12-4-09 – The Wonkas & the Cookies.

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I swear, you could just about braid that ear floof.

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Orange (left) and Blue.


Our front room (one half of which is our living room, and the other half of which goes mostly unused and I’m trying to convince Fred we should turn into another foster kitten room, but I’ve been unsuccessful thus far) gets kind of cold when the weather turns cold, so I have an electric throw on the couch to keep warm. The kittens love to curl up on it whether it’s turned on or not.

Orange, Keebler, and Pink.

Hydrox, Orange, Keebler, and Pink. Blue must have been off doing something important.

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Happy Spanky.


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12-4-09 – The Wonkas & the Cookies. — 8 Comments

  1. Oh the cute is overwhelming today! And Spanky is a cutie too – that is a great little bed to snuggle up in.

    I think it would be very smart of you to add another foster room – although I understand why Fred would be against it – can you imagine how many you would end up with then – you do have that magnetic kitten effect going on. So if the kitten gods knew you had more room for them you would be bombarded with kittens (which doesn’t sound too bad actually). I love that you still call the Cookies by their color names for some of them – I loose track when you use their actual Cookie names. How are Pinks eyes by the way (ok and I have to mention that the confirmation words are Drops involved, which made me laugh because there are drops involved with the kittens for their eyes!)

  2. “I haz a complaint” never gets old, I laugh every time. My Swiftian “modest proposal” is that you guys build a very comfortable guest house and turn your house over to kittens entirely.

  3. Both the Wonkas and the Cookies are all such lovely, perfect, handsome kitties! I can’t believe how lanky the Wonkas are getting…

  4. Mike is sooo big! He is the spitting image of an old friend’s cat, the wonderful tough guy sweetheart Max. Max lived to be 21, and I hope Mike gets just as many loving years of love.

  5. Gaaaahhh! Has it really be three days since I’ve visited??? So much has happened. Congrats on the snips for the bitty parts! Sorry the eye problem isn’t fully IDed. Gus is going to slay me with that ear floof. You deserve a new room… Fred will adjust. And, yes, of course we’re interested in a calendar!!