12-27-09 – The Cookies.

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All is well here. Violet and Veruca weren’t adopted yesterday, unfortunately, but I imagine it’s a slow time for adoptions. At least they have each other for company, which always makes me feel better. I’ll be going by Petsmart on Wednesday after an appointment, and if they’re still there (maybe they’ll be adopted before then!) I’ll stop and give them snuggles.

It’s funny to say this, but the house seems quieter with them gone. I don’t know how a house with 18 cats currently in residence could ever be considered quiet, but somehow it is. I miss those sweet girls!

We got this wash stand from Fred’s mother a few years ago – it belonged to her mother and probably even her mother’s mother – and I’ve used it to store extra towels. The cats discovered that they could pull the doors open, and that’s all she wrote. Here we have a Cookie and Elwood, snuggled up, sound asleep.

Keebler, asleep on a cat bed in the corner of the kitchen.

Snuggly Cookies.

I got this pop-up cat carrier at Walmart last week. $11! I opened it up as soon as I got it home, of course, and the cats have been playing in it ever since. I actually used it as a carrier yesterday when I took Violet and Veruca to Petsmart (I put a cat bed in it, and it fit perfectly), and it worked really well. So far, I’m giving it two thumbs up!

Keebler’s a clean Cookie.

The basket where I toss my junk mail and magazines, to recycle. It was full last week, so I took it to the recycling center, and when I brought it home, the kittens immediately pulled it down and started hanging out in it. I just left it – I try to choose my battles, and this is one I suspect I wouldn’t win.


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  1. I’m in the market for a new cat carrier-I hope one of the Walmarts here has it! If so I will snap it up-you can’t beat eleven bucks! Cookies are sooo cute.