11-7-19 Thursday

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So in yesterday’s post I said “Kittens will be headed to Petsmart soon,” but I didn’t say “ALL the kittens will be headed to Petsmart soon,” and that is because TWO of the kittens have adoptions pending.


And Luc.

They’re not being adopted together – Beauregard is being adopted here locally, and Luc is going less locally. I’m not sure when Beauregard will be going home, but Luc will be with us until later this month.

The other four will be going to Petsmart, as mentioned, and will be split between two cages so no one will be alone.


Luc listens sympathetically as I tell him how I JUST swept the leaves off the deck yesterday and LOOK how it’s covered up again, grrr!

Gabrielle with her paws tucked under her makes me want to squoosh her.

I left the heated blanket turned on when I got up to take a shower, and the kittens melted and stayed there.

Look at Henri, trying to ingratiate himself with the permanent residents.

Luc (staring at the ceiling fan), Josephine, and Gabrielle.

Beauregard, Josephine, Henri and Gabrielle.

Josephine would like y’all to know that she can smile, too. Kinda.

“You gonna bring that feather teaser over here, lady?”

“Yeah, that feather teaser right there. The one you’re holding.”

I always think that Henri’s coloring makes him look like a sand cat. (But then I go look at pictures of sand cats, and I think “Meh. Not so much.”)

For the record, it is REALLY HARD to get a shot of all 6 kittens looking at me when I put them up on this shelf, because Beauregard is JUST like his Mama and doesn’t want to be up there. I was never able to get a really good picture of Margeaux and Katriane up there because the instant I got them both up there, Margeaux would put on her NOPE shoes, hop down, and go be somewhere else. (Which is why I am always thrilled to see her up off the floor these days! Except when she’s where she’s not supposed to be, of course.)


“Are they gone yet, lady?” Poor Frankie is no fan of those darn kittens.


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11-7-19 Thursday — 6 Comments

  1. Is Unca Archie a fan of these kittens? For some reason, I was thinking he had no use for kittens. Maybe you can refresh my memory on the permanent residents’ cattitude towards the wee kittens?

  2. That’s wonderful about the two pending adoptions! I hope/trust that they will have playmates where they’ll be going?

  3. It’s as if Luke and Bo from the Dukes of Hazard will be jumping into the General Lee and leaving for a new adventure. I’m sure their brother and sisters will be snatched up in no time.

  4. “Look at Henri, trying to ingratiate himself with the permanent residents.”. Yeah, Archie looks thrilled.