11-30-20 Monday

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It was an action-packed weekend. First, on Friday…

Calamity Jane and Davy Crockett went home!

They join new big brother Oliver Starshine in their new home. Oliver was adopted from Forgotten Felines some time ago, and as a previous adopter Sarah was able to fill out the application and bring them home the same day. They are doing well, and Sarah discovered there’s a reason that Calamity Jane was never much a fan of the pate canned food I gave the kittens – turns out she prefers a different texture. Who knew? Not me!

Earlier in the week, a mother and daughter had come to meet Snowcone and Candy Apple, and they were a love match, so on Saturday I delivered them to their new home.

This picture absolutely kills me DEAD.

They are now Charlie and Cleo, and they join two older kitty friends. They have a Facebook page right here!

Saturday evening, I got the word that…

Alexandra, mama to the Mewsketeers, was adopted and went home! She joined a family with an older kitty companion and two children to love. I knew there’d been an application on her, and was keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that it would be approved. And it was! I am so happy for that girl.

(Yes, now we DO need to find a home for Bunny.)

On Friday, about an hour after Sarah left with Calamity Jane and Davy Crockett, a father and his teenage daughter came to meet the kittens. They were mostly coming to meet Annie Oakley, but in the end they decided that a different kitten would be a good fit. On Sunday, I delivered…

Wild Bill Hickok, who joins orange tabby brother Loki, who is about the same age. Loki didn’t know what to think about this new interloper, but I suspect they’ll be fast friends before very long.

In addition to the above, we are adoption pending on Tater Tot and Funnel Cake (not together), who should go home next weekend.

This leaves us with (can I do this from memory?) Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill, Eclair, Onion Ring, French Fry, Hush Puppy, Fritter, and Pretzel who are still available for adoption. Fingers crossed that their people come along very soon! (If you think that might be you, email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.)


Today’s pics will be the rest of the pictures I have that include the kittens who were adopted and went home this weekend!

Yes, that’s Uncle Charlie in the kitten room, in the ham-mick, getting sniffed by the kittens. More about Uncle Charlie and the kittens in tomorrow’s post.

Wild Bill the snuggler.

Candy Apple was so cute in that basket that I went over to take her picture, and was immediately surrounded by kittens who wanted to know “WHAT DOIN’, LADY?!”

The day after their spay and neuter surgeries, the kittens who needed them had their last vaccinations. That always makes them sleepy for a day, so they spent their day piled up on the heated bed in the crate.

Snowcone with the crazy eyes.

In the sun, on the crown. The perfect place to nap!

Calamity Jane sitting on the air purifier considering her next move.

An outtake from the Snowcone-Candy Apple “adopted!” photoshoot. Little posers!

Davy Crockett and the crazy eyes.

When Sarah was filling out the application, she had help from Tater Tot.

And Davy Crockett came along to snoopervise her spelling.

We had to dump like 4 kittens out of that carrier and then hold it up off the floor to get Calamity Jane and Davy Crockett in.

Wild Bill and Pretzel have a snuggle.

Climbing the shelves, as kittens do.

Terrified of the carrier, as you can see. (I put the carrier in the room, went to put some laundry away, and came back 5 minutes later to 3 kittens snoozing in the carrier.)


Orange was exploring the guest bedroom and Charlie came through to see if there might be any food he needed to investigate. Orange was all “Oooh, who’s THAT?”

Orange and Tan went home to Lexi last night. They did great while they were here, and I enjoyed having them. Lexi has promised updates/pics, so we can see them grow!


Archie has a think.


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