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Stripey believes he can flyyyyyyyy.

“I’m floating! I’M FLOATING!”


Got it again!

I’m starting to think his feet just never touch the ground.

Invisible Bicycle.

That boy can go HIGH.

Invisible Lounge Chair.

I love how, as he’s flying through the air, he takes a moment to look over and see what I’m doing.

“I seem to have forgotten how gravity works, exactly.”

All of the ‘Maters (and Kohle!) love Da Bird, but Mr. Stripey’s the one who really flies. We put Dingwall Scotty, Kohle, and Sungold in the closet (it’s a big closet. Don’t feel sorry for them!) so that Stripey wouldn’t land on any of them, and he could really fly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Is time to go home yet?”

“NOW is it time? How about now?”

I love the blank look on Miz Poo’s face, where she’s clearly thinking “How does this keep happening to me?!”

Purslane likes the self-heating blanket.

These girls really throw themselves into nap time.

Sweet girl.

All three Weeds are out of here this evening (I think I didn’t quite make it clear that Dandelion came home with me on Saturday – her new mom is going to sign adoption papers tonight at Petsmart). Dandelion’s going home, and Purslane and Thistle are going into a cage together at Petsmart. It is going to be SO quiet around here without them. And I am going to miss these girls like crazy!

On a side note, if I had to do it over again, I’d list her name as Dandelion (who is not deaf) every time I mentioned her, because I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten that question more than I’ve ever gotten any question about any foster, ever. I guess if there’s ONE thing everyone knows about blue-eyed white kittens, it’s that there’s a greater than usual possibility of deafness. I’ve now had two blue-eyed white kitten fosters (Hermano of Los Gatitos being the other one) and neither was deaf.

Now that I’ve said that, I’m sure there’s a stork carrying a deaf blue-eyed white kitten heading right at me!

PS: Dandelion can hear just fine, in case I didn’t make that clear.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This picture is from mid-Summer (it’s been hiding in a folder and I just found it over the weekend). That’s Jake in the back left, looking loony. Tommy’s in the front left wearing the red collar. Corbie’s under the chair, Elwood’s next to him in the process of turning over onto his back, and Sheriff Mama is on the right in front of the stump. They certainly do love that cement pad in the Summer.


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12-4-12 — 35 Comments

  1. Best wishes to the Weeds as they go off on their great adventures! I hope Dandelion’s new mom doesn’t go insane answering the constant, “Is she deaf” queries.

    I love jumping Stripey! I also love the photo of the cement pad with kittehs scattered all over it. Finally, I love this blog. It’s a great thing to wake up to!!


  2. Anyone else hearing “I believe that I can fly… I believe that I can touch the sky” in their heads? Just me? Okay, then.

    Simba can relate to poor Miz Poo. He was sitting at the front door this morning, enjoying the view and minding his own darn business, when the view of two Quincy-Adams kittens tapping on the glass foster door on his right startled him enough to make him hiss. And then there’s the teeny tiny Jefferson kitten who walks up behind him and taps his tail. He would like me to figure out how this keeps happening and MAKE IT STOP! He does enjoy a bite of tasty kitten kibble from time to time as a reward for his patience though.

  3. But landing on kittens is half the fun of flying.

    and is it wrong that I spent as much time looking in the background as I did at the picts.. 😀

    Dandelion (who is not deaf)… so is she deaf?

    that last shot – now that looks like the start (or end) of a really good summer patio party

  4. Goodbye sweet Purslane. May your journey be short and your new family be sweet. I wish I could have come and swooped you myself.
    Goodbye Thistle, i hope you land on soft ground.
    Farewell Dandelion, may your new human(s) and dog friend take great care of you, and let you be fluffy.

    *sniff, sniff* I’m gonna miss the weed girls!

  5. You forgot to list Kara! 😀 Nenner nenner nenner!!

    I think Miz Poo seems to rather enjoy the presence of Thisty there. It almost seems like she’s showing her the kitty on the notepad. “See this little girl? The Lady is not just any lady. She’s a crazy cat lady. They’re the best kind. You just have to look cute and you get extra noms and 6000 kisses a day.”

  6. I’ll miss those girls! So sweet! Oh and I’m not sure listing Dandelion as “Dandelion (who is not deaf)” would have stopped all the questions. Some people can be quite stupid about those things. My spouse is selling a few things on a site and he’s always getting questions that are already answered in his ads. Like Doodle Bean said, I’m betting her mama will have to answer that question many MANY times.

  7. My goodness, those pictures of Dande at the door really show off just how floofy she is! I want to put a big red bow on her and pose her by a Christmas tree like a Victorian Christmas postcard. Safe travels sweet girl and Purslane and Thistle, too!

    Ummm, since there is room at the inn now, go get Magoo!! 😉

  8. You should call him Mr. Bouncy!

    I hope Dandelion’s new mommy keeps in touch. She’s such a beautiful kitten, and I would love to see how she turns out when she’s full grown.

  9. Have a wonderful long life little Dandelion! Your mommy should get you a custom collar that says, “I am not deaf!”

    The pictures of jumping Stripey make me think of the videos of people in NASA’s “Vomit Comet” (with apologies to anyone eating breakfast…)

  10. Dandelion (NOT DEAF) reminds me so much of my dear departed Elliott (DEAF)…right down to the ear floof. He was a gorgeous man-cat and I am sure Miss Dandelion will be a fabulous lady-cat. I wish her a wonderful happy long life. Before she leaves please remind her to keep that pesky puppy brother of hers in line.

    I don’t think Miss Purslane and Miss Thistle will spend very much time at PetSmart. They are beautiful and sweet – their humans will find them in no time.

  11. Is it wrong that as I read about the cement pad in my head I hear it pronounced as ‘see-ment’ a la Beverly Hillbillies?

  12. Deaf cats are fun! They are incredibly loud, and it’s fun to sneak up on them. I had a deaf kitty for a while. She was indeed white, but had bi-colored eyes-one blue and one yellow. I think she could see fine. She used to sleep pretty deeply (Especially for a cat who used to live outside; you’d think they’d sleep less soundly,right?) So I’d walk up to her, get right in her face, then gently blow on her face. She’d wake up suddenly, and give me the loudest “MEOW!!!!” then demand pets. She was fun, but unfortunately, she needed to be and only-cat, and we had 2 others, plus 2 of her kittens were were keeping, so we found someone to foster her until she could get a forever home.

  13. Ohhhhh Mr. Stripey, I love you so! I was sooo excited when you were bringing him back. He has never failed to NOT DISAPPOINT!!! He’s amazing! I love, love, LOVE the ‘all that remains within camera range’ orange tabby tail (“We have liftoff”). I may make that my ipad wallpaper. May I? Good luck to the girls, I will miss them and the “I am not impressed, but I am not judging you” face of purslane… so concerning (or discerning??) Once again, Robyn – thank you for all that you do! I look forward to your posts each and every day (and do miss them on the weekends)!

  14. I’m going to miss the little Weeds. I hope they find their forever homes soon! 🙂

    P.S. I love the Flying Stripey pictures today!

  15. :Bounce: :Bounce:
    I got my Christmas postcard from y’all today !!
    So cute… And Miz Po in her Christmas finery,as usual, is Ador-Able !!