12-2-09 – The Wonkas & the Cookies.

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In case you missed it yesterday:


I cannot tell you how very relieved I was. The nurse took them back one by one to take blood, and when she brought the last one back to me (it happened to be Violet), she said “You can tell these kittens have never been handled!”

I was confused and said “What do you mean?” before I realized that she was teasing me. All four of them started purring as soon as someone picked them up, stopped briefly for the scary blood-taking portion, and then started right back up afterward. She didn’t say that they were the best babies ever, but I’m sure she was thinking it!

Yes, another shot of Veruca taking a bath. She’s a clean freak, apparently!

Pretty, pretty Mike.

I do not believe I will ever get tired of the floof.

We’ll be heading out of here soon – it’s time for spaying and neutering for the Wonkas! Oh, they are EXCITED about that, believe me!

(I might have told them I was taking them for ice cream, though. I figure what they don’t know…)

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I think I did not tell you that since the Cookies tested negative last week, and they’d started running for the door every time we opened it to go visit with them, we decided it was time to set them free. So around 8 every morning, I open the door and let them run around. Then around noon, I put them in their room for an hour or so, then let them back out ’til bedtime. It’s going pretty well. The main issue is that Jake and Elwood run into the Cookie room and eat the kitten food and use their litter boxes, but I figure that in some dim corner of their minds, Jake and Elwood consider that room their first home, since they were in there for a couple of weeks.

Exploring the living room.

Keebler checks out the pile o’ pillows on the couch.

Keebler, preparing to jump from one couch to the other.

Bath time for Keebler.

Spanky is not so impressed with the wee kittens running around. He only gets hissy if they get too up in his face, and then he only hisses ’til they back off. He’s a good boy, but he needs his space.


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  1. Hooray for the Wonkas!!! I am so relieved. Does that mean ALL fosters will get free reign of the house (at least sometimes) soon? That ought to be interesting.

    PS – I cannot get enough of Gus’ floof either.

  2. Catfancy: You’re right, I forgot! The vet, basically said, “I dunno.” She didn’t think it was herpes, because none of the other kittens have that problem. She checked for abrasions and there were none, and her eyes aren’t goopy at all, and aren’t bothering her. She said that she thought that perhaps Pink’s more sensitive to things around her. She said to try Lysine, and perhaps Chlorpheniramine once or twice a day. If that doesn’t help, we may try steroid eyedrops, but we’ll give the other stuff a couple of days.

    Shelly: Indeed it does! 🙂

  3. I need more cookie videos, STAT!

    I showed my husband last night and told him if he and the dog weren’t allergic to cats, I’d be driving to alabama to adopt Blue and Hydrox, lol.

  4. Well, of course the Wonka’s were negative – I never had any doubt (seriously – go back and check). I am a couple days behind so I am commenting for yesterday and today – I never would have guessed that Gus was floofy, they are all super cute, Barney has one eye that is super pink when he wakes up too (the other is lined in black, so it could be pink and I just can’t tell), although he gets goopy in both eyes – we think it is allergies he will grow out of – maybe that is Pink’s issue too. I guess she got the correct name though. Barney’s doesn’t bother him either, and even when the goopy is gone it is always pink in the morning. He has medication for it I call “eye goo” – I can’t remember the name, and sometimes it works, sometimes not – he has had others that either didn’t help or actually made it worse – if you find something that works with Pink can you drop me an email – I am guessing we are going to have to head to the vets next weekend with him and I would love an example of another cat with weird pink eyes too to reference to maybe try a new route.

    Oh, and as I always say it is a really good thing I am not out there now – I am starting to really feel the need for a kitten and having that group ready to go soon would be a bad thing for me (seriously I couldn’t take just one!)

  5. YAYYYY!!!!!!!!! i WANT mike and gus omg!

    those cookies’ eyes are gonna pop outta their heads, they’re so wide exploring!

    dash’s white side eye is lined in pink, and i can see it get more and less pink and more and less goopy at times. his black side eye is normal. pink’s eyes look like they’re lined lighter than the others maybe? just more sensitive because the skin’s light.

  6. Great news! I know you KNEW they would be -, but I bet you are so relieved! You sure are gonna miss them! When will they be going to the pet store to be adopted out?

  7. Negative is positive!!! (Groan!!!)
    Now that they are a bit older, I believe I’m developing a major crush on Keebler. Don’t worry Veruca, darling, you’re still the apple of my eye!

  8. Great news! Have you ever wondered what Gus will look like as an adult cat? I hope whoever gets him lets us know….

  9. We are so happy to hear about the negative results. They are our favourite kind!:) What a bunch of cuties you have. How do you resist the urge to smooch them all the time?