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I think that things with Jan and Bobby are improving. There’s still plenty to clean up in their cage when I go in every few hours, but they’re actually using the litter box now, thank god. Last night at their evening snack time, Jan bellied up and ate a lot. She showed some of her old attitude, running around with a toy, tossing it in the air, picking a fight with Greg. I gave both she and Bobby baths last night, but they only needed their feet and tails cleaned off a little, which was a HUGE improvement.

(These pictures are from last week, still.)

Jan in the Jan Cave, with Marcia approaching.

“Paws up, y’all!”

“I SAY, ‘Paws up, y’all!'”
(Bobby’s all “Come ON, I want my turn!”)

Jan and the mouse. She LOVES that mouse, can you tell?

Jan and Greg.

Jan puts Greg in his place. (Peter, in the background, tries to pretend nothing’s going on.)

Bobby at the water bowl. How many bowls do you think these guys tipped over before I realized they were basically laying across the side of the bowl to drink water? (Way too many, is the answer.) And it’s not because the water level was low or anything – they just like to be comfy when they’re drinking!

Marcia and Greg, conspiring.

“Where shall I make trouble next?”

That Cindy Brady (looking up at me) just cracks me up. She’s the sweetest, most laid-back, loving little girl. (Her head doesn’t usually look quite so round. I believe she was wearing a collar and it was pushing some of her fur upwards to give her that basketball-head look.)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

All the super-comfy cat beds in the house, and these two fight over who gets to sleep on the corrugated cardboard scratch pad. Weirdos.


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11-30-10 — 11 Comments

  1. Cats and water bowls… Everyone has his/her own style of drinking.

    One cat we had scratched the floor at the side of the bowl before starting to drink. A current kitty puts her paw in the bowl to test the level before she drinks — but she positions her head at the -far- end of the bowl to lap up the water. Sillies.

  2. Oh, and a friend of mine had a cat that used to drink from a bowl lying down on its side. No one could figure out why. Eventually, though, someone noticed that it was apparently fascinated by the rings that its tongue created in the water. 😉

  3. Oh, I’m so glad Jan and Bobby are doing better!

    Atticus likes to push the water bowl until it’s in a spot he approves of. Usually, it’s in the middle of entrance to the kitchen, so that I can trip over it. If I’ve succeeded in running through that gauntlet, I then have to maneuver around the puddles of water on the floor.

  4. Ok, first I have to say I am so glad that Jan and Bobby are feeling better. Also I am totally in love with Bobby today (it changes daily). And as for laying in the bowl – until I got Lola a fountain she would ALWAYS – lay in the water bowl to drink – once she was big it was just her head, but she was always in it – she even would just use it as a pillow sometimes. So hearing these kittens like to do that is no surprise to me – I knew there had to be others! Oh, and the fight to sleep on the scratcher – I have yet to figure out what cats like to sleep on – sometimes it is the comfy beds, sure, but sometimes it is just the weirdest things – like that scratcher (it would be even funnier if there was a comfy bed right next to it – I see something that could be comfy in the pic but can’t tell if it is a bed).

    • There IS – there’s a great big comfy bed RIGHT next to the scratcher, but do you think they’re interested? NO. Weirdos. 🙂

  5. phoebe likes to pat her paw in the water, then drink off her paw. or knock over your glass of water and drink it off the table.

    • When our beloved Mister Boogers was still alive, he’d dip his paw in Fred’s tea and then lick the tea off his paw. It took us the longest time to realize he was doing it, since he did it when we weren’t around. I couldn’t figure out WHY there were always drops of tea on the table around Fred’s cup!

    • He didn’t get adopted, but they found a local rescue that’s willing to foster him until they can find a home for him!

  6. Awww “Paws up y’all”!! Awww that’s so so so so cute!! Yay that Jan and Bobby are improving!! Fingers crossed that the Bradys will get better and better!!! I love the water bowl drinking stylie ala Bradys!! Fabulous!!!

    Awww that particular corrugated scratch pad looks comfy! 🙂 Take care

  7. Ooh yay, glad to hear Jan and Bobby are doing better! Fingers crossed for continued improvement. *cuddles all six kits*

    I wondered about that sweet lab, too. I’m so incredibly biased, as I’ve got my own mellow yellow. He’s currently asleep in the living room. 🙂