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The Weeds girls go a-visitin’.

“Hey, hi! Hi! How’s your mama and them? ::sniff::sniff::sniff::”

The boys think Dandelion is FABulous. I was worried that she’d feel threatened by all those boys crowded around her sniffing, but she just sniffed ’em back, purring the entire time. She is such a sweet, laid-back girl.

“Watch the furs, boys, I just took a bath.”

“I wish that lady would clean these mirrors more often, so I can gaze at my gorgeous self without all these spots in the way!”



“Ex-CUSE me! You’re very rude, you know.”

Purslane raised the Paw o’ Doom at one of the orange boys, not realizing that Dingwall Scotty was watching.

And then she caught sight of him out of the corner of her eye, and did an awesome jump-spin move.

Dandelion, trying to get flirty with Mr. Stripey.


“You smack me, I smack you back, Mister.”

Sungold and Purslane get to know each other.

Kohle (front) and Dingwall Scotty keep an eye on the girls.

::HISS:: said Thistle to Mr. Stripey (She’s not the right color, but in this picture she reminds me very much of a possum.)

Then she gave him a Hard Look to back up her hiss (he seemed to be mostly unimpressed.)

Dingwall Scotty was on the cat tree lazily moving his tail, and the shadow on the wall caught Purslane’s attention.

It drove her CRAZY.

Then she joined him on the cat tree to see what he was doing.

“You better back off,” said Dingwall Scotty, showing his Paw. Purslane backed right down and gazed adoringly at him.

All in all, the visit went well. The boys thought the girls were interesting, and vice versa. The girls were ready to leave the room after about 20 minutes, and the boys told them they could come back and play any ol’ time. Awwww.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On Saturday, Dandelion met her new mother.


When I said, last week, that maybe Dandelion would be adopted before her sisters, I didn’t think it would actually HAPPEN. But as it turned out, someone talked to the adoption counselors at Petsmart Friday night and then looked at pictures of her, and wanted to meet her. Kathie called me Friday night to see if I’d be willing to take Dandelion for a meet and greet at the woman’s apartment, and so Saturday morning off we went.

I really liked the woman – I’m going to call her “A” – who was interested in Dandelion and Dandelion did fabulously well. I was more than a little worried about the meeting, because A has a little dog named Duke. He’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (I think I’ve got the breed right), and like all little dogs, he is energetic and bouncy and excited. (He might possibly be part Tasmanian Devil.)

I was concerned that Dandelion would freak out and hiss and run under the couch, never to be seen again. So A put Duke in the bedroom with the door closed so Dandelion could come out and look around. She did, and she was a little nervous about the noises coming from the bedroom, but she was more curious than anything. When the time came for a face-to-face meeting between Duke and Dandelion (with A holding Duke), I was very impressed that Dandelion stood her ground. She growled and hissed and smacked at Duke, but she didn’t freak out. She just showed him that she wasn’t kidding, and Duke was good about respecting her and backing down and not really invading her space.

I have a good feeling about A and the home situation for Dandelion; there’s no doubt in my mind that she’ll be well cared for and pampered.

Also, Purslane and Thistle are going to Petsmart tomorrow, since there’s an open cage for them.

It’s going to be amazingly quiet around here without those girls!

I’ve got a zillion pictures of all of them, so you’ll be seeing pictures of them for the rest of the week.

I’m planning to move the ‘Maters and Kohle  to the guest bedroom for a few days so that I can get the door  and the trim in the foster room painted. The trim and the door look absolutely awful, and I can’t stand it any more, so I’ll be a painting fool on Wednesday (and possibly Thursday, as well – I imagine that the door’s going to take a few days since I need to strip it first.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Miz Poo, on the platform in the front room. This picture cracks me up so very much – she looks like such a little old lady!


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12-3-12 — 47 Comments

  1. Yes, about that jump-spin move? Have you noticed all her fours are actually in the AIR?

    I can never really tell you how much I love your pictures. Or your fosters. Or how bright and shiny you make each and every day of my week.

    • Amen to the assessment of the blog and Purslane’s moves! I’m also very happy about the white floofy one! And Miz Poo’s photo and all the photos… and all the captions! So thanks from me too!


  2. Yay for Dandelion! She is so pretty I knew she would get adopted quickly. Fingers crossed for Purslane and Thistle now – but they are beauties in their own right, so hopefully someone wonderful with choose them.

  3. Oh I’m so happy for Dandelion!

    I had what must be my millionth Crooked Acres dream last night. In my dream you were keeping kittens in a laundry basket. You had a whole pile of them, and some were really unusual looking. One was steel gray all over, including his eyes – it was kind of freaky.
    Another was peacock blue and gold, and looked really shiny like silk, only I didn’t get to touch him because every time I tried, the other kittens in the laundry basket climbed on top of him. Too weird.

    • Ever looked at dreammoods.com? It’s a site where you can search elements of your dreams and interpret them as your subconscious mind talking. I was skeptical at first, but I read a few and they were all bang on.

  4. I am so happy for Dandelion!! I adore her so! Please ask “A” to send pics and a lovely pic of Dande and Dukes together (when able). “A” really needs to know that Dande has many adoring fans.

  5. Brilliant news for Miss Dandelion!!! Hope she and Duke get to be bestest pals soon! Take care

  6. Yay, that’s wonderful news for Dandelion! Like you said, a floofy white cat with blue eyes will be placed very quickly, FIV+ or not. Hope the others are placed as quickly.

  7. Aww yay Cavaliers are beautiful dogs it only befits dandy to be paired with such a cute breed. They will make quite the elegant duo!

  8. Great news about Dandelion! As for the dog, what I’ve found with my dogs/cats is if the cat stands their ground, smacks at the dog, and doesn’t run, the dog will back off. If the cat freaks and starts running, my dogs will give pursuit. One of my cats, a peki-persian, had been raised with dogs and she would always stand her ground, hiss and smack…the dogs would get a fearful look on their face, back off. But that is just MY dogs, and they are little.

    Thanks to the person who left a link to the dream interpretation.

    And totally agree with the others about your wonderful website. I look at it first thing every morning (right before the depressing news sites!)

  9. 1st Picture has a spelling error in the caption. 🙂 It’s supposed to be a hyphenated one word: “mom-n-em” 🙂

    WooHoo for Dandy Doodle!!! I’m so very happy for her!

    And I concur with all the others about how wonderful your site is – it’s actually my last stop in the morning blog run – something along the lines of “save the best for last”. Thank you Robyn for continuing to share a part of your world with us!

    • Well, you know, I’m not a born-and-bred Southern girl, so I can be forgiven for not knowing the correct spelling! 😀

      • I do tend to forget that – you fit in so perfectly with your farm and chickens and the back 40!

  10. Sungold and Purslane should be adopted together. They really compliment each other’s coloring! 🙂

  11. Oh, we had an mega-adoption event last Fri-Sun. I know as of mid-day Saturday we had 700 dogs & cats adopted.
    At a similar adoption event last July, 946 dogs and cats were adopted. If the 1,000 pets expected to be adopted were before the event concluded, more animals were going to be brought in. We partnered with more rescue groups than ever before. I don’t know the total number yet (can’t check till I get home) but I know it will only be good news. My two rescue babies were adopted and will be living the life of Riley!!! 🙂

  12. Yay Princess Dande! I have a friend with Cav King Charles spaniels and they get along wonderfully with their cats, so hopefully Dande and her new brother Duke will become good friends! When will she leave for her new home?

    • Dandelion’s going tomorrow evening as well – they’re all going to Petsmart; Dandie will go home with A (after A fills out all the adoption paperwork) and Thistle and Purslane will go into a cage together so that all who pass by might admire them. 🙂

  13. I love the first pic of Dingus and Purslane on the cat tree! The framing of the picture, the open windows, the wintry trees, and the 2 inquisitive little kittehs!

  14. I know it’s perfectly normal, but can someone explain why cats (and dogs) are trying to determine when they sniff another’s hind end? I know they’re not doing it to embarrass their human, but there must be a reason. Even my two furgirls, who are from the same litter, still check each other out.

  15. Dandelion – blue eyes, all white… have you determine if she is albino and/or deaf yet? We got a cat just like that and we didn’t know he was deaf for a while. We tried sneaking up behind him and clapping and he never moved a hair. Deaf as a doornail. A lot of albino cats are deaf. Just a suggestion. She sure is purrty though…

    • She’s not deaf. She’s been with us for over three months, and has consistently shown that she can hear just fine (though sometimes she prefers to ignore us!) 🙂

  16. For Candace who asked why dogs and cats sniff each other’s rear-ends. That is how they communicate. They emit different odors for different moods. It’s like two people walking by each other on the street and saying “hello, how are you” “oh pretty good but have a bad cold…” – well, animals know how the other one is feeling or thinking by that odor in the back end.

  17. So many of you begin your day with Robyn’s blog – I usually have to wait until I get home from work in the evening…but that is ok when I am coming home to GREAT NEWS such as Dandelion’s adoption! I am so happy for Dandelion, along with Duke and of course ‘A’!

    I admit to a tug of my heart knowing our time of wall-to-wall coverage of the Weeds is coming to a close. But I just know Purslane and Thistle are going to be adopted quickly – Dare I hope they are adopted together?

    *Kisses each sweet girly kitten goodbye* *wipes tear and smiles gamely*

    • I would LOVE it if they’re adopted together! Fingers crossed. 🙂

      And we’ll certainly miss them, but this makes room for new fosters! (After I get the trim in the foster room repainted, that is!)

  18. I am over the moon about Dandelion — such fantastic news! And today’s meeting-of-the-two-tribes photos are sweet and so funny: pure joy. Godspeed, Weeds, and may Thistle and Purslane find homes soonest. Ditto for the Pickles and the lads on R&R.

  19. Noooooo,Pursalaneeeeee!!! Please keep her,please keep her!!! I will miss that looney face! Argh!!

  20. Wait! What?!?! She’s gone already? No time to get ready to not see her every day? Are you trying to kill me here or something??! Where will I get my Dandelion fix now?? Tell her new mom “A” That she needs to start a blog so we can watch her! I think I’m going to cry… Not that I’m not thrilled about her getting a home, because I am!! I’m just gonna miss the little floofball.. Bye bye Dandelion, keep in touch!
    What a flirt she is with those bigger boys! Too cute!
    Miz Poo, peekin’ her toes over the edge! Too cute!

    • She actually doesn’t go ’til tomorrow (her new mom has to sign adoption papers at Petsmart), I guess I didn’t make that clear. So, she’s still here… but only for another 24 hours. 🙂

  21. I just love the picture of Purslane and Sungold meeting, nose-to-nose! And yay for Dandelion and her new mom and doggie!

  22. I’ve been super anxious over the weekend waiting on Dandelion to come live with Duke and me so I decided to check your website to look at pictures. I love the new pictures of my little babe. Duke has been asking about her and we are ready for our little girl to come love with us. Also, I love the comment about Duke Man being part Tasmanian Devil. Dande and Duke will be best friends. I am already researching all kind of kitty shelves for her to get away from his madness. I will definitely have to send you pictures since the little babe has so many fans! I can’t wait until she completes my little family! 🙂

    • Welcome to the blog A! Dandy has many admirers here as do the rest of Robyn’s kitty friends and also Robyn herself. Please keep us up to date on her antics.

    • “A”, we all love Dande so!!!! (She would have been my pic, too!) Please please send Robyn pics and updates about her little personality as time goes on. She has many many fans!!!