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Today would ordinarily be Crooked Acres Thursday, but I have been lax in the taking of Crooked Acres pictures (though you can always go to yesterday’s post to see George and Gracie pics), so that’ll have to wait ’til next week when things get back to normal.

Know what I haven’t been lax about? Cat pictures! You’re welcome.

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Firstly, remember Harlan Peppers, who four months ago looked like this:

2011-08-23 (4)

and then he went off to Petsmart with the rest of his siblings (Molly, Sally, Lucy, Everett), and Molly was adopted quickly, then the rest of the litter languished there at Petsmart because adoptions were so slow?

Well, yesterday dear sweet Harlan was adopted! And when his new parents got him home, they let him out of the carrier, and we was terribly, terribly tense, like such:


Nope, he doesn’t look happy at ALL, does he?

This, combined with Buster’s adoption the day before Christmas, makes this a great week. I’m just hoping that the rest of the big Peppers (Everett, Sally, and Lucy) are adopted soon. As you may or may not know, black cats tend to take longer to be adopted because of silly superstitions wherein they’re considered bad luck. Everett, Lucy and Sally are such awesome kitties that they’re the very opposite of bad luck, if you ask me.

At least with adoptions picking up a bit, their chances are looking better. Y’all keep your fingers crossed for them, would you?

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Charlie Peppers finds himself in a pickle.

2011-12-29 (1)
Charlie, atop the kitchen cabinets, realizes that somehow, he’s gotten turned around. If he wants to get down from the cabinets, he’s not going to be able to go that way, because the fearsome Stinkerbelle is in his way, and she doesn’t put up with, well, ANYONE invading her bubble.

2011-12-29 (2)
Well, THAT’s too far to jump, Chuckles. Can’t go down that way!

2011-12-29 (3)
He’s not comfortable jumping down onto the fridge, it seems a bit far for him still.

2011-12-29 (4)
Taking a break to ponder his next move…

2011-12-29 (5)
Stinkerbelle glares.

2011-12-29 (6)
He scoots past Alice, who’s not inclined to put up with anything, either, but she’s less shrieky about it than Stinkerbelle is, thus less scary.

2011-12-29 (7)
Hmm… nope, still too far!

2011-12-29 (8)
Along the walkway.

2011-12-29 (9)
Preparing to jump.

2011-12-29 (10)
And again.

2011-12-29 (11)
And he’s safe!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Charlie and Patty Peppers fight it out.

2011-12-29 (12)
Poor Charlie. Patty’s always jumping on him and kicking his butt.

2011-12-29 (13)

2011-12-29 (14)

2011-12-29 (15)
And then it’s nap time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-12-29 (16)
Tig and the pouty face.

2011-12-29 (17)
Sleepy Tig.

2011-12-29 (18)
“What doin’, lady?”

2011-12-29 (19)
Don’t be fooled by this picture. Opie’s the biggest Son, at just under 3 pounds.

2011-12-29 (20)
Clay wants a snuggle.

2011-12-29 (21)
Front to back, Opie, Clay, Tig.

2011-12-29 (22)
Jax wants in on the snuggling action.

2011-12-29 (23)
Another closeup of Tig. Something about his big round eyes and serious little face makes me want to kiss him a million times.

2011-12-29 (24)
Clay checks to see if I have food for him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Why is this bed so LUMPY?”
(starring Elwood with special appearance by Tom Cullen.)

2011-12-29 (27)

2011-12-29 (26)

2011-12-29 (25)


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12-29-11 — 17 Comments

  1. Tom Cullen and Elwood somehow sent “Boy, you’re gonna carry that weight, carry that weight, a long time” straight to my brain. Can’t think why. Great to watch Charlie engage in a spot of deductive reasoning. Congratulations, sweet Harlan — adopters are showing signs of sanity and taste this week. May your siblings find their way to great homes soon. Oh, the Sons have reached the apex of cute!!!!

    • I don’t know why so many Americans think black cats unlucky… Maybe we should start exporting adorable black cats and kittens to the UK so they can have homes!

  2. I have never understood that thing with black kitties. Who doesn’t want a miniature black panther strolling around their home??? They’re gorgeous!!

  3. Black cats are smart, loving and wonderful!! So hopefully some smart people will find the remaining big Peppers and take them home!

  4. It is so sad to think that black cats don’t get adopted as quickly. My Forrest is the sweetest, most loving cat I have met! I would trade him for anything, and we certainly didn’t think twice about adopting him!

  5. I have to agree with all the comments so far – every single black cat I’ve owned (and granted that’s only 3 so far in this lifetime) have been wonderful sweet cats. And currently, there’s a black cat for adoption at the PetSmart in Fayetteville, Georgia who is quite possibly the sweetest cat I’ve EVER met. She gives you hugs and head bumps as soon as you open the cage to pet her. Her name is Julie and she is honest-to-God the sweetest cat ever. She hasn’t succumbed to the “cage rage” syndrome yet, and she starts purring as soon as you come near her crate. I do NOT understand why no one has adopted her yet!! People need to get over the superstition!

    For the record though, it’s not just black cats that have trouble getting adopted. Even though they are associated with being witches familiars and bad luck in the psyche of most – even black dogs have difficulty. Any solid black or mostly black animals have problems being adopted.

    • People think black dogs are mean. Out of all the lables there are…I think “stupid people” is really the one most fitting! *sigh*

  6. Did you die laughing when you found Elwood laying on Tom Cullen that way? That story could also be named “Why My Blanket so Heavy?” No judgement on Elwood’s size as I have a couple of 15 pounders myself, lol.

    • I have a 15 pounder too, and there is a certain “ooomph” factor when he plops down on my chest that’s hard to ignore. I admire Tommy’s ability to go back to sleep. He must get lots of practice.

  7. Poor Charlie. He survived running the Stinkerbelle and Alice gauntlet, only to be attacked by his own sister.

    I do not get these superstitions. My black lab was the most amazing, gentle, fabulously loyal dog on the planet. We lost him to cancer last year at the age of 15 and I am still heartbroken. Nothing unlucky about him until the end (and that had nothing to do with the color of his coat). When we adopted again this fall, my eyes were completely drawn to the faces of the darker colored labs. We brought home a 6 year old physically-imperfect (yet perfect for us) chocolate lab from the urgent list who had no business being there. Still working on my husband to become an “official” foster for humane society cats. Kittens would be fabulous fun, but I’m thinking senior citizens need me more (we lost an 18 year old cat last year, too).

    Still, I am seriously tempted to make the drive down south for the Peppers gang (versions 1 and 2). My husband surely won’t have a problem with 5 kittens, 1 permanent resident, and a foster who is with us until August… right?

  8. I love your posts, I really enjoy coming here.
    About Charlie, cats always get their way right? I love it!
    A delicious and wonderful year 2012 to you.
    Auntie Marilia

  9. YAY HARLAN!!!!!

    ah clay and the sideways head — SO CUTE!

    Oh charlie what a pickle you were in indeed!

    LOL elwood, what a way to nap

  10. Having recently adopted a black kitten, I can assure you the only “bad luck” is discovering just how many kitten-sized nooks and crannies your house has.

    Oh, and numb legs/butt from not wanting to get up when she dozes in your lap.

    (lots of mischief, but incredibly sweet!)