12-26-09 – Violet and Veruca

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Today, Veruca and Violet have gone to the adoption center, hopefully to be adopted by the end of the day (doesn’t hurt to be optimistic, right?).

They were a little nervous in the carrier on the drive to the store, but they didn’t howl, just sat there and periodically looked up at me for reassurance. When we got into the cat room, I let them out to explore while I got their cage ready, and they did okay. They came over to me for petting, but mostly they were interested in what was going on, they were all “Hey, toys!” when they climbed into their cage, and although I got all teary-eyed when it was time for me to leave, they were mostly “Okay, you may go. We have toys!”

I’m so glad that they have each other for company. I’d love it if they went to the same home together, but I know the chances of that aren’t particularly high. Like I said, though, it doesn’t hurt to be an optimist!

Mike and Gus are going to their new home in about a week and a half. I absolutely refuse to talk about that until it happens, though, because I’m terrified of jinxing it and I very much want it to happen! So let’s just say that they’re here for now and when they’re elsewhere, I’ll give y’all the details, okay?

Before I go on to share with you the rest of the Veruca & Violet pictures I’ve taken recently, let us remember what adorable little monkeys they were when they first came to us three months (!) ago:

Veruca the worrywart. Remember before we named her, how I was calling her “the hissy-spitty calico”? Yeah, that didn’t last long. She sure turned into a love bug!

Violet “the friendly calico.” She not only got even more friendly, she turned out to be pretty fearless. Not a lot scares our girl Violet.

Violet enjoyed “Star Trek” so much she had to get up close and personal with the TV. (I think she’s got a crush on Spock)

Pretty, pretty Violet.

Veruca with her tongue stuck out, teasing one of the Cookies.

Violet and Mike, on the cat tree in the front room. Note that they’re sleeping with their backs to the window because they can’t stand how BADLY those windows need to be washed.

Pretty Veruca and the Look o’ Love.

I love it when they snuggle up to sleep.

Veruca (I think), getting a bath from Mike.

The Wonkas AND a Cookie. I know the Wonka girls had to be sound asleep when that Cookie crawled into the bed, because I’m fairly certain there’s no way they would have put up with THAT if they were awake.

Wonka girls and a Cookie.

Mike and Veruca.


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12-26-09 – Violet and Veruca — 10 Comments

  1. Aww, I’m sad. I’m so used to these little monkeys being part of your family. I think I’m going to be crushed when the cookies leaves.

  2. My cats rarely sleep together, so I especially love your pics of a pile of kitten bodies intertwined with one another in a big pile of fur and snores.

    Whoever takes Gus better provide you with lifelong floof documentation.

  3. Happy (hopefully) gotcha day, Violet and Veruca! I’m jumping on the optimism bandwagon.

    What beautiful babies they are. I’m sure someone will scoop them up super fast.

    So… are you ready for more bottle babies to land in your lap? 😉

  4. Look at how little they were, fit in the palm of your hand! I’m going to miss those little muffins and hope they get adopted (together preferably) very soon.

  5. I love the ‘V Sisters’ and will miss seeing them grow up on your blog. I just know they are going to be adopted super quick (and hopefully together)! You did a great job in raising these beautiful girls!

  6. My heart just broke a little bit to hear that my darling Veruca and lovely Violet are at the adoption center…I have been in love with Veruca from the first day when she was “hissy spitty calico girl”…I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for you to have them gone, but I’m keeping every single finger and toe and eye crossed, hoping, hoping, hoping that they get adopted together…soon…like really really soon…like “trying to figure out how to convince my husband to drive from California to Alabama and adopt them” type of desperately soon!

    Did I ever mention that I love Veruca? *sniff*

  7. oh wow, someone’s getting BOTH mike and gus????? that’s got to be the most AMAZING house ever!!!!! i have to admit, i’m quite jealous!