11-30-09 – The Wonkas & the Cookies.

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I just want to make sure all y’all have seen this one (I’m sure you have). Warning: You will die from the cute.

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Pretty Veruca.

Silly Violet.

Augustus Gloop: The Floofening.

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I’m surprised she’s gaining any weight at all – she doesn’t appear able to get any of it IN her mouth. (I still add pumpkin to their canned kitten food occasionally, mostly because they seem to really enjoy it.)

Snoozin’ babies.

Don’t be fooled by the sweet little face. Blue wasn’t grooming that poor sleeping baby – she was biting him. She wanted to PLAY!

I was wrong yesterday when I reported that Hydro X is his rapper name. It is, in fact, his superhero name. Of course.

Just a boy and his pink feather boa.

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Jake and Elwood, atop the cat tree in the front room. (MAN that thing is looking ratty. I need to figure out how to get that sisal rope to stay up. Super glue? Anyone?)


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11-30-09 – The Wonkas & the Cookies. — 6 Comments

  1. Wood glue will get it to stick for as long as the rope is good. I’ve re-roped a cat tree several times now and only had 3 cats!
    You are wonderful for looking after these little darlings and I love your updates.
    Oh and my code word to sub comment: fibrous furnishings How apt.

  2. Oh that is a cute video! And all the babies are looking just wonderful! I love all of them a ton! And Jake and Elwood are total cuties too – you must go crazy from all the cute. And, since I am behind this may have been mentioned in an earlier post I haven’t read yet, but any news on the TB6 who were waiting on homes?

  3. Oh that surprised kitty video is just hilarious…I can’t stop watching it! Hydro-X looks marvelous with his pink feathered boa…every superhero needs a pink boa! The kittens, Cookies and Wonkas, are adorable as usual, but my Veruca, my beautiful little Sleeping Beauty Veruca just melts my heart a tiny bit more than the rest 😉

  4. The boy human watched that video 3 times and laughed until he cried. He said I wasn’t that cute when I was a kitten so that must be one mega cute video. FAZ

  5. That video is really making the rounds! I had it on the Cute yesterday, and I’ve seen it pop up at least 4 other places since then. Talk about viral. 🙂

    For the record, I’ve now watched it 12 times.

    And for the other record, is there a Guinness Book category for floof?