12-28-14 – Chewy.com and Wellness Divine Duos

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For this month’s Chewy.com product review, I chose the Wellness Divine Duos cat food. It’s grain-free and in easy-to-open containers, and I’m always keeping an eye out for something the cats will like (wouldn’t want them to get bored, would we?), so I thought it would be a good choice.

Chicken pate with diced duck is the flavor we received.

Every morning, while waiting for his snack, Jake walks back and forth and rubs against all the other cats, against the cabinets, against the boxes. If there’s something to rub against, Jake’s rubbing.

Corbie and Stefan, over there by the sink, are having a discussion wherein they think I’m going to NEVER give them their snack, and they are going to STARRRRVE to death.

I love how Jake is clearly headed over to rub against Joe Bob. I actually can’t believe how well the other cats put up with Jake’s shenanigans.

So, I finally got the containers opened and split among the plates.

Sugarbutt and Tommy started eating right away.

Everyone started out eating the new food with enthusiasm, and I was all “Yes! It’s a hit!”

Even Alice tucked right into her plate of food, and she can be a bit picky.

Sugarbutt always prefers licking the remnants from the containers, to eating the food off a plate.

After starting out with enthusiasm, the cats all stopped eating, about a third of the way through their food.

Alice took one last bite, and then walked away, leaving a lot of food on her plate still.

I would say that in the end, none of the cats were all that crazy about the Wellness Divine Duos. There was a lot left over.

I scraped all the leftovers onto one plate and put it on the side stoop, and none of the outside cats would touch it. And outside cats will eat just about anything; they’re not picky at all. I don’t know what finally ate the plate of food on the side stoop – must have been a possum or raccoon, because it sure wasn’t the cats.

So, no – the Wellness Divine Duos were not a hit at all, so I won’t be offering it to them again. But, you know – that’s okay. They can’t all be hits, right?

Thanks to Chewy for giving us the chance to try it out! In case it wasn’t clear, the Wellness Divine Duos was provided to us free of charge; the words and opinions are mine.


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12-28-14 – Chewy.com and Wellness Divine Duos — 12 Comments

  1. My cats felt exactly the same way about this product. I think it might be the slightly gelatinous (rubbery) texture of the loaf portion that made them turn up their noses. The gravy portion was a hit (though neither of my cats like to eat chunks so they left those too).

    • They make SUCH a mess when they eat that having to pick all the pieces of food up off the floor was driving me nuts. The placemats catch most of it, which saves my sanity. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My cats won’t eat ANY Wellness product. I have no idea why, but I stopped wasting my money on it and just donated everything I bought to a shelter. I have no idea if THOSE kitties ate it but I haven’t met a cat yet (in my circle of family & friends) who doesn’t turn their nose up at it.

      • My cats love Wellness grain-free turkey. That said, cat-food companies should clearly employ the Perms and the outside crew as taste-testers! And I’m still chortling about your Boxing Day post.

  3. I don’t know about Wellness products, my cats just won’t touch anything that has duck in it. Or buffalo, or venison. They want meat from a factory farm.

  4. don’t the cats then stalked you afterwards because they got short-changed for their snacks? hahaha