12-28-15 Monday

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Wait ’til you see THESE gorgeous faces!

Back in 2014, we had The Grocers. Three of those Grocers were sisters Winn Dixie and Von, and their brother Trader Joe. Here are the three of them in November of 2014:

Left to right: Trader Joe, Winn Dixie, and Von.

And the three with their brother Ralph:

Left to right: Winn Dixie, Von, Trader Joe and Ralph.

Well, Winn Dixie and Von were adopted together and went to Indiana, and Trader Joe (who is now Sherman) went allll the way to Wisconsin. And Saturday night, Cathy posted pictures of the girls, and Lilly posted a picture of Sherman!


Winn Dixie.

And Sherman!

Didn’t they grow up to be GORGEOUSLY floofy? Thanks for the pictures, Cathy and Lilly!


This year, during the Black Friday sales, I sat at home and did most of my Christmas shopping online. One of the things I was considering doing was having the pictures from all the holiday cards I’ve sent out over the years printed onto small canvases so I could hang them over the fireplace or in the hallway each year as decorations.

Conveniently, an email from Groupon hit my inbox containing a pretty good deal from Collage. I uploaded the pictures, liked what I saw, and bought a 16×20 canvas. It arrived quickly, and I hung it by the front door.

The only thing I’d do differently, if given another chance, would be to make two collage canvases instead of one – and also, I would have rearranged the pictures differently so that the two gray cats (Mister Boogers and Jake) weren’t right next to each other. And I kind of wish the canvas was red or green – but I don’t think that was an option, and I do think that I could just buy a bottle of paint and carefully paint the canvas myself. Or, more likely, I could talk about doing that and then not.


We got a TON of rain on Christmas Day. They were closing roads all around us, but we stayed dry and warm, and George and the chickens* stayed dry in the chicken coop. The ducks LOVED all the water, and paddled around in every puddle they saw. It finally stopped raining and the water is slowly disappearing… but it’s supposed to rain again today, hurrahhhhh.

I hope very much that those of you in the Dallas area are all safe and unharmed. Please report in!

It’s been in the mid-70s here for several days, and I never thought I’d say this: I AM READY FOR WINTER, MOTHER NATURE.

* George and the Chickens would be a good name for a Blues band.


A closeup of Pink and her whiskers.

Adele was sharpening her claws on this scratcher, and then was distracted by something Alice was doing on top of the cabinets.

Pink has a teeny tiny crush on Dennis, I think.

Pink, looking for Adele, who was under the couch smacking at her. Silly girls!

Pink and Adele continue to do well. They spend their days playing and sleeping in the beds on my desk, and at night Pink sleeps flopped across my shoulder and Adele starts out the night curled up against my legs, then eventually moves to the window bed. Yesterday morning, she learned that if she jumps up onto my dresser, I’ll awaken from a dead sleep and hop out of bed to stop her, since that’s where I have spider plant babies in a cup. She did it three times before I got up and gave the cats their morning snack. Soooo… now she knows a surefire way to get me out of bed, doesn’t she? I guess it’s time to move that cup!


“HEY you GUYS! I’m on the scratcher, and you are not, ha ha!” (Stefani)

Levine gets CHOMPy with Shelton.

“Watchin’ you, lady.”

Shelton on the scratcher.

Monkey-walkin’ Stefani.

Stefani says “Hi, innernets! Hi hi!”

They just absolutely refuse to line up nicely for me.


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12-28-15 Monday — 45 Comments

  1. Does anyone else think that Alice and Adele look like real sisters?

    Their fur colour are almost the same – I think there might be another permanenet resident soon…

    πŸ˜€ hehe

  2. Texas, my Texas, you do the weather waltz quite well. Saturday morning : Just east of Dallas, it was 75Β° and a blizzardly 25Β° in Amarillo. Then it got wild. Dallas took the main hit on Saturday with Garland, Rowlett, Wylie and Blue Ridge being the losers of the draw. That destruction was immense – over 400 homes damaged, many just gone. Death toll is 8 and search &prescient are still looking. Add the nonstop rain, and even partially damaged homes are taking on water faster than the Titanic. Streets underwater, closed roads. East Texas got in on the act with Canton (home of First Monday Trade Days), Emory, Alba sustaining wind damage and small twisters.

    And then the cold front came through Sunday – closed the interstate from NM into Texas for many miles, more tornados and flooding in the Dallas area. A badly timed twister went through Lindale, Mineola, Hainesville and Hoard at noon on Sunday, just as churches were letting out. Most rivers are over flood stage by a long shot, most creeks are now rivers and the pastures have become the holding ponds.

    Welcome to Texas-if you don’t like the weather, wait a bit.

    • ((hugs)) to you and those affected. I hope things clear up quickly, but alas it is coming my way (PA) so maybe I don’t want that!

    • I sure hope it calms down a bit — Sunday, I’m flying to Amarillo via Dallas, followed by a two hour drive into the sticks. Usually I miss the crazy weather when I make the twice-yearly trip, but it looks like I’d better be prepared to wait somewhere along the way (like the airport.)

      If only you guys could ship some of that rain to SoCal!

  3. I’m in Denton County, just north of DFW, and we escaped the Texas Christmas Weatherocalypse. It just rained a lot. Thanks!

  4. Things are definitely bigger in Texas, that’s for sure… but my home state of Missouri is dancing her shoes off in the now 3-day rain! Major highways closed and flooding in places never flooded (we do flood often!). In fact, I lost my Sassy (my car of 13 years – yes CAR, not cat – no panic) Saturday night to the flood waters.. Multiple water rescues of the human kind going on and more rain today – UGH! So, I can think of no better way to start this day than with these beautiful kittens and former fosters! Dang, those grocers grew up right – beautiful!!! And oh, Pink! I, too, am crushing on Dennis! The Judges.. so cute, but look like they may be a little um, well… adorable! Yay! More kittens, less rain! (I may regret that come August!) Keep the kittens coming! Prayers for all everywhere affected by this weather!

    • Okay, what I think is that we need a reallllly big tarp to hold over the states that are raining tortentially, and we could divert all that water to California!

      • California can have some of the rain that is here in the UK at the moment too… Floods all over the northwest where I am at the moment… Fine where I actually am though although there have been floods in the general area…

        Also loving the grown up kitty pics too – What lovely kitties they are now – Looks to me like there could be some Norwegian Forest Cat in them…

  5. Things are settling down here in Garland. My son’s house in Rowlett is in the middle of the disaster zone, but miraculously still standing. It was quite the wild evening Saturday. Herding husband, child, dog, and cats into a bathroom in the middle of a tornado, is like well, herding cats. But we made it with no damage! Our community is full of love, and the outpouring of love and assistance has been incredible.

  6. My in-laws and extended family are in Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas. All of them are fighting the water at this point. Everyone is fine so far, but please think dry thoughts for them as it is raining again this morning. It is supposed to turn to snow later today. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing.

  7. Rain, rain, and now sleet in the OK. My boss sent me a text and told me to stay home, but after 4 days of talking to no one but cats, I HAD to come to work. πŸ™‚

  8. I haven’t been here in ages… but my big question is – did something happen to
    Gracie? You said “George and the chickens…” where is Gracie? I hope nothing happened to her! I am a previous Pyr parent and I’ve always loved yours…

  9. Oh those grocers — WOW, the floof! I think I’ve stated this before, but all the kittehs that get their start as your fosters turn out to be WHOPPERS! However, the grocers look like they’ve been super-sized. I thought they would be gorgeous but never as beautiful as they became, especially Von and Winn Dixie. (Thanks to their moms for sharing pix!)

    • I know, right? She manages to race from one end of the house to the other without careening and hitting the walls, though!

  10. Holy Winn Dixie!!! Look at that face…..

    We are in TX, but it rained a lot in TN where mom was for Christmas. Then it stopped right as she was leaving….and followed her home. Plus it got cold here too (please don’t let it snow, please don’t let it snow)

  11. Wow! I’ve seen pictures of Sherman in all his glory, but I don’t remember seeing one of the girls all grown up – STUNNING! They were all gorgeous kittens and just turned into absolutely beautiful cats! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. As always gorgeous pictures!
    We moved to Texas from Florida almost 2 yrs. because I have a special needs son and the schools in Florida are awful for special kids! If you have the patience and strength the schools are fabulous in north TX! Let’s just say I really miss Florida’s weather, we lived outside πŸ™‚ Since leaving, a special needs school has opened close to where we came from…I’m thinking of making the change again. I guess I got spoiled by the sun, sand, and heat!! πŸ™‚

    • My parents lived in Florida before I was born, and I always feel like that was unfair. πŸ™‚ I’ve only really seen the Destin/ Ft. Walton area, but it’s so beautiful!

    • Glad that the schools are better in Tx, Florida’s not known for it’s education or social services.

      I couldn’t wait to leave Florida for some place that had something resembling seasons. The continual summer and grass cutting just wore us down.

      Even now when people try to coax me to go tropical like the Caribbean or Mexico I just think but that’s why I left Florida.

  13. Safe and sound here in Garland! I’m on the more northwest side of town and the tornado passed through the southeast side. Kitties are snug as a bug!

  14. I”m sitting here in Atlanta trying not to turn on the a/c. Glad that everybody made it through the bad weather safely.

    Those Grocers are so gorgeously fluffy. I love seeing former fosters looking so smug and content.

    Adele and Alice are either frenemies or nemesis. I guess it depends on the day. There’s something Dowager Countess/Isabel Crawley about them.

    • hehehe – I’ve been re-watching last season in anticipation of the new / final season here in the states… so I totally get that reference! It’s almost Downton Abbey time, ya’ll!

  15. How did I not notice ’til just now that Stefani looks to have tortie markings on her face rather than being solid black all over? And The Grocers grew up to be so gorgeous!

    Here in Great Falls, Montana, we’ve had snow on the ground for about two weeks–I wouldn’t trade it for the torrential rain other places get, though, that’s for sure.

    • She’s so dark that you have to look closely to see her orange and her few white spots. I can’t always tell, and I see them in person!

      I don’t want rain OR snow, is that a choice? πŸ™‚

  16. Another Dallas area reader checking in safe and sound. We were about 15 miles away so out of harm’s way, but a frightening night nonetheless.

    The Grocers are gorgeous as ever!