12-3-09 – The Wonkas & the Cookies.

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The Wonkas have been spayed, neutered, rabies’d, and ID chipped! I picked them up yesterday afternoon, and the boys spent the evening racing around like wild things, then sleeping in my lap. The girls were still a bit dopey, and slept the evening away at my feet.

This morning, it’s like nothing even happened to them. It’s amazing how quickly they recover!

A couple of people asked when they’ll go off to the adoption center. It all depends on when there’s room, but I imagine it won’t be too long now.

I am CERTAINLY going to miss them, so I’m spending as much time loving on them as I can. They’re such a sweet and friendly bunch, I don’t imagine it’s going to take long for them to get snatched up!

I calls him “SnuffleFLOOFaGus.”




Forever Foster asked how I resist the urge to smooch my fosters all the time. The truth is, I never ever resist the urge. I am ALWAYS kissing a kitten. If there’s a kitten near me, I’m usually kissing it, about to kiss it, or have just kissed it. I am a kitten-kissing fool. My lips are actually chapped from all the kissing.

Fred occasionally wonders aloud what cats think about all the kissing that goes on, whether they understand that it’s a sign of affection. I think they might not understand exactly what’s up with the kisses, but they must like it, because they almost always start purring as soon as I do it.

I forgot to mention about Pink’s eyes in yesterday’s post. Basically, the vet doesn’t know what’s going on. She says it’s probably not herpes, because it would be unusual for only one in the litter to have it. Her eyes aren’t goopy or bothering her, and there’s no corneal abrasion. She said that it’s possible that Pink is just more sensitive to her environment, and suggested a few things to try. For now, we’re giving her Chlorpheniramine, and Lysine. I think it might be helping, but I’m not quite sure. I’ll probably be better able to tell after a few more day.

All the kittens are getting Lysine right now, as a matter of fact. A cold/ virus started making the rounds with our cats, back before we let the Cookies out of their room. We hoped that it wouldn’t spread to the Cookies, but of course it did. It doesn’t seem to be hitting them as hard as it did Spanky and Miz Poo, and it doesn’t seem to be all of them, but we’ll see if it really develops into anything in the next few days. The Wonkas don’t seem to be affected so far, though I’ve heard one or two sneezes from a couple of them. I’m hoping like hell it doesn’t spread to them!

(And if you guys have any advice on lessening the length/ severity of a virus in cats/ kittens, I’m all ears!)

Pretty Cookie in the sun.

I believe there was a hiss from Spanky right after this picture was taken.

Meezers, but no Tuxie. (Wouldn’t “Tuxie and the Meezers” be an excellent band name?)

Orange and The Brick.

When I took Pink to the vet, I put Hydrox in the carrier with her, as her travel buddy. After the vet had examined Pink, I made her hold Hydrox (she laughed when I told her we call him “The Brick”), and she was amazed at what a solid, heavy cat he is. He’s got such big paws and such long legs, that I think he’s really going to be a big cat. He’s certainly headed that way!


The cold started with Sugarbutt. I’m calling him Typhoid Suggie. (What? You don’t pile your dining room table with cat beds and clean laundry with the intention to fold it and put it away (or find places for the cat beds), only to leave it all piled there for days?)


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  1. Ooo.. I may just have to get me one (or both) calendars! -Very- cute!

    I’d like some advice on lessening severity/length of illness with kitties too. It’s so difficult to see them suffer.
    We worked with a humidifier (nebulizer) a few times a day with our sick ones (wrapping them in a blankey and snuggling them above the steam) to help with loosening breathing passages – and that seemed to help, but it still took them a few days to recover.

    PS: Gus is becoming such a handsome boy! He really knows how to work that floof!

  2. Such a good idea to post the calendars! If I didn’t already have one with my now-famous (because he is in the calendar for Cute Overload) Virgil I would get one (and I actually already got the CO ones for everyone I know too). I still may have to head over there and get one those -I am a sucker for cute kitties.

    I don’t know much about dealing with colds in kitties – that is one thing we haven’t had much of – the kitten both came with minor upper respiratory stuff goign on but they were better in a few days and no one else got it.

    With Pink’s eyes – well like I said yesterday, my Barney is similar to her, although he does get the gook too (I swear it doesn’t even phase me to wipe eye gunk with my bare hand now (and I do avoid the touching the actual eye)).

    Boy Gus is really turning into a full on cat now – he is really loosing the kitten-ness, although I love that all the floof is still there.

    Ok, I had to look at the calendars – you just had to make Terry December didn’t you – my favorite TB6 gets a whole spread to himself. And you had to pick just an adorable picture didn’t you. Oh Terry – you are just to precious!

    Oh, and have I mentioned that I really want a Cookie a lot. They are just too adorable. Oh, and a Wonka, I would need one of those too. Honesly I am glad I am not anywhere near there because there is NO way I could resist, and then how do you pick – they are all so adorable. That is where I am lucky – for me it is “we have this one kitten – would you like to adopt him” – no picking between a bunch of cuties!


    We wonder if cats understand kisses too. My husband thinks they understand it’s a sign of affection.

  4. Awww Gus is so lanky and elegant and handsome!

    Hydrox totally reminds me of my big boy back home, Onyx. He’s all black and ever since he was a couple months old, we could all tell he was gonna be big. He’s always been dense and muscular. He has grown to be about 20 lbs! Now, everyone calls him a fat boy, but he really isn’t… he has a little tiny pooch that doesn’t even hang down, just kinda squishy. He’s just so big and tough! I think it makes him all the more warm and huggable (and he LOVES him some hugs!!)