11-6-19 Wednesday

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Look at these pretty girls!

That’s Stardust on the left (daughter of Mercury, summer of 2017) and Amber on the right (formerly our bottle baby Ambercup, one of the Squash Bugs, summer of 2015). Aren’t they the sweetest?

(Also, I think Amber and Stardust sounds like the name of a lovely perfume. Someone get to creating that, would you?)

(Thanks, Debra!)


All six kittens on the table!

Gabrielle and Henri. So darn cute.

Henri’s keeping an eye on Khal, who’s giving me the stinkeye.

Beauregard needs a kiss.

Henri has a smug.

Such a SERIOUS little face.

In the next moment, Alice realized there was a kitten up there, and hissed and ran away.

JoJo in the sun.

Oh that Luc.

I love it when kittens tuck their paws under them like this. Josephine is a LAYDEE.

So, kittens will be headed off to Petsmart in the next few days or so; I’m not sure exactly when they’ll go, I expect by the end of the week.

I know that none of us want to see them in cages at Petsmart, BUT the volunteers who clean and feed and play with them twice a day are awesome, and hopefully their people will wander into Petsmart and fall instantly in love. I mean – how could they not? Fingers crossed!


I’m not sure what I like more – Archie’s smug “Reclaiming the cat tree!” face, or Henri’s “What the heck do I do NOW?!” expression.


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11-6-19 Wednesday — 8 Comments

  1. You’re getting the stink-eye from Khal since you have way too many pics of him near kittens. You’re spoiling his tough guy image! He’s as gorgeous as ever, BTW. And I am speaking of Khal, the Great. 🙂

  2. I would love so much to hear a video of Gabrielle chattering before she goes! I just love her.

  3. It took me awhile to find the nearly hidden face in the picture of all six. I could only count five. Ha ha, cute!

  4. I can’t believe that the kittens haven’t found their forever homes yet! They are irresistibly cute!

    • That’s a button wreath – my sister made it for me with buttons that my grandmother collected over the years. 🙂