12-27-14 – Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook Roundup!

All 7 kittens, eating their snacks, with no drama. And it’s only been 5 days since Pat, Lita & Stevie were introduced! Lita and TC may have even been spotted playing together.

Molly gets her flirt on.

YouTube link.
In case someone out there wondered what JethroTull ‘s voice sounds like 🙂

Pat Benatar still isn’t sure whether she trusts me.

Lap full of girlies, and no hissy growly drama. Left to right: Lizzy Lita Ford Stevie Nicks

YouTube link.
Jethro Tull refusing to talk. He certainly sounds happy, though!
(By the way, that lean to the side at the end cracks me UP.)

YouTube link.
Lap full of purring kittens.

“Trying to clean the important bits here, lady. Don’t need an audience, thanks.”

Never ever did I think I’d see the day when Molly Hatchet and Lizzy would be snuggled up together!!!

There was a little tortie who lived in a shoe…

Lap full o’ monkeys.

Lizzy handles being held on her back quite well. Judging by how hard she was purring, I’d go so far as to say she likes it.
(Yes, she was licking the front of my sweatshirt.)

Someone doesn’t want to roll his lazy butt out of bed.

I’m not sure that bowl is meant to contain quite that much smug.

Attempting a selfie with Dennis before we head out for the evening. (I know it’s not really a selfie – Fred took the picture. I was laughing not only because of Dennis’s look of adoration, but also because Fred took two pictures and said “Oh, that’s a good one!” and I said “Are you looking at ME at all?!” Turned out he wasn’t, he was too busy making sure Dennis looked good. I can’t complain, I’d have been doing the exact same thing!)

Bandit still doesn’t approve of the fact that I smell like cats who are not him.
(Bandit is Fred’s mother and stepfather’s cat, and he’s quite the character!)

Love this Christmas tree. I look forward to seeing it every year.
(The Christmas tree at Fred’s father and stepmother’s house.)

“Whatchoo mean I was supposed to pull the sleigh last night? I thought that was tonight!”

After delivering all those gifts, Santa Stefan needs a nap.

Archie would like his Christmas vittles now, please.
(Archie handled having that hat on his head quite well. He and Stefan are cut from the same cloth, it seems.)

Pleased with himself after thwarting my efforts to put a real hat on him. I had to resort to #PicMonkey to hat him. #JethroTull #fosterkittens #FailingToBeFeral #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #ChristmasKitties

Now for a heaping helping of Christmas smug.

Good morning, sunshine.

I think someone has replaced #MollyHatchet with an identical twin. Every time I go into the room, she follows me around, purring and purring. She climbed into my lap several times this morning, and let me kiss her. Who IS this kitten?!

Pat Benatar would like #JethroTull to stop bogarting the box, yo.

Smugly snoozing.

Here’s an extra picture:

That’s the carrier that Pat Benatar was hanging out in, in the closet. I was slowly moving it toward the door of the closet, a foot or so every day. It finally made it to the door of the closet, and I looked to see Pat out in the foster room, and Jethro in the carrier looking like he was thinking “Let’s get this show on the road, lady!”


Teresa shared this card on Facebook. Look at that sweet, happy Orlando and his sweet BFF sister Pickles and the adorable Missie and Rosie!

And here’s Sherman (formerly Trader Joe), shared by Lilly. Shockingly, he’s kind of adorable still!


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12-27-14 – Weekly Roundup — 5 Comments

  1. Oh Dennis, what a face!

    You know you’re a true cat person when you can pick up a fuzzy kitty while wearing black and not give a second thought to the cat hair left behind.

  2. You look terrific Robyn! I hope you have a great evening out. Dennis looks like he is well and truly in love.

  3. Unbelievably cute all around. I think there’s something in the air at Crooked Acres that turns cats and kittens into love monkeys.

  4. Molly getting her flirt on is adorable, but so is Dennis and the eyes of lurve. Oh heck, who am I kidding? They’re ALL adorable!