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When Gracie wants to play, George has no choice. She will harass him and harass him until he gives in and plays with her.

2011-12-04 (1)

2011-12-04 (2)

2011-12-04 (3)

2011-12-04 (4)

2011-12-04 (5)

2011-12-04 (6)
“I make heem play with me, ha ha!”

2011-12-04 (7)

2011-12-04 (8)
Oh, she just annoys the snot out of him.

2011-12-04 (9)

Tongue action closeup:
2011-12-04 (9)

2011-12-04 (10)

2011-12-04 (11)

Poor George. Don’t you just feel so sorry for him?? (Don’t. He loves it!)

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Although I’ve had it hanging on the fridge for months, I forgot until Kristen reminded me yesterday that this is the page in the Cute Overload daily calendar for December 3rd/ 4th:


That’s my picture of The Seven there on the left.

Speaking of The Seven, I have been meaning to mention this for ages now but kept forgetting. You remember Beulah, right? Teeny tiny, half the size of her brothers and sister, alien-looking Beulah? Here’s a refresher pic:

Well, Beulah was renamed Pumpkin and she is now at NINE pounds. I never would have guessed that she’d get to be a full-sized cat, but then again we never expected Alice would either, did we?

What’s cool, though, is that – remember Macushla? Maggie’s baby? The one with the cheekbones of a model?

2011-05-28 (4)

Well, Macushla has been renamed Loki. And his father and the woman who adopted Pumpkin (Beulah) are brother and sister – so Loki (Macushla) and Pumpkin (Beulah) are cousins – and both former fosters of yours truly. How neat is that!

(Thanks for the news, Frances!)

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For those of you who are new to the whole holiday card exchange, I used to buy cat-themed holiday cards at Hallmark or Target or Walmart and send them out. Then several years ago I decided to get more personal, and since then I’ve used permanent residents on the holiday cards. In case you missed out, here they are in order (not including this year’s card, of course).

2011-12-04 (15)
Mister Boogers hates you (inside: but he loves presents. Happy holidays!)

2011-12-04 (13)

2011-12-04 (12)
That’s Spot. Inside, the card said something along the lines of “Luckily, Santa likes it naughty.”

2011-12-04 (14)
And Loony Jake from last year.

Also, I didn’t use this picture for a holiday card (I’m sticking to permanent residents for that), but I think this picture of Reacher from last year came out so good that I’m currently using it as wallpaper on my computer.

2011-12-04 (16)


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12-4-11 — 7 Comments

  1. Cute little Beulah sitting in her spaceship!

    I didn’t know the story behind the Christmas cards but now I know that’s who I thought it was on the front! When did you take the picture and how cooperative were the models?

    • I actually got this year’s card picture last December. Last year’s picture (Jake) I think I got in October or so. It’s probably the same with Tommy and Mister Boogers, I don’t actually remember.

      They’re usually pretty uncooperative – I have to have Fred helping me, because he’ll put the hat on the cat and get them in position, and I have to snap pictures as fast as I can and hope that I get one that I can use.

      I’m planning to concentrate on the older cats for the next few years, because I want everyone to make at least one appearance on the holiday cards. You can probably expect Miz Poo or Sugarbutt for next year.

      I imagine the only way I’ll ever get Stinkerbelle with a Santa hat on her pretty little head is if I photoshop it on her. 🙂

      • A photoshopped Santa hat on Stinkerbelle would be hilarious! Or you could stick a mini-tree or stuffed Christmas toy up where she likes to stay, and while she is looking at it, wondering what fresh hell is this, snap a picture! Instant Christmas classic! 😉

  2. Heh. I just spent the past half hour looking at pictures of The Seven on Flickr (instead of doing my usual Sunday housecleaning). Much better way to spend that time – and I will note that funny girl Beulah grew up to be a true beauty, as seen in the last few pictures in the series. I love how her dilute tortie bits came out slowly as she grew. What a colorful litter The Seven were!

  3. Wow, imagine if you could get a current photo of pumpkin/beulah that’s be cute. and little macushlah, awww…
    Hey robyn, you know on Maxi’s little theme song, what does the animation actually say? something about walking around and ..? sorry, must ’cause it’s not in ‘stralian…:) Reacher is hysterical like he’s making a point about his pearly whites. ha-ha. and the feeding the cats a snack video is great. I love how little Charlie and Patty are in it.

  4. Robin, I love that picture of the seven at snacktime. I especially love the detail of the kitties on the green plates.

    And Macushla now answers to Loki? Not that I’d assume that a cat would answer to their name, but I’m glad to hear that he’s kind of with his cousin, the pumpkin-formerly-known-as-beulah.