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For those who asked, Hank the lab who needs a home didn’t find a home – but a rescue agreed to take him and foster him until a home could be found for him. He’ll be in safe and loving hands, and his owner can regain his strength without worrying about Hank. Thanks, all of you who spread the word!

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Hey, remember Starsky and Hutch? Of course you do, it’s only been a week and a half since they went off to their new home! I got an update email from their new mom and… brother, I guess you’d call him – along with pictures! Yay! (Starsky is now Jack, and Hutch is now Percy.)

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how the sweet monkeys are faring in Indiana. After a week at home with them, they have really come alive and out of their shell – – oh wait – – they were always out of their shell and just biding their time to cause mayhem.

They are doing fabulous and we love them to death. Did I mention they follow you everywhere and are into everything???!!! 🙂
And they get in the shower and play. Not sure if this happened/happens at your house but it happens more regularly than the dog goes outside. The 2 older cats (Bird and Newman) have always gotten in the shower and demanded water to be turned on. Maybe Percy and Jack saw them? Percy and Jack now paw and squawk during my shower time. There is no such thing as privacy in the bathroom in our house and this is a whole new level.

Jack – – – still outweighs Percy though he doesn’t look it (a hefty 3.14 pounds)! Jack is definitely the pistol of the 2. He worked me hard this morning when I was getting ready for work. He sat crying under my feet in the bathroom while I put my face on. It was beyond tempting to just stay home. He is trying to either play with the reclusive cat Newman or challenge him — not sure which. Newman is intrigued and does let a little chasing occur.!.! And Jack is still the boldest around Willie dog.

Percy – – fluffy and pudgy looking and still figuring the dog out. He is the best napper (good thing we had some thanksgiving days to lay around with them to nap!). Our 3 legged hefty cat Bird – – he actually likes Percy for his napping abilities. Bird is a great heater and let’s face it – – snuggly! At one point this weekend, Bird, Percy, and Jack and Kiefer were all lined up on the loveseat watching TV. Ok — actually Kiefer was the only being on the loveseat with their eyes open!! It was awesome. Kiefer is hoping to get the 4th cat up with everyone yet!

Insane as everything is, I took the liberty of putting the Christmas tree up yesterday. Yep – – you read that correctly. I was insane enough to put up a tree for the kiddos to tear down/climb on. . It currently has no lights or decorations on it so it is fairing well!! A few sparkling lights will lure the duo in. Oh wait – – it has 4 cinder blocks on its base. Let’s hope they hold the sucker in place!!!

Hope all is well there and take care!
Kiefer, Jen, Newman, Bird, Percy, Willie, and Jack

(Thanks again for the update, Jen and Keifer – we love seeing them so happy and hearing that they’re doing so well!!!)

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I think we’ve turned the corner, at least with Bobby. His poor swollen behind looks about a million times better this morning, and I didn’t even have to give him a bath! Jan’s back end still looks bad, but she actually started with the bad diarrhea and the dripping a day or so after Bobby did, so hopefully she’ll follow suit and heal up in the next day or two.

All the kittens still have diarrhea, but it’s not as watery as it’s been (and they’re MAKING IT TO THE LITTER BOX), so I’m hoping this means they’re all on the mend.

The one kitten I have not had one single solitary problem with? That would be wee little Cindy Brady. No diarrhea for our little miss, no feeling poorly, no dripping, no nothing. She’s had solid poo from the very first day, she’s eaten well every single day, and she couldn’t be happier. She must have a digestive system made of Teflon®.

(More pictures from last week.)

“So I was like “Doug, I don’t CARE if you’re the big man on campus! Something suddenly came up!””

“Marcia Brady! You can’t dump Big Man on Campus Doug Simpson! What will Joe Namath say when he stops by to see how we Bradys are doing? You’ll get a reputation!”

Marcia’s not hearing that.

But she’s brought up short when she spots something groovy. “Oooo! A straw!”

“Straws are the best!”

“I love straws!”

“MY straw!”
Jan says, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. YOUR straw. Of course. ALL straws are for Marcia. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!”


“Hey, what’s that toy Greg has? That looks way better than my straw!”

(You might have missed that particular Very Special episode of The Brady Bunch.)

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Please note that Rhyme is sitting in the back yard, minding his own business, and here comes Tommy.
“Oh, good!” Rhyme thinks. “Tommy’s coming to visit with me! I like Tommy! I should put on a pot of tea!”

But it all goes terribly wrong. Tommy’s in a butt-kicking mood.

And then it all goes terribly wrong – FOR TOMMY. Rhyme, you see, has been working out. If this were a movie, you’d see a montage of Rhyme running up a thousand steps with the Rocky theme playing in the background. You’d see him lifting weights. You’d see him making mincemeat out of a punching bag. Rhyme is rough, tough, and ready to kick some tail of his own.

All Tommy can do is run for his life.


Still running.

Little more running. (This is the part of the movie moviegoers refer to as “That godawful REALLY LONG running sequence. What was the point of that? He was running – WE GET IT!”)

Buster’s all “I’m glad I’m not involved in whatever’s going on over THERE.”

More running. Kara’s all “What the -?”

Sadly, Rhyme didn’t run quite fast enough. Tommy, it seems, has reached the Cement Pad of Safety. There’s no butt-kicking allowed on the cement pad. It’s against the rules!

Rhyme makes one final leap…

And then flops down for a roll in the sun.

Next time, Rhyme. Next time you’ll catch him and show him who’s boss! That’ll probably happen in the sequel.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Elwood loves his Tommy. Tommy… puts up with his Elwood.

“What? I LOVE him!”
I’m amazed the bed can contain that much cat.


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  1. Those poor little babes with diarrhea! My poor boy (the one Buster reminds me of) is at the vet’s right now on a drip and antibiotics; he has had diarrhea for a few days and got very dehydrated. And he is a strapping great, otherwise bursting with vitality, nearly 3 year old. How I WISH I had took him to the vet yesterday! What I’m wondering is, how do these tiny babies manage not to get dehydrated when my huge boy did? Is it because they have wet food? He only has dry food, even though he’s probably not eaten much.

  2. Awww. Glad to hear Bobby’s doing so much better. Hopefully Jan follows suit in a hurry. Yay for Cindy dodging the ick entirely, and yay again about the sweet lab! Rescues are wonderful things. Then again, so are labbies. 🙂

  3. Haha, oh Rhyme. That was a great sequence. Also, Elwood and Tommy look adorable cuddled up. I wish I could reach in there and cuddle them.

  4. Ok first I think we need to start a petition for Jack and Percy’s mom (ooh, or Kiefer) to start a blog – that was just a great update she sent – it would make a great blog post!

    And oh, the pictures today and the stories/captions – just awesome! I am so glad that Bobby is better and hope Jan will be soon. And hm, today I think I am in love with, oh, I think Jan for that face poke! Like I said, every day I love a new Brady!

    And of course I know all those Brady Bunch references. Though I do admit I was waiting for a Marcia “ow my nose” picture!

  5. Oh wow – what a great post!! First it’s so brilliant seeing Jack and Percy looking so happy and settled in their forever home!! I’m so so so so so happy for them!! Yay!!

    Oh the Bradys!! It’s brilliant that they are getting better now – hopefully little Jan will follow suit too. Yay for adorable Cindy!!

    Of course I remember the “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” episode but not the one with the straws! 🙂

    Awww look at Rocky Rhyme!!! Way to go!!! I’m just glad gorgeous Tommy has Elwood to comfort him! Bless!! Thank you for such wonderful pics!! Take care

  6. Hee! I love the Rhyme series, especially the last shot of Rhyme – he looks like such a contented boy there!

    I hope the poor little Bradys are indeed over the worst – I know they’re in good hands with you, Robyn.

  7. I love the ‘Cement Pad of Safety’! In my house, that would be the bed. Cats are funny critters, aren’t they?

    So glad the little ones are doing better.