11-8-19 Friday

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THE ONLINE AUCTION TO BENEFIT FORGOTTEN FELINES OF HUNTSVILLE STARTS TOMORROW MORNING AND RUNS THROUGH NEXT SATURDAY. This is the link to the auction page on Facebook. Go like and/or follow that page, because you won’t wanna miss out. New stuff will be added daily – and we got SO MANY cool donations that we overshot our intended goal of 200 bid sets by quite a bit.

Here’s a teaser pic of the cool stuff you’ll be seeing over there.

(And yes, I will be reminding you daily of the auction throughout next week!)


That’s wonderful about the two pending adoptions! I hope/trust that they will have playmates where they’ll be going?

Yes; Luc is joining another kitten and an older cat in his new home, and Beauregard will have a young adult sister named Lucy. (Forgotten Felines has a strict policy that kittens must be adopted either with another kitten or join a home where there’s a kitten or young cat to play with, a policy I very much agree with.)


Is Unca Archie a fan of these kittens? For some reason, I was thinking he had no use for kittens. Maybe you can refresh my memory on the permanent residents’ cattitude towards the wee kittens?

Archie finds those kittens very interesting to watch. He doesn’t want to cuddle with them, gets a little on the hysterical side if they get too close to him, but he likes to watch them from a distance.

As far as the rest of the permanent residents, they either tolerate them (Newt, Jake, Archie, Khal) or want NOTHING to do with them (Kara, Alice, Frankie, Dewey.) Kara and Alice are scared of them and avoid them at all costs; Frankie ignores them unless they get within 5 feet of him and then he GOES OFF, and it’s about the same with Dewey. I think that if there weren’t so many of them, Khal might play with them, but 6 kittens freak him out.

Here are some Archie-and-kittens pics to amuse you.

JoJo’s all “Why you doin’ that, Mister?”

Archie felt judged, put on his Ears of Annoyance, and raced away.

Watching JoJo play from on high.

And of course Archie is more interested in their food than anything else.


Have we had any updates on Mamma and Auntie K?

They can be seen over at Instagram, Mary’s posting lots of pictures of them (yay!) and they’re doing great!

(If I did that correctly, you should see an embedded image of Elfie (formerly Margeaux) and Neko (formerly Katriane) by the window. If not, you probably see a cut and pasted url.)


Love the picture of the six! I’m wondering what that thing in the window is? It looks to me like a popcorn necklace and I know that can’t possibly be right.. I mean, wouldn’t somekitty have chomped it by now?

That’s a button wreath – my sister made it for me with buttons that my grandmother collected over the years.


Hey… Alice Mo without her song, yo!

Oops! Here it is:

YouTube link

(Does everyone see that embedded video? I literally had no idea until yesterday that pasting a YouTube or Instagram url would embed a picture or video. But if it’s not showing up for everyone, I’ll go back to how I was doing it.)


Hello, Has there been an update on Charles and Caroline. I must have missed it, if there was. Boy, they are a cute couple !!!!

They’re over on Facebook and Instagram! They’re doing well and are very much loved.



Is that Newt photobombing the Loon, or is that Franklestein?

That’s Frankie!


From 11/1/18: “…maybe this time next year I’ll be reporting that he [Khal Drogo] sleeps with me every night. We’ll see!”

So… what’s the skinny?

Nope. Khal’s got better things to do than sleep with the likes of me. He’ll occasionally hang out on the end of the bed for an hour or so, but then he jumps down and heads off, and I’m not sure where he spends his nights.


Of all the fosters over the years, to me Delmar has always looked the most like a sand cat.

I can see that!


Gabrielle looks so AMUSED.

Sweet JoJo has a “What?” moment.

“Lady, I did NOT do this. I didn’t!”

Henri considers a snuggle.

They love that table on sunny days (and on not-so-sunny days too.)

Luc has a smug.

Henri from above.

It’s a rough life.

That box of paper is going to miss those monkeys.

Sunny Fleur.

Henri, Josephine, Gabrielle and Fleur are now at Petsmart. I picked up their paperwork yesterday afternoon and then took them to the store. They were all a little nervous, but came out of their carriers pretty quickly on their own, and then checked out the room. They were even batting at toys while I was readying their cages, and while I didn’t love leaving them there, it’s a necessary part of finding them homes. There are adoption hours tonight, tomorrow and Sunday, so I have hope that this will be their lucky weekend. (And yes, of course I’ll announce if/when they’re adopted.)

Luc and Beauregard are confused, snuggly and doing fine. Beauregard will go home next week, and Luc will be with us for a little more than 2 more weeks.


Khal amongst the leaves. Magnificent, no?


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  1. I’m amazed at the good work you do for these kittens. It is so heartwarming. I’m allergic to cats so I live vicariously thru your posts.

  2. Khal would look magnificent if he were sitting on a dump heap. He’s one good lookin’ guy.

  3. I’m sad too that the four kittens had to go to Petsmart and wish them the very best of luck in finding homes SOON! It’s nice for you that you still have two kittens at home because I bet you’d have definite withdrawal pangs if not.