11-1-18 Thursday

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I’ve had a few inquiries, and YES I will be doing calendars again this year. As per usual, I have been a great big slacker about this, so I have a folder of 3,741 pictures (I wish I was exaggerating) to go through and decide upon. Luckily I’ve gotten pretty good at it, so while I can make no promises, my goal is to have the calendars available by early next week.

I will, of course, post the links once they’re up and available!


Ryder was dropped off for her spay surgery yesterday morning, and all went fine. You’ll see her in some of today’s pics and probably some tomorrow as well, since (obviously) I took these pictures before she left. (If you missed it, she’s now residing at Steve’s house – he’ll foster her until she’s ready for Petsmart or is adopted.)

LoJack shows the ornj boys his Paw o’ Doom.

Watching Pulley and Solenoid play with the track toy.

Has a moment of amazement for reasons known only to him.

Chases Axle across the room.

And got chased across the room by Axle. I love how none of his feet are on the floor!

Wrassles with Pulley.

Checked out that good-lookin’ guy in the mirror.

Oh, that FACE.

“I don’t LIKE him,” said Cruise.

“I’ll think of a reason later!”

“I’m with her!” said Ryder.

Showing off his fierce moves to Axle.

Ignoring Axle’s offered paw.

“Is that thing following me? I feel like it’s following me.”

And playing by himself.

With Ryder having left the premises, it’s now time for LoJack to spend 24/7 with the other kittens. I admit that I’ll miss having him snuggle up to me at night, but he certainly needs to be with the other kittens. Fred told me yesterday afternoon that he saw LoJack and Gauge curled up together in the little blue cat tree, but of course by the the time I got upstairs to see for myself, they were no longer snuggling. I suspect it won’t be long before he’s snuggled up in a big ol’ pile of kittens.

OH, and I found out yesterday that the kittens will be going for their spays and neuters next Tuesday. LoJack is too small to go yet, so he’ll go at a later date, but you know what this means: if you’re interested in adopting any of these kittens, better drop an email to info (at) ffhsv.org ! (I don’t know when they’ll be headed off to Petsmart – adoptions have been slow, so it very well might be a while. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were adopted right from here? A girl can dream!)


Occasionally during the day, Khal will come into the computer room, howl at me, and flop down next to me until I pet him. Then he wanders off again.

That boy loves me at TV time and sometimes when he needs attention during the day (not often – maybe once a week), I’m just surprised he doesn’t come upstairs at night and sleep with me. Since this time last year I could barely pet him and now he comes to yell at me if I’m not on the couch for TV time by 6:01 (and then yells at me if I stop petting him for ONE MOMENT while we’re watching TV), maybe this time next year I’ll be reporting that he sleeps with me every night. We’ll see!


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11-1-18 Thursday — 4 Comments

  1. LoJack is just one big tiny bundle of sass. I might have felt a little worried about a lone lost young ‘un wandering in to a crowd of teenagers but there is video evidence that he’s one ickle kitten who can take care of himSELF thank you! And how moving is the story of Khal’s mutation from hellbeast to love monster… Robyn’s got the touch, for sure.

  2. Ah, yes. I remember the days when you despaired of Khal and were afraid he’d never let you touch him …
    And LoJack’s complete and utter self-confidence! If only you could bottle that and sell it – you’d be a billionaire.