Christmas day was very quiet – we spent the rest of the day just hanging around the house. Fred and the spud watched a movie, and I did some cleaning (I took down all the Christmas decorations and put them away, for one) and some surfing, and then he and I started pulling stuff out of the computer room so he could paint this morning.

When we pulled my desk away from the wall, OH, the nastiness. I can’t even describe it, so here’s a picture:

We moved in in August of 2001, and this is the first time I’ve cleaned behind that desk since. I went around and vacuumed behind my desk and Fred’s, then dusted the dust bunnies off the wall and ceiling, and finally went around and scrubbed the baseboards. By the time we were done with that it was 7:00 and time to start watching TV.

We watched Million Dollar Baby, and I shouldn’t be surprised at how good it was, but I was.

Today has consisted mostly of Fred painting the computer room while I went to Petsmart, did laundry, ran to the post office, and thought about packing. Tomorrow the spud and I leave for Maine, and we’ll be back on the 5th. I wouldn’t expect any entries before the 6th – I’m not taking the laptop with me – but of course you just never know, do you?

Oh, the finished computer room:

According to the paint chip, it’s American Tradition Valspar, Twilight Blue, 2001-1C.

I like it. I like it a LOT, considering that I wanted a plum color and Fred talked me into blue. I guess I shouldn’t question his color choices, should I?

* * *

Mister Boogers likes to live dangerously.

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