11-6-20 Friday

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Maybe a silly question,Robyn….but there are so many sweet kittens( love them all!), but is there such a thing as TOO MANY kittens for socialization? There are so many,so active….what are your thoughts? I hadn’t thought of it before….

Not a silly question at all – I think we’re at the “too many” kittens point, honestly. It’s not so much the socialization (they’re a well-socialized bunch), but a matter of them all getting the amount of attention they’d like. I spend a LOT of time in the kitten room these days (what a hardship, right?) and still feel like they don’t get enough attention.


So Charlie has been accepted by Jake, Archie, and Khal. What do Newt, Alice, & Dewey think of him? Does he bug them, or are his three amigos sufficient for that?

Fred actually saw Alice playfully chasing Charlie through the back yard the other day, but mostly she goes her own way and ignores him. Dewey ignores him. Newt will head-butt him and lets him rub against him until he gets annoyed, and then he smacks him away. Charlie is really good at reading signals from the other kitties.


Is that [“THIS idiot”] Alice’s response to everything except her daddy?

She doesn’t mind me (even likes me if she thinks I’ve got ham or baby food for her), but she finds all her brothers to be complete idiots. (Though as mentioned above, she was spotted playing with Charlie and will occasionally play with Jake or Archie if the mood strikes.)


Are any of the kitties anti social with the other kitties? A loner or do they all stick together? Or I hate to ask if any of the kittens dislike anyone? I am just curious with not all being related.

All the kittens get along great, I haven’t noticed any rivalries. Kittens at this age are pretty easy – you put a bunch of kittens who don’t know each other together, they’re hissy for a few days, and then they don’t even seem to remember that they were ever strangers.


Do they snoopervize and critique your scooping technique, or are they just waiting for the right moment to deposit a boom boom? Like 5 minutes after you walk away? Cuz yeah. That’s what His Lordship Sir Malcolm does…

They actually climb right on into the litter boxes and use them while I’m trying to scoop and they look at me like I’m being unreasonable when I ask why they couldn’t do this BEFORE I started scooping.


Did Fred crochet the pumpkin/strawberry hats?

Nope, Fred’s not interested in crocheting anything for the kittens – the little cardigan he made for Javier a few months ago is about the only thing he’s made, and I don’t expect him to do it again any time soon.


I promise I did not arrange them this way, but I love that siblings Snowcone and Candy Apple are on one side of Eclair and Fritter and Pretzel are on the other side.

Then Eclair rearranged herself.

Annie Oakley and the oh-so-innocent face.

Calamity Jane LOVES to balance on the arm of that chair.

Tater Tot’s ear furnishings are just amazing, aren’t they?

Wild Bill’s keeping an eye on the neighbors.

Hush Puppy wonders if it’s time for a snuggle. (It is.)

Snuggling with Hush Puppy and Davy Crockett (and Eclair and Calamity Jane tussling in the background.)

With everyone else off running around, Candy Apple seizes the opportunity for a solo snuggle.

The laundry snoopervisers, hard at work.


Charlie doesn’t mind a snuggle with his big brother Khal.

Khal doesn’t mind it either.


Oh, that boy!

I know it looks like Charlie is the same size as Khal here, but Khal outweighs him by about 4 pounds. I expect that when all is said and done, Charlie WILL be bigger than Khal but he’s not there yet.


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