear cave in the background cracks me UP.)

Stefani in the sun.

I bought several of these beds from Coupaw (more about those beds in a moment), and took one into the foster room. I put it down, and Shelton came stomping over to check it out.

Then I turned it over, and he did some kneading.

Then he licked it a little while giving me this “What’re YOU lookin’ at?” face.

I bought those beds because they’re very much like the kitty blankies I got from Snoozzy several years ago, which Snoozzy (of course) doesn’t make any more. They’re a very soft microfiber-type material on one side, and fleece on the other. My only gripe is that I wish these beds were smaller – the size of the small Snoozzy ones – so I could use them as cat bed liners. Other than that, I recommend them, though be aware that I haven’t had to wash them very often, so I don’t know how they hold up in the wash. The Snoozzy blankies have held up very well over the past six years.

Slightly skeptical Shelton.


I piled some Christmas gifts the cats received onto the dining room table, because that’s how I roll, I pile them on the table and eventually put them in the toy basket. The other night I was sitting at my computer when I heard the distinctive sound of a cat licking fabric (which is a different sound than a cat licking other things, IF YOU GET MY DRIFT), and I followed the sound to find Jake atop the pile of toys, licking a catnip pillow and looking very very hiiiiiigh.

That boy sure does like his catnip.


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12-29-15 Tuesday — 23 Comments

  1. I love the furry adventures. My babies have been stuck inside due to rain and there has been a few hairy moments. Such beautiful babies!

  2. Hi friends!
    Have a delicious and healthy 2016!
    Happy New Year!!!!!!
    Kisses and Hugs from Bavarescats, Mom Marilia and sister Rafaela

  3. Things that cracked me up in this post:

    – Deputy Floomp & the Hard Look
    – how Robyn tells a story
    – Lucy, passed out atop a pile of prezzies (oh, how I’ve missed that pretty girl!)
    – Pink’s fat little face (*squoooosh*)
    – that bear cave (must buy! link, please?)
    – Jakey, tired of waiting for you to do your job so he gets his toy himself HMPH

    • I completely spaced on the link for that bear cave! I got mine on Coupaw, but they’re not offering the deal anymore (it was on clearance). I found it on Amazon, but it’s only available through third-party sellers, unfortunately. If it comes back available at Coupaw (or elsewhere), I’ll be sure to share the link!

      Regarding Jake: a Loon’s gotta do what a Loon’s gotta do. πŸ™‚

  4. Aww Lucy, you sweet girl! That’s when I first saw love and hisses on facebook and became addicted! In this crazy world, you have the best, most fun website ever!!

  5. awww Lucy!! congrats on such a great home (and thanks for the update)

    Adele is going to make a great sheriff one day! And don’t you just want to smoosh Pink’s face???

    • I really really do! πŸ™‚ And she’s such a sweet girl, she’d just sit there and purr as the marshmallow fluff oozed out of her ears!

  6. If I could have another cat (my Zola is very much an only cat kind of cat) I would be on my way to Alabama to get Adele. She’s gorgeous! And I could use a sheriff’s deputy to keep me in line.

  7. Oh my gosh, how wonderful to see beautiful Lucy again!!! Thanks Pam! And the photos say it all…. such a wonderful life she has!! And of course lots of people won’t stress her, she had 8 crazy fool babies after all!! lol
    Adele’s snooping so sounds JUST like Orlando – if other cats are making a noise, he makes a bee line to find out what’s up. Adele and Pink are SO gorgeous!!

  8. My mom lost her orange tabby on Christmas Eve. He was hit by a car and killed πŸ™ His name was Simon and he was a stray that showed up, “adopted” my mom, and stuck around. We miss him so much. I enjoy looking at all of your pictures of your cats and kittens!

  9. Obviously Lucy is living the good life but I suspect that she was upset when she realized that that mountain of presents weren’t all for her.
    Tough life there mama!

  10. Oh, I love Pink’s round face!

    Floomp trying to bully the bullies is hilarious. And she’s probably what? Half their size? She’s like the kid who always had to be the best at everything and was the first to run to the teacher when someone was being a bully or wouldn’t pay her any attention. Only without the fabulous ear floof.

  11. Ollie was like that.. what Floomp did. Although he wasn’t above giving the paw o doom to anyone who didn’t take his hard looks seriously enough.