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Welcome to Kitteh Video Saturday! (I decided that I’m going to post every day in the month of December – weekend posts will be pretty light and will likely be either videos or some pictures.)

This video was shot in the middle of November, before the Peppers Gang went off to Petsmart. Snackin’ Time had become this whole PROCESS, which you’ll see in the video. It’s longer than the videos I usually post, but I didn’t want you to miss a single scintillating moment of Snackin’ Time!

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Smilin’ Joe
the tuxedo
sure does love that scratcher, yo.


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12-3-11 — 14 Comments

  1. I am lovin’ this new Video Saturday (Caturday)! That was a great one. It’s neat how they all section off to their individual plates at the end.

  2. Wow, that certainly is a lot of smackin’! I’m curious about the diatomaceous earth; I’ve heard of it being used as a filter medium for pools, but never as an additive in cat food. Can you explain why you use it?

    • The diatomaceous earth I use is food grade, and it helps kill any internal parasites or harmful bacteria in the cats’ digestive systems. I’ve had kittens with bad diarrhea respond to it when nothing else worked. I give it to the big cats to keep their digestive systems healthy. I’ve also used it in and around the chicken coop and in the chicken feed to decrease the fly population, and it makes a noticeable difference.

      I first read about it here.

  3. Wow! It’s so chaotically organized! (I don’t know how that works together, but it does in this case)

  4. My gosh, they wait so politely! I only have the two, but it’s hard to keep their paws and noses out of what I’m trying to get into their dishes! What patience they have while you feed the little ones. I can imagine my two would chase you down where ever you go with stinky goodness. And no one even tripped you! I’m in awe here, absolutly in awe!

  5. This makes me wonder what each individual kitty sounds like. I picture Alice with a dainty little kitten mew, Miz Poo with a loud but loving meow and Stinkerbelle with a gruff, throaty mrow!

  6. I’m totally impressed with snackin’ time. Miss Elsie barely allows me to walk across any room in the house without trying to make me do a faceplant. I’m especially impressed with how Charlie and Patty knew to follow you, and that NONE of the big cats tried to horn in on the little guys’ snack.

    Also, this morning I woke up and apropos of nothing started singing “Elsie Moe the Tuxie Doe la la LA la la la”, because I couldn’t remember the rest of it, and because it’s apparently non-antlered deer hunting day (aka “doe day”) in my neck of the woods, and she was getting on my last nerve. So I was trying to subtly intimidate her into behaving, by making the “tuxie doe” connection. Given that she flopped over my feet and asked for belly rubs, I think my efforts at intimidation fell quite flat.

  7. Got your post card today! Love it 🙂 Put it on the fridge, next to the one from last year 😉