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The look Purslane gives you made me think you could have a whole series called “Not Judging You.” Stompers, of course, then Purslane, the pic of Petey Pickle on the sidebar has that “not judging you” kind of look, Stinkerbelle, Miz Poo…

I’m going to make a point of trying to get a Purslane pic with the full extent of her “I’m not judging you… but I am a little disappointed in you” look!

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I just had to come back to post this link to Doug Savage’s cat cartoons. They’re hilarious! I especially like the cat training ones but all of them are good!

Those are great!

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When do [the Weeds] go to Petsmart?

We’re waiting for room to open up for Purslane and Thistle.

Dandelion had her third FIV test yesterday, and it came back very positive. They sent off her blood for a Western Blot test as backup. The results from the Western Blot should be back the middle of next week, but given that all three of the SNAP tests came back hot positive, I don’t expect to see anything but a confirmation that she’s FIV positive. Assuming that that’s so, Dandelion will stay here with us and her picture and description will go into the book of available kittens at Petsmart and up on Petfinder as well (she’ll be marked as “special needs”). Given that she’s white with blue eyes – and GORGEOUS and sweet and wonderful – I have no doubt she’ll find a home, maybe even before her sisters do.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting her, you can contact the shelter manager (the email address is at the bottom of this page) and get the ball rolling!

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Is it just me or do I see the same “Purslane is not impressed” look made so famous by the US gymnast in this summer’s games??? Okay, it could be just me… but it made me smile and as today is starting… a chuckle was definitely needed!

Ha – I definitely see the resemblance!

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Robyn, that great Dandelion photo needs to be juxtaposed with that similar one of baby Tommy.

Of course!

I still love that picture of wee Tommy so so so very much! (Originally posted in 2005.) I also love that in both pictures, there’s a tortie on the floor supervising.

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Got my Stompies calendar and mug today! Love them!!

I’m so glad you love them! If anyone wants some Stompies gear, check out the store here. (All items are marked up by a couple of dollars, which goes to Challenger’s House at the end of the year.)

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I had to hide Da Bird in the bureau drawer. The cats were getting up on the bookshelf in the middle of the night and dragging it down. πŸ™‚

When the Peppers were here, Everett would climb up onto the bookcase and drag Da Bird out to play with. They certainly love that thing!

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Is that Miz Poo, porking on the Weeds’ food? She doesn’t look very big compared to the kittens.

Portly Poo partakes, porkily. Β Yeah, she’ll go in and check out the food and eat a few bites. It’s the only thing that makes venturing near those bratty girls worth it, in her opinion.

She’s not a very big cat (despite the years that I’ve spent referring to her as “portly”), she’s around nine and a half pounds right now. Except for Kara and Spanky, she’s the smallest permanent resident.

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My cats ignored the kitten noises, but Bill’s name in a past life was apparently Turkey, as every time you said “Turkey” or “Turk-turk” in the video, he headbutted the screen and talked back to you. So weird.

I’ve had him since he was a little older than 8 weeks, and he was Annie in the rescue center until they discovered he was a male calico(-ish) and changed his name to Andy, so I really don’t think he’s ever been called Turkey in his life, but MAN he really was fascinated by that word.

While I typed the above, he meandered out to the front of the house. As a test, I said in a loud but not particularly “calling” voice “I wonder where the turkeys are,” and sure enough in ~five seconds he came flying in yowling at me to see what I wanted. How bizarre!

Anyway, I don’t know how I forgot about your turkey-having days, but while watching that video all I could think was: Scoop-Hands!!

Maybe Bill thought you were offering him a turkey snack!

I sure do love my Scoop Hands still, so very very very much. They’re $15 and totally worth it!

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I’m a little surprised that Magoo is still at the store. Figured Fred would have gone and brought him home by now.
Something tells me if he did that, he probably wouldn’t be in the dog house for very long.

Just sayin’.

Shhhh. Don’t go giving Fred any ideas! I thought for sure that Magoo and Joe Pickle would have been adopted by now. Right now I think the only thing stopping Fred from going to Petsmart and getting Magoo is the knowledge that if he brings Magoo home, poor Joe Pickle would be left there alone. God help us if Joe Pickle gets himself adopted and Magoo doesn’t!

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Last week one of your readers, Russell, posted about two cats he and his wife had met at Petsmart in Alexandria, VA. I was finally able to get there this afternoon. Neither one was there, and no Petsmart employee there at the time could give me any info. I do so hope both were adopted into great homes! Russell, if you are still wondering, maybe you could contact the rescue? Or, if you do know, perhaps you could share? Thanks!

And yes, the cages were full of kittens and young cats, but I lost my heart to a three year old Tortie who had just arrived. Folks had put in one of those plush tent shelters and she was hiding in there. There was a note asking that it stay in her cage as it helped her relax. If only I could adopt another cat, she’d be home with me now!

Russell, any idea? I suspect that they were likely adopted – I certainly hope so, anyway!

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Playful Stripey.

Sweet boy. Mr. Stripey’s right eye is his leaky eye; I think it’s looking better than it did two weeks ago.

Dingus in motion.

Silly boy.

Kohle, waiting for me to sit down so he can be petted.

Kohle has got really gorgeous eyes.

You’re pretty too, Dingus.

Kohle again (he has a much smaller “locket” than Dingwall Scotty does. He was wearing a yellow collar when I brought him home, but he kept managing to take it off, so I left it off because I can tell the two black cats apart. If nothing else, I look for Dingwall Scotty’s one white toe.)

I feel like I’ve somehow greatly disappointed Kohle.

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Princess Dandelion on the doll bed.

Bath time for the princess.

Thistle climbing up the cat tree, while Jake watches.

And after Alice gave her a smack.

Alice double checks to make sure that her point got across.

I feel like this could be a still from a detective drama on TV. Detectives Purslane and Dandelion are on the case and THEY ARE NOT PLEASED.

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Are you ready for the most beautiful boy EVER? You know you are. You have TOTALLY been waiting for this all week.

He really likes that spot on the couch. That also happens to be where I lay when we watch TV at night. Coincidence? I think NOT.


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11-30-12 — 40 Comments

  1. Ok, would someone please explain to me how Dande can be positive for FIV but none of her siblings are? Also, why wasn’t it contageous to the others? I am confused – and distraught (she is my fav).

    I just helped a friend out with abandoned kittens (mother died). They were doing great then within a 24 hr time, one kitten just became lethargic and DIED! Took the others to the vet and got them rechecked out. They were eating great…then withing a 24 hr time another kitten (good eater…strong player) became leghergic and DIED! We were freaking out. Went to a different vet and were informed that they had feline Panleukopenia. The other 3 kittens were EU’d as they were exposed and would succumb the same way the other 2 did. HORRIFICALLY contagious and beyond heartbreaking. These were 5 sweet, GORGEOUS kittens.

      • some kittens are able to fight off the virus, so it is very possible they all were exposed, but only Dandi’s immune system wasn’t strong enough at the time. Maybe she was the runt and got less nutrients as a kitten.

        it is the same thing as all that spinach or all those hamburgers having salmonella on them but only a hand full of people having problems.

        • I’m thinking that it’s also a possibility that there was a deep bite between Dandelion and her mother. One thing is certain, by the time I got them Purslane and Thistle were already converting to negative (their first test came back a very light blue).

        • What Connie said… I had a room full of fosters upstairs and only one with ringworm even though it’s highly contagious. And one with recurrent upper respiratory issues with six other fosters who have nothing. Sometimes it’s just luck of the immunological draw.

          Hugs for sweet Dandi. I’m sure there’s a fantastic forever home in store for her.

  2. Corbie!! You epitomise handsomeness!!!

    It’s so lovely to be back in blogland looking at these gorgeous kitties – gorgeous!! All of them deserving good homes asap! Yay!!

    Take care

  3. As we were all talking about going to Robyn’s for vacation when she posted the Google Map of her place, I thought you’d all be interested in this story:

    For you non-clickers, the university in Canada is setting up a “puppy room” so students can relieve some of their stress and anxiety regarding exams by going to a room and playing with puppies brought by a local organization. I think the kitty lovers should demand equality!

      • I just got back from my Tire shop. The boredom of waiting and the pain of paying were completely eliminated by the fact that there was a shop Lap Cat! I sat down to read a 100yr old Sport illustrated (blah) & a warm furry thing crawled into my lap. Really, every waiting room everywhere should have a lap cat or pup to elevate the boredom. Oh and they found this little guy under the hood of car…that rolled into the shop from 30 miles away. Car owner didn’t even know he was there. Happy Ending!

        • I’m a grad student, and we work (live almost) in a horrendously ugly building. Between that and academia, we’ve all agreed that we desperately need a Department Kitty. That cat would never be allowed to nap, as people would constantly be stealing it for stress-relief. If only….

      • The night of Superstorm Sandy here at the Jersey Shore a local DJ brought his puppy to the station. It was a rough night with people calling in and telling where they were, etc. It was challenging for the D Js offering hope to people trapped in homes that weren’t supposed to flood and weren’t in evacuation areas, etc. The D Js did a great job allowing people to feel a sense of community by our battery powered radios as most people were holed up at home. The next morning as they were signing off they revealed that they were unable to contact their own parents to see if they were OK. Cell towers were down. Being able to take breaks and go play with the puppy really helped them keep going on what they called the roughest night of their careers on air. The guy said he almost didn’t bring the dog and the other said it was just what everyone staying there at the station needed.

  4. I think I’ve stated before that I’ve had FIV cats; years ago, before FIV was very common, I took in a stray kitten. At the time, I had 5 other cats; well, the kitten had FIV, but I didn’t realize it till she was around 3 years old and came down with various ailments. At any rate, of my other five cats, only two were positive. The three without it have all died of normal old-age issues. The 2 FIV are still going strong, at the age of 10 and 14! In fact, I’m thinking the 14 year old, Slinky, just may outlive the 10 year old, Bitty.

    At any rate, what I’ve learned with FIV cats is that they do well if taken care of and not stressed. Any kind of stress seems to bring on some sort of FIV related illness. As for stressful stuff, mine seem to get sick if I’m gone for a few weeks (hence, I rarely take vacations!), or if anything drastic in their environment changes. This is just to say, FIV cats can be long-lived too. ((((Hugs)))) to Dandy-Princess!

  5. Dandelion is really growing into a beauty, isn’t she? Love when the light strikes and and gives her this creamy, golden color.

    Robyn, I told you to be careful about Kohle. He is dangerous with the ladies and will have you wrapped around his paw in no time.

  6. Poor FIV Dandelion! This only makes me want to adopt her more (we used to have a FeL+ kitty so feel no particular hesitation about FIV). But she is so beautiful, I’m sure someone will snap her up!

  7. In the “silly boy” picture, Stripey looks like he is praying “Dear Ceiling Cat, thank you for this string which I am about to chew…” πŸ˜‰

    Hugs to Princess Dande! Bloodwork is no fun! But I’ve heard from so many commenters on here with FIV positive cats to know that she can have a very good, long and healthy life!!

  8. Love the detectives!!! πŸ™‚

    We hope Dandelion finds her forever home quickly – along with the other kittens. Not as many people understand FIV as we think should but it helps to get the word out there that it isn’t as “bad” as some places make it out to be.

  9. Every time I find myself wondering about Alice Mo the calico, she shows up in the blog the very next day! πŸ™‚

    Sad to hear about Dandelion’s FIV, but I’m sure that she’ll be adopted in no time, as she is simply gorgeous!

  10. It doesn’t look like Alice hissed and smacked Thist, more like a light smack to protect her claim on the top shelve. I don’t know why, I thought she was a little more agressive to the fosters? This looks like an almost playful smack.

    And as for Corbie, I’m sorry but MY cat is more gorgeous! And I’m pretty sure my daddy is also stronger than yours! So PPPBBBTTTHHHH!!! :-p


  11. Robyn-back last week I asked about the Weeds sizes and you answered they were in the 4 1/2 lb range. I was wondering because my Oreo seemed about the same age. Well, we just got back from the vet and she is now 5 lbs 4 oz. She doesn’t seem “big” but she is LONG. Just thought you might be interested in knowing πŸ™‚ Oh and she was not feeling the love today. It’s the first time I’ve seen her attitude-she was hissing and growling up a storm.

    • They grow up so fast, don’t they?

      It always amazes me how quickly a sweet, relaxed kitten can turn into a growly, hissy one at the vet! πŸ™‚

  12. I loved the “Dingus in motion” picture. I’m guessing he was getting ready to jump…

    Dandelion is such a cutie! We hope Dandelion finds herself a furever home and she lives many wonderful years πŸ™‚

  13. Hi! Previously commented on the blog regarding getting two cats I rescued from a parking lot, so I’ll give an update: after they adjusted to cages in a week or so, they went home with a forever family, and together! Yay! Bonnie and Clyde (yep, new mom liked my taste in kitten names) are out of the woods.

    Anyway, I’m sad to hear that Dande is FIV positive, but I know that someone will love her and come along soon. I hate to ask, but is she any risk to permanent residents? Would she be isolated from any new kitten litters?

    • Yay, Bonnie and Clyde! πŸ™‚

      Dandelion’s not a risk to the permanent residents – it takes a deep puncture wound to transfer FIV (unlike Feline Leukemia, which is much easier to transmit). Dandelion’s not a fighter, but I do keep an eye on her when she’s out just in case a permanent resident feels the need to chomp on her. So far, there’s been nothing but the occasional hiss or smack. πŸ™‚ New kitten litters are always kept sequestered for two weeks at the very minimum (usually it tends to be more like a month before I’m comfortable letting them out), but once they’re healthy, she’d be allowed around them. Assuming she hasn’t been adopted before then (fingers crossed!)

  14. Oh! And when you post Dande’s ad, use that flying picture — shows them it’s not slowing her down in the slightest!

  15. Oh darn on Dandelion, but as you say she is gorgeous and likely to attract interest even without being able to go to Petsmart. I’m unhappy Petsmart has changed their policy to disallow FIV+ cats from staying in the centers, I think that gives people a wrong impression of the condition. A couple of years ago we had one FIV+ kitty and he was allowed to stay in the adoption center then. It did take a while for him to get adopted — he was hampered both by the FIV+ and by being full grown (he was guessed to be 2 years when we got him), but he found his person eventually. I expect Dandelion will find her home even without Petsmart’s help.

    • Actually, as far as I know, Petsmart doesn’t have a policy disallowing FIV+ cats – that was my idea, to keep her from undue stress (a couple of people have mentioned that stress is what triggers their FIV+ cats to get sick). I know that Forgotten Felines has an FIV+ cat at another Petsmart in Huntsville, so I don’t think Petsmart has an issue with it. πŸ™‚

      • Hmm, that’s interesting. Around here we were told it was new corporate policy, maybe it is just a local thing though. Keeping from stress does make sense. Jasper (our FIV+ one) happened to never come down with anything (that I recall) even though he rotated through the adoption centers quite a bit. Possibly we got lucky there!

  16. Aw, Dandelion should still get a great home, she’s a beauty and a sweetie, who wouldnt want her. I know I do… but Star would not appreciate it. She still hates that Leo’s here!

    Hello Corbie, did you happen to know that you’re a handsome lad? I didn’t think so.

  17. The picture with Kohle & his eyes has to be one of the most beautiful photos ever! I really do love visiting your blog–it is part of my morning ritual. I love the abundance of photos and your captions.

    I just finally watched the turkey video, and I have to concur on the absolute dumbness of turkeys. I work in a small village in Mexico in the summer, and all fowl are allowed to roam freely in most of Mexico. Chickens are fine, though an occasional rooster scares the crap out of me at 6 am. But turkeys are sooo annoying, and I’m actually scared of them. We’ve spotted them tearing apart a large frog (think guts flying up in the air), and if you approach them the males will pouf up and CHASE YOU. Plus in the roads, you cannot get them to move out of the way; they do indeed challenge cars.

    What’s fun is gobbling at them, as they will respond no matter how bad your Turkeyish is. And a friend started mocking the male strutting turkeys with a French accent. So imagine a pouffed up male bragging about how much the ladies love his pouf, with a French accent.

  18. Awww, Dandelion. *cuddles her* But seriously, a blue-eyed, long-haired (isn’t she?) FIV+ lovebug white kitten? Mine! *runs down to Alabama, steals Dandelion, and runs back to Wisconsin again* I would keep her if I only could!