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So, originally Fred thought he’d be working this week – even though his company gives everyone the week off – because he thought he’d use the holiday time next year to give himself a few three-day weekends in the stretch between New Year’s Day and Memorial Day.

As it turns out, the head of the company decided he couldn’t do it, so he’s going to be home with me. Which, I know, WAHHHH, he has to take the whole week off! Doesn’t he have the most difficult life? Don’t cry for him, Argentina – he’ll muddle through somehow.

Since he has the week off, I’m going to take the week off from posting, and keep him company. By Friday, our butts will no doubt have fused to the couch.

I’ll be back bright and early Monday with lots of pictures. ‘Til then, here are some movies (nothing fancy, just stuff that I’ve had sitting on my hard drive) to check out.

YouTube link.
Hutch (now Percy), kneading and sucking on his blanket. It’s both unbearably sweet and a little bit heartbreaking when kittens do this.

YouTube link
Starsky and Hutch (now Jack and Percy) were very loud eaters, as you can witness for yourself.

YouTube link
I found an old digital video camera in the closet, and wanted to see if it still works. It does – but I’m thinking the lens needs a good cleaning.

YouTube link
On that same video camera, I found this movie of Stinkerbelle from some time ago. At least a year old, maybe two – we don’t have that chair anymore.

YouTube link
From back in August, some footage of Buster (aka “Bolitar”) being snappish toward the fosters, which made me throw him out of the room. As you can see from his drama queen protests, he didn’t like being evicted.

YouTube link
He had his sweet moments, though. You can’t hear it, but he was purring up a storm. (Please ignore my sickening baby talk, if you would.)

Now, if you’ll pardon me I’m going to go snuggle me some kittens. Have a great week!

If you can’t tell what’s going on here, that’s Peter on the bottom of the pile, with one of his back feet next to his face. The look of quiet desperation clearly says “Please. Halp. Me. Cannot. Breathe. GASP.” while Bobby, Greg, and Jan couldn’t be less concerned.


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12-27-10 — 10 Comments

  1. Oh my….what are we going to do without you and kitten updates???? *breath…just breath…*

    Have a great week, Robyn! Hugs to you, Fred and all the kitties!!!

  2. Thanks for the hilarious touching cute fuzzy warm purry videos!! Have a great week and a happy New Year’s Eve celebration!

  3. Have a great week…while we go through Love & HIsses withdrawal! Guess we’ll get through it okay. Thanks for the movies to keep us partly appeased.
    Oh, and the “girls” are doing okay, Lizzy has the run of the house except at night, and Ellie is starting to play with her and there’s a lot less hissing…except for the elder Mabel, but that’s how she keeps Ellie in line anyway.
    Have a happy New Year, see you next year!

  4. Great vids and photos. Have a great week with the hubby and the kitties. Happy New Year’s to all! *hugs*

    Oh and my little Molly used to suckle her blankie like that. Know exactly what you mean by cute and heartbreaking. Speaking of the precious Molly – she just hoped up on the computer table to wish you Happy Holidays (and to eat my yogurt…)

    Have fun!

  5. Awwww what brilliant clips!! Awww they’re all lovely!!! Oh wow!!! Thanks for sharing them here!! Sweet Percy and Jack!!! Lovely Bolitar and Stinkerbelle!!! Yay!!

    I hope you enjoy your week off with the Bradys, the Permanent residents, your lovely farm animals and of course, Fred!Take care

  6. Aww, I like these clips. I have four fosters right now who are about the age of Starsky & Hutch in the second video, and they are also loud eaters–but in a different sense. I feed them out of one (wide) bowl, because I don’t have the time to always be cleaning four bowls, and they all make the territorial “om nom nom” noise while they’re eating. One of them purrs, too!

  7. So lovely to hear and see Buster; when I played it yesterday, my boy cat was very interested in his voice and wanted to come and see where the annoyed cat was, but then the phone rang and I got up and he got distracted. So today, Tuesday lunchtime in the UK, I have him sitting next to me washing, and I thought I’d give him a chance to say hello, but he was so TOTALLY unconcerned; all “yeah, I know, it’s not a live cat, I heard what he said yesterday and I’m too much of a gent to translate it for you…”