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Lisa came over on Friday and brought this wonderful item with her for the fosters. She got a Black Friday deal on it, but it didn’t work for her cats, so she passed it along to me. Er, the fosters.

We put it in the front room, and just about every cat in the house came to check it out. Tommy jumped from the floor to the top of the cottage – a move I wouldn’t have expected to work – and stayed there for a long time, flicking his tail to tease Charlie. Charlie thought the cottage was THE BOMB, and Patty came to check it out, too.

After Lisa left, I decided to move the cottage to the foster room, since the cats really like to hang out in that room during the day (it stays pretty warm and gets plenty of sun).

And OF COURSE not a single cat has gone near it since I moved it!

That’s okay, brats. Hopefully soon I’ll have more fosters in there, and they will LOVE climbing around in that cottage. You snooze, you lose!

(And would you believe I didn’t get a single picture while Lisa was here? Didn’t even occur to me to grab the camera! Duh.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

No Peppers adopted over the weekend, unfortunately. Adoptions are super super slow right now. I hate it when adoptions are slow. I know that adoptions will pick up sooner or later (they’ve been slow like this before, this certainly isn’t the first time), but I wish those Peppers and Buster would find their forever home so I can stop worrying about them!

2011-12-05 (2)
Miss Patty is annoyed.

2011-12-05 (6)
SO stressed.

2011-12-05 (3)
Spanky was sound asleep in this bed, and Charlie climbed right in, snuggled up, and went to sleep.

2011-12-05 (4)

2011-12-05 (5)
Half an hour later, Spanky woke up and was like “What the-?”, hissed, and stomped off in a huff.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-12-05 (9)
Sheriff Mama is making her rounds.

2011-12-05 (7)
Takes a moment to roll around in the sun. Even the most hard-working law enforcement officers deserve a break!

2011-12-05 (8)
The Sheriff is concerned that you might be misreading the way this picture happened. The Sheriff was NOT running from that wanted criminal (Elwood) in fear for her life. The Sheriff is not scared at ALL of evil wanted criminals. The truth is that the Sheriff had accidentally left her handcuffs in her office on top of the dryer, and she was RUSHING inside to retrieve them so that she could handcuff the evil Elwood and haul him off to prison. She did NOT run away from Elwood because he makes her nervous, and she did NOT sit on top of the dryer and hiss at him when he strolled through with his evil-gangster stroll. That did NOT happen, and anyone who told you different is just a big liar. In case you wondered.


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12-5-11 — 6 Comments

  1. Hey, I’m sorry to do some hijacking of your post, but I’m trying to help two cats in fairly desperate need of foster or permanent homes in Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona. Details can be read here- http://project-cat.blogspot.com/

    The short version is that friends of mine have been caring for two cats, Red and Scoots, who were left behind when their owners were evicted and chose not to take the cats with them. They didn’t have room to foster the cats due to their resident cats, but they set up shelters, food, and made arrangements to get the cats neutered. This weekend Red was attacked by a dog, and will probably lose an eye as a result. They’ve brought him in to recuperate, and through donations we’re close to having the vet costs covered, but his presence is making the resident cat sick, and his brother is still outside and unsafe.

    We’re desperate to find homes, foster or permanent, for these delightful and sweet-natured cats, who retain affectionate and loving natures despite the poor way they’ve been treated. If you know any foster or adoptive homes in the area, can you please contact Project Cat, or pass the word so we can find them a safe harbor?

  2. Poor Red! I hope he finds a home soonest!

    As for Sheriff Mama, she just has to realize that Elwood and Jake are on a mission… from GOD!!

  3. I hope Red and Scoots get lovely forever homes soon. sheriff Mama is pretty cute, rolling in the sun, showing the crims’ her belly – so there!
    the ‘ears of annoyance’ from Patty? oohh, so scary…

  4. Sheriff Cara running from Elwood… isn’t that a bit like a German shepherd running from a labrador, or something? Iffy comparison, but I couldn’t think of much else. *pets Elwood and Cara* 🙂

  5. Chuckles is such a cutie. I’m glad he decided I wasn’t so bad because it was KILLING me that he kept circling and running just out of reach. I hope someone makes good use of the cottage!