11-10-19 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Henri cares not for your “time change” nonsense.⁠

Josephine, Henri and Fleur are having a lazy day.⁠

Good night innernets. (Fleur)

Not loving the vacuum cleaner. (Left to right: Fleur, Henri, Gabrielle & Luc)⁠

Henri and Beauregard are keeping an eye on Uncle Archie.⁠

Please admire Beauregard’s white bikini top and bottoms. He’s properly attired for the beach and practicing his hula dancing.⁠

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I love tossing balls for the kittens – and watching them bounce. They’ve got SKILLS.⁠

Good night innernets. (Henri)

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Gooood morning!

Josephine wonders why there’s always someone’s feet in her face.⁠

Henri loves that red teaser, and will drag it around the house, growling at his brothers and sisters. Which, of course, makes them (in this case Fleur) that much more interested.⁠

“This seat is TAKEN, lady!” Beauregard isn’t up for sharing today, apparently.⁠

“Fleur,” I said. “You’re just so darn CUTE.”⁠
“I know, lady. I know I am.”⁠

Good night innernets. (Luc)⁠

Good morning! (Henri is off elsewhere doing something important, I’m sure.)

“Lady, this is NUTS. You can’t have Christmas stuff out yet – Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet!” Everyone’s a critic, Beauregard.⁠

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Henri’s got his favorite toy, and is growling at Fleur and Beauregard in case they think they’re going to take it away from him.⁠

Six little kittens. Gabrielle, Josephine (front) and Henri in the blue bed. Fleur and Beauregard in the back, and Luc in the front.⁠

Good night innernets. (Luc & Josephine in the back; Fleur and Beauregard in the front.)⁠

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Those kittens have MOVES.

Kitten Yoga, with your instructor Josephine.⁠

Gabrielle’s watchin’ chipmunks.⁠

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Gabrielle illustrates why her nicknames are “Chit Chat” and “Chatters.”


Good night innernets. (Fleur)

Now occupying 2 cages at the PetSmart in Jones Valley (Huntsville, Alabama), we have (from left to right) – Fleur, Gabrielle, Henri and Josephine.⁠

Beauregard thinks this bed goes very nicely with his coloring. (And he’s right!)⁠

Pro tip: Store your extra cat toys in your extra Cat Lady Box boxes! Even pro-er tip: use your label maker (you DO have a label maker?) so you’ll know exactly which box contains your baguettes/crowns/springs and bonks. (I always send a bag of toys home with fosters, and Luc was helping me decide who should get what.)⁠

Good night innernets. (Josephine and Gabrielle) (Yes, they’re currently at Petsmart (Jones Valley, Huntsville, AL). This picture was taken earlier this week.)⁠

“I never learned to read a clock, lady – does this one say it’s time for the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville Online Auction yet?!” ⁠
“No, sweet boy. We’ve got ONE HOUR before it begins.” ⁠

“How do I get this dang timer counting down to the auction go FASTER?!”⁠
Be patient, sweet boy. 15 minutes ’til the auction begins!⁠

LET THE BIDDING BEGIN! The Forgotten Felines of Huntsville Online Auction is LIVE. Get to bidding – all profits benefit the kitties of Forgotten Felines of Huntsville!

Just a reminder that adoption hours at Jones Valley Petsmart (2750 Carl T Jones Dr SE, Huntsville, AL) are taking place TODAY from noon to 2:30! These four (left to right: Fleur, Gabrielle, Henri and Josephine) are waiting for their forever homes and if you’re in the area, they’d love to meet you! (If you’re interested but can’t make it today, you can arrange a meeting by emailing Forgotten Felines at info (at) ffhsv.org)⁠

Good night innernets. (Luc)


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11-10-19 Weekly Roundup — 2 Comments

  1. Either that kitten got REALLY HUGE very quickly, or that’s a tiny little Mac. I hope it’s the latter, or it’s going to be difficult to find a forever home for such a large kitten! 😉

  2. I don’t think I’ve seen one single photo of Gabrielle with her mouth closed, LOL! Does she actually talk all day long?? Inquiring minds want to know 🙂